War Never Ends Quietly

June 1945 As The Allies Make Their Final Push Against The Nazi Army OutNumbered And Sustained Heavy Loses A Tank Crew And Her Five Men Go Through What Hell Is Like.Bryan(Gunner) Me(Loader) Oakley(Commander) And Jahvere(Driver) I Been With These Fine Gentlemen For Years.


1. The Camp June 1945

I Get Inside My Tank With My Crew, My Gunner Bryan,My Commander Oakley And Our Driver Jahvere. I Was The Loader." Did You Get That Fucker?" Bryan Asks "Knock Him Off" Oakley Replies. Bryan Speaks Spanish And Oakley Replies "Hey If You Want To Talk Mexican Join Another Tank,A Mexican Tank This Is An American Tank We Talk American". I Tell Oakley To Leave Him Alone He Kicks Me."Fuck! The Fuck You Do That For?!" " Cause Your An Animal A Dog All You UnderStand Is The Fist And Boot". "Oakley Im Telling You Right Now You Don't Fucking Call Me That! I Ain't A Fucking Animal I Ain't A Fucking Dog You Fucking Hear Me?! Answer My Fucking Question!. We Leave The Camp To The Mission.

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