The date with the guys


2. Back stage with 5sos

Luke and you were in the dressing room alone. He gave you a dress to wear, and turns around to let you have some privacy to put it on.

"Hey Liv" he says

"Yea?" I answer

"I just want to tell you that, your the most prettiest girl in the world."

I blushed and said "Thanks, umm"

Luke laughed and said "Oh by the way," he stops then leans in to kiss you. I hear the door start to creak close. Luke grabs it before it actually does. It was Calum. Calum just wanted to check on you but never got to and found that Luke had kissed you. I could see that he was crying but not this time. Calum was very angry. So he punched Luke in the face. I put your hand on his chest. Calum started to blush. I kissed him on the cheek and slipped a note into his skinny jeans. He blushed and left.

Luke said "What was that all about?"

I said "I don't know"

The stage producer announced that 5sos is coming out on stage in five minutes. Luke said "Just follow the music beat and dance with me and me only we'll have trampolines and lights and you can walk out on stage with us."

So I did and saw millions of people.

Tune in for the next chapter of Love full of Luke.

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