War Never Ends Quietly

June 1945 As The Allies Make Their Final Push Against The Nazi Army OutNumbered And Sustained Heavy Loses A Tank Crew And Her Five Men Go Through What Hell Is Like.Bryan(Gunner) Me(Loader) Oakley(Commander) And Jahvere(Driver) I Been With These Fine Gentlemen For Years.


3. Town Square June 1945

When We Started The Attack We Did Not Know Fucking Shit About The Tigers! Davis Got His Fucking Head Blown Off And The Tank Blew Up. A Sniper Hits Peterson's Jaw, There Was No Teeth,No Jaw Just Bloody Strips Of Flesh Then His Body Was Blown Away Into Pieces Of Flesh That Fucking Tiger! We Got Behind It Were The Metal Is Weak And We Blew That Fucker Straight To Hell. We Got To The Crossroads And No One Watchin' Our Backs We Needed To Get To That Village!"Hey Oakley... I Can't Take It Any More You Remember That Fuckin' Boy In That Field? Do You? Answer My Fuckin' Question Oakley" " Yeah I Remember" "And He Was Running For His Life He Thought He Was Gonna Make It Then He Got Hit By Cannon Shell Fuckin' Body Blown Up."

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