The date with the guys


1. The moment he saw you

You were walking down the sidewalk of Hollywood when you noticed that one of the 5sos boys was staring at you with a amazingly hot smile. You didn't recognize him at first but then he started to walk over to you, and it became clear that it was LUKE HEMMINGS!!!!!!. He asked for your name and you answered "Your name." Luke said "Wow, you have such amazing eyes" you blushed and said "thanks, umm yours are too" he laughed in a cute way. Calum came over too and said "Is this the girl?" Luke blushed and said back to him, "Yyyyeeeaa" he stuttered. You blushed along with him. Calum took a good look at you and said "Okay get her in the dressing room were on in 20min" You said to Calum, "What should I do??????" He laughed and walked away. Luke held your hand and The next thing you know your in the dressing room of 5sos. WILL YOU GO ON STAGE? WILL LUKE ASK YOU OUT???? READ THE NEXT CHAPER FOR MORE INFO.

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