14. 13

Chapter 13

            *Michael’s POV*

            Harry is alive. It’s all that’s been going through my head the entire night and morning after everything happened. Bright took a pretty nasty blow to the head when she fainted, so I had to take to her the hospital. The doctor said she’s going to be fine and she just needs to rest. She was still unconscious, but I knew she was going to be alright.

            I went home to get a quick change of clothes and maybe some breakfast.

            When I stepped through the doors of the house, everything was silent. Less than twenty four hours ago, the supposedly dead, Harry Styles was standing in this very flat. And the worst part of this all is I have to lie to Brigh, I have to make her feel like she’s going insane, I have to keep her away from the one person she needs to be with right now.

            When I walked into my room, my bed was made, which was odd since I never made my bed. There was a piece of paper lying on top of my pillow. I walked over and opened it.


                Meet me at the Brighton Bay Café at 10:00 for coffee and we can catch up.


            I sat the paper down and looked at the clock. It was already 9:00. I quickly threw on another random band-t and black skinny jeans, with black boots, and headed back out the door. I quickly drove to the café mentioned in the letter. It all feels surreal to be meeting with Harry after all this time.

            I looked out the car window and admired Brighton at Christmas time. I pulled up in front of the café and walked inside. It wasn’t hard to spot Harry’s extremely long hair sitting in the back of the café.

            I sat down across from him and just kind of sat there.

            “Listen, I don’t really know what to say to someone I thought was dead for a couple of months.”

            “I know it must be weird and I hope you can understand why I can’t come back yet.”

            “Yeah I get that it’s for Brigh’s safety.”


            “What are you going to do about this Zayn guy.”

            “Well, I’m going to kill him that’s for sure.”

            It was weird hearing those words coming from his mouth, knowing he meant it.

            “Have you found any possible leads to where he might be.”

            “There have been a string of animal murders in London. He was in Sheffield a few weeks ago. But when he moved closer to where I knew Brigh was I had to make sure she stayed safe. That’s why she’s been seeing me.”

            “Animal murders?”

            “Yeah, he hasn’t murdered any women since Brigh’s escape, but he’s still a sick fuck that needs the thrill of kill innocent creatures.”

            “You need to go back up to London and find him, don’t worry about Brigh, I’ll make sure he gets nowhere near her.”

            “I know, you’ve been keeping her safe for the past few weeks. I came back to tell you these things so you know he’s close. I’m leaving tonight to go find him.”

            “Okay, well I better head over to the hospital, Brigh got a pretty big bump on the head last night, but she’ll be fine.”

            “Michael, you have to promise she won’t find out I was ever at the house, and she can’t know that you met me here.”

            “Don’t worry about it, I’ll make her think it was some kind of bad dream and she started sleep walking and fell.”

            “Okay, thanks mate.”

            And with that we both left. I head back to the hospital where Brigh had just woken up. When I walked into her room she was a hysterical mess. When she saw me she held out her arms like a child.

            “Harry came back.” I put my acting skills to use.

            “What are you talking about Brigh?” Her face fell and she stopped crying.

            “No, don’t you fucking dare tell me I imagined this. You were there Michael!”

            “Brigh, you were sleep walking, you kept mumbling something about Harry, then you tripped and hit your head on the banister.”

            “No, he’s alive Michael, I know he is.”

            “I’m sorry Brigh, but he was never at the flat. He never came back, Harry’s gone Brigh.” I said softly pulling her into a hug.

            She started crying more. I felt the sting in my eyes. We’re trying to protect her, and in the process we’re hurting her.


            Brigh was released from the hospital and I took her home. Her face held no emotion or expression. She walked to her room like a zombie. As much as I want to storm up to my room and mope around about Kate, I had to stay strong for Brigh, and now Harry.

            I sat the car keys in the bowl on the table. I had just taken my coat of when the doorbell rang. I dropped my coat on the floor, thinking it was Harry. I quickly opened the door, but instead of Harry standing there it was Kate. Before I could say anything she stopped me.

            “I’m just here to get my things Michael, please move.” She roughly push passed me and started walking up the stairs.

            “Kate, wait, you have to let me explain everything to you.”

            “I think you explained enough already Michael. If feels great to love someone who loves someone else doesn’t it.”

            “I’m so sorry Kate.”

            “Okay, now move so I can get my things.”

            At the sound of Kate’s voice, Brigh popped out of her room.

            “Well if it isn’t the whore of Brighton. Do you enjoy going around kissing other people’s boyfriends after yours died a fucking month before.”

            I could see the hurt wash over Brigh’s entire body. Kate pushed passed me again and into what used to be our room. She started flinging things into a huge suitcase.

            “Kate please, give us another try.”

            “I don’t think so Michael.”

            “At least tell me where you’ve been staying.”

            “I don’t think you deserve the right to know that.”

            She finished packing without a word from either of us. I just stood there watching, trying hard not to cry. This is it, this is the permanent removal of Kate from my life. I don’t know where she’s going, I’m never going to see her again.

            She started down the stairs to leave. She picked up a few things that belonged to her from the living room and kitchen. She opened the door.

            “Please Kate.” I whispered.

            She turned around and gave me a look of sadness, “Goodbye Michael,” And just like that she was gone.

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