some short stories inspired by songs I play in orchestra or hear.


1. Memories

 My name is Sophia and my mom died when I was only four, I only have of but only one sad memory of her. Sophia is an American name not a Japanese name, I do however look like my mom.  Brown eyes, wavy light brunette hair, light tannish skin and a cute little smile. When my mom was little she would listen to the rain storms that helped her fall asleep, and when I was born we moved from japan to the US. We moved to Nevada and it doesn't rain a whole lot here in Nevada, whenever it would rain my mother would say amedare. Amedare means raindrops in Japanese. " Amedare" my mother would say as the little drops of rain would sing me to sleep. I now sit here by her grave six years later, as a raindrop falls on my cheek I whisper to myself amedare. Sometimes if I try hard enough I can still hear her gentle voice help sing me to sleep, amedare. 


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