For over 20 years local High School senior girls go missing an not much information has been released. But for Conner Daniels she never expected to know the last girl missing, or to even get caught up in it. With only a few weeks left till graduation will she solve it, or will she be the next body found?


2. Chapter 1

"Conner....Conner.... CONNER DANIELS!!!" *SLAP*

The sound of something hard hitting my desk right next to my ear woke me from my deep slumber. Opening my eyes in a slight daze I took in my surroundings. 'Oh' I suddenly realized I was in forth period History, and an angry Mrs. Henderson was staring at me. The class was staring at me and silently laughing to themselves. You think she would be used to me falling asleep in her class by now. I guess not.

"Oh, hi Mrs. Henderson is class over yet?"

I said to her while placing my chin in my hands and giving her my most politest smile I could muster up. She's a softy for me. I think so anyways.

"No. No it's not Miss. Daniels. Could you please tell me something, anything that we covered in class today."

I looked towards the board, most of it was already erased except for some misplaced fragments of previous sentences. I internally gulped. Shit. I looked around the class for some type of help. Even my best-friend Levi who sat next to me was of no help. Thinking back to the first five minutes of class before I went dead to the world.

I told her some crock pot of a story and managed to avoid spending ten minutes of my precious lunch time getting an earful from her about falling asleep in class. Stepping into the hallway I looked to my best-friend of four years, since freshman year, pleading with her giving her puppy dog eyes she sighed and proceeded to give me her note book.

"You're a life saver Levi, have I told you I love you lately. Cause I so do."

"Yes Conner, you told me that this morning when you asked for my Math notebook. Seriously girl stop falling asleep it's our last year and I wanna be able to graduate with you not by myself."

Throwing my arm over her shoulder I proceeded to tell her everything will be ohkay, and we'll graduate together.
If only I knew at that moment what I know now maybe it would have been different I wouldn't be where I am. Not only trying to protect myself but you and everyone else. If only maybe I didn't fall asleep in History. If only maybe I didn't say everything was gonna be ohkay. But at that moment everything was. How could everything go so wrong in a matter of hours?
Walking into the two tier lunch room situated in the far off back on the right is Donnie a mutual friend of mine and Levi. He's the type who's always into something new, something crazy each week. Heading towards the table are all sorts of old news clipping and books which seem to be about the same thing just different coverings.

"What's this weeks endeavors Donnie?!"

I asked him with a slight grin and monotonous voice. He looked up towards me and Levi glasses sliding down his nose. He removed them and pitched the bridge of his nose. The dark circles under his eyes seem larger and deeper than ever. This must be something serious. Sitting down at the table I slide over over a news clipping. My eyes must have went wide and my jaw must have dropped cause Levi leaned over to look at what it said.

"Local Sunderland High School senior goes missing off the Cape"

Pulling all the articles towards me I looked at them, for the past 20 years. 20 years of newspaper articles all saying the same thing, and a follow up articles of how the body was found basically in the same spot of when she went missing. Nothing was ever reported, no one saw her in the days she went missing. But every year on the same day around the same time a girl went missing. And three months later the body show up. How does that happen?! How do the cops still have no leads, no information. And all girls from THIS high school. Up till now that means three senior girls would have gone missing, but why haven't I heard of anything?!

I asked Donnie for articles for the past three years, he shuffled through his stuff to find them and gave them to me. No name was disclosed in the first write up of the case, but on the follow up of finding the body they told the name. The first two cases I didn't recognize the name but the one from last year my heart sunk. I knew this girl. I was friends with her, I hung out at her house. But then one day she was gone, her family moved and I never knew why or what happened and now I do. Tears started to fall from my eyes, Levi looked to me and asked what happened I gave her the article. She knew. We knew her. The name written atop the paper:

"Daisy Williams; Local girls body found"

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