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There is a reason why I never mention my sister. There's a reason and, of course, no one cares. You know those stupid stereotypical sister-sister sibling relationships go? One is the good girl while the other is the family slut? Well, that's not entirely false with my sister. Although I wouldn't call myself a "good girl" I definitely wasn't horrible, but with Amanda...well, you see, she likes to be the centre of attention. She loves to bathe in it. She has this notion that she is somehow better than everyone else, including her own family.  She was a narcissistic bitch.  My sister and I haven't spoken properly in nearly six years. No one really knows what happened to her after she finished school (how she did that beats me.) Of course Mum had probably told me where she's been holed up, but I never gave two shits to remember. Or care.  So, I guess you could say I wasn't too enthusiastic to be waiting with my mum at a Subway for my sister to arrive. I had practiced the way I'd greet her before I left to meet Mum.  "Amanda! Wow, great to see you," I'd say with a dazzling smile. Harry had nodded in mock approval.  I took another sip of my Pepsi, fiddling with my phone as Mum droned on and on about how excited she was. "Me too, Mum," I smiled, tight-lipped, holding my breath.
"She should be here any minute. Oh, this is so exciting!" Mum squealed, nearly tipping over her iced tea.  "Yep," I muttered. Dread pooled in the pit of my stomach, cold and unforgiving. I wanted nothing more than a night in with pizza and my TV shows. Harry could join too, maybe Michael. Hell, might as well throw a goddamn party instead. Anything sounds better than 'reuniting' with my sister.  "Oh my gosh, there she is! Brigh, look!" Mum suddenly leaped up from the table with a massive grin on her face, flinging her body forward.  I had barely looked up to see two women hugging fiercely. Rolling my eyes, I stood up and plastered the biggest fake smile on my lips. 

"Brigh? Oh my, well, look at you! My baby sis is all grown up," Amanda said smoothly, grinning. Barely standing at 5'3" she stretched her thin, jacket-clad arms around my neck, tugging me to her. Black hair got in my mouth. 


"Amanda! Wow, you look great!" I exclaimed. I didn't have to completely lie. I mean, she did look good. "You dyed your hair." I commented, taking in her appearance. Wild black hair draped over her shoulders, long eyelashes coated heavily in mascara and eyeliner framed hazel eyes, her once tan face was now pale and hollowed out, eyebrows thick and arched. 


"Yeah, you like? It's been this way for a few years now. Didn't really like the way blonde looked on me," Amanda smiled and reeled me in for one last hug before sliding into the booth besides Mum. I nodded absently. She looked so different it was unnerving. It wasn't until she took off her heavy coat that I could tell she was the same person she was the day I was born. She was wearing a black V-neck t-shirt that dipped down low enough to reveal the swells of her breasts, a hot pink push-up bra on display.  She made no move to cover up.  I shifted uncomfortably; glancing around to make sure no one was looking in our direction.  


“So, how’ve you been?” Mum asked happily, not even fazed about Amanda’s choice in wardrobe. My jaw clenched in slight annoyance. Amanda pondered the question.  “Great actually; been traveling a lot around the country with Ron after uni,” Amanda smiled sweetly, like honey dripping off a spoon.


I frowned.  “Who’s Ron?”  


“My boyfriend,” She answered with a wide smile. She looked kind of hysterical with that massive smile painted on her pale face, but Mum didn’t seem to notice, so I shook it off and rested my head on my palm on the table.  


“Ron? How is he? Haven’t heard from Ron is ages!” Mum, realizing her forgotten tea, picked up her cup and took a long sip. I copied her actions.  


“Ron’s amazing, so, so sweet to me still. Ugh, I wish he were here to see you guys,” She made this wistful face, pouting her pink lips. Mum hummed in agreement; she casted a subtle glance in my direction. I caught it and furrowed my eyebrows. I rolled my eyes, stating: please don’t make this about Harry. Please, please, please.

 “What ‘bout you, lil sis? Any boyfriends? Girlfriends?” Amanda threw her attention on me, an odd gleam in her eyes. I tensed, fingers digging painfully into the tender skin of my thigh.  “Um, yeah. I have a boyfriend,” I said through gritted teeth. I could’ve sworn I saw her lips twitch up on one side, but it was gone in mere seconds.


 “Oh? Who’s the lucky guy?” She leaned toward me, exposing more of her bright ass bra. I instinctively leaned away.  


“Harry,” I said simply, trying to control the urge to glare at her. I don’t think my efforts were strong enough…  Amanda laughed, good-naturally.


“What a lovely name. I’m sure Ron and Harry would be good friends!”  Okay, I had to grin at that, but I wiped it off as soon as it was on. Mum cackled in her seat.  


“Yeah, maybe.” I shrugged, taking another drink of my Pepsi.  


“Where’s dad? He knows I’m here, right?” Amanda asked, nicking Mum’s tea and taking a dainty looking sip.  


“Of course he does!” Mum shook her head fondly. What a stupid fucking question, I thought, glaring daggers into the tabletop. Amanda had always been daddy’s little princess. Who am I kidding she was everyone in my family’s little princess.  


“…at work, but he should be home ‘round four or five,” Mum was saying but I zoned out, tempted to pull out my phone and text Harry.  


“Awesome. So what’s the plan for today?” My sister’s smooth voice broke me out of my thoughts. I looked up slowly.  


“We could go to the mall?” Mum suggested. I winced inwardly.  


“Could I hang with Harry and Michael instead? I’m not really feeling like shopping right now.” I tried to sound sincere, but it came off as a monotone. Amanda looked at me with a dark eyebrow raised, Mum frowned.  


“I would much rather you spend time with your sister,” she said. I swallowed any remarks and inhaled deeply.  


“She’ll be here tomorrow,” I said instead. I refused to cower under her heavy stare.

 “Fine, suit yourself,” Mum said lightly. I nodded my thanks and stood to kiss her cheek.

 “Don’t tell her about anything,” I muttered in her ear, hoping she understood the message.  “Bye Amanda. See ya tomorrow,” I gave her a quick awkward hug and nearly bolted out the door.


“What happened?” Michael asked, plopping down beside me on the couch. I unburied my face from the pillow clutched to my chest.  


“Nothing happened,” I sighed, “she just irritates me.”  Michael, who was playing with the opening of his cut off shirt, snorted.  


“Nothing happened, but she irritated you?” He said. I gave him a dumbass look.  


“Yeah. Have I not told you what happened, like, six years ago?”  Michael yanked the blanket out from under me and snuggled in it, shaking his head.  


“I’ll tell you later, then. I don’t want to talk to anyone.” I mumbled, stuffing my face back into the pillow.  


“Alright. Well, wanna play Call of Duty?” Michael asked a grin in his voice.  


“Sure,” My voice was muffled. I felt Michael get up from the couch, heard the shuffle of DVDs and the soft hum of the x-box being turned on.  “Here.”
  I lifted my head again and took the controller from Michael’s outstretched hand, shifting back onto the couch until my back hit the cushions. Michael plopped down beside me again, his cologne invading my personal space, but I didn’t mind it, instead, I leaned in closer.  


“Harry still sleeping?” Michael asked, sifting through the options on the TV to find his saved game.  


“Yeah, turn this down? I don’t want to wake him.” I said.  Turns out that turning down the volume didn’t help because ten minutes later, Harry came wandering down the stairs, brushing at his hair sleepily.  


“Hey babe,” I called from the couch, shoving Michael over to distract him so I could kill his player.  


“What the hell? Stop!” Michael yelled, fingers frantically flying over the controls. Harry grinned, making his way over to me.  


“When did you get home?” He murmured, kissing my cheek gently. I leaned into his touch as he clambered onto the couch next to me. He leaned his head down on my shoulder.  

“Oi! No PDA when I’m right here,” Michael informed, eyes glued to the screen.  


“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes, turning my attention back to the game, but shifting my body closer to Harry’s. Oh! I forgot to answer Harry’s question.  “I got back ‘bout thirty minutes ago? Somewhere ‘round there.”  


“Why didn’t you wake me?” Harry asked, watching as I threw a grenade at a random car, it exploding with a massive BOOM!  


“Didn’t want to bother you. You looked peaceful,” I answered, slamming down on the ‘x’ to fire my weapon.  


“I wouldn’t have minded,” he said quietly. “So how was it?”  I sighed lightly.  


“Wasn’t as bad as I expected, but Amanda’s still irritating; to me, at least. My mum irritated me as well. God, you should have seen her face! She acted like Amanda was the golden child or something. If she only knew what she did,” I muttered that last part mostly to myself, hitting the buttons on my controller with a little more force than necessary.  


“What did she do?” Harry asked slowly. I could feel his gaze burning a hole on the side of my face, but I kept my eyes on the TV. Michael yelled something completely incoherent as something blew up in the game, killing both our players.  


“I’ll tell you later, okay? I don’t want to talk ‘bout it right now.” I murmured, glancing at Harry. He nodded.


 “Okay, that’s fine.” He said and I smiled at him softly, glad he didn’t push the topic. I leaned over quickly, kissing him of the lips before turning back to the game, screaming out commands to my player as if it could hear me, Michael doing the same thing.


-Hunter x

Wow! Two updates in a roll, what is this madness? Going to try and update everyday for a little while and see how that goes. -Tessa x


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