War Never Ends Quietly

June 1945 As The Allies Make Their Final Push Against The Nazi Army OutNumbered And Sustained Heavy Loses A Tank Crew And Her Five Men Go Through What Hell Is Like.Bryan(Gunner) Me(Loader) Oakley(Commander) And Jahvere(Driver) I Been With These Fine Gentlemen For Years.


5. AfterMath April 1945

Oakley: Fire!

I Load The Cannon

Me: Clear!

Bryan: On The Way!

Oakley Throws Smoke Grenades, We Needed More Ammo Oakley And Bryan Exit The Tank Grabbing As Much Ammo As Possible. Dear God Bryan Looking At Me Like Im A Pussy His Left Eye Blown A Sniper's Bullet Hit The Back Of His Head And Exited His Left Eye!

Oakley: Fuck! Fuck! Bryan Is Gone!

Jahvere: God Damn It!

Me: Fuck! Who Shoots?!

Oakley: You Seb! I Will Load The Gun

Me: Sir Yes Sir!

Jahvere: Does Anyone See Them?! I Got Nothin'

Me: Nothing

Oakley: I Can't See Shit!

Jahvere: PanzerFaust! 4 O Clock!

Oakley: Clear!

Me: On The Way!

The German Shoots, Entering The Tank! And Exited Through Jahvere!

Jahvere: Uuughh

Oakley: Fuck

Me: Oakley! Jahvere Is Hit

Oakley: Fuck! We Got To Go!

Me And Oakley Get Out Of The Tank, Oakley Gets Hit In His Leg Me Carrying Him As We Leave The Tank. Me And Him Was Awarded As America's Hero

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