The Sisterhood

Ally, Charlotte, Arden and Lizzy are the little sisters from the 5sos boys. When they join them on tour, it feels like one big adventure. Untill one of them finds a gun and they realise that the friendship and the family they've relied on for so long, has their secrets.


1. Ally - The Takeoff

I felt like everyone was talking about me behind my back all day long. They probebly were. Apparently a girl becomes a lot more interesting when her brother is famous.

Famous. I don't like that word. The thing is, I don't have another word to describe it. 'I have a brother with millions of followers on twitter and thousand of girls following him whereever he goes. And tomorrow I'm joining him on his sold out tour around the world.' Yeah, let's keep it on famous. It's just easier.

I take a seat next to my best friend Sarah. She is way more excited about the tour than I'll ever be. She talks about it all the time. "You have to make pictures in every city. I want to see them all! Promise?!"

"Promise." I can see Charlotte sitting on a table across the room. She is one of the three girls I'm going to be travelling with. She has super long blonde hair and blue eyes, she's Luke's sister. I'm sure she has some friends because she's really nice. But she use to get picked on by Arden a lot, Calum's little sister. When the boys formed a band and Calum found out, he stopped the bullying right away. But Charlotte still eats by herself everyday. Not because she doesn't have any friends, she just feels better that way.

Arden, how do I explain Arden. She can be very sweet, if she likes you. If she doens't she can be.... Not sweet. Her black her with dark brown highlights and the piercing through her nose makes her look like a tough girl. She likes to act like one as well.

Fake. That's how Lizzy calls her. She's Michael's little sister. She dyed her hair unnaturally red a couple of years ago. And she has some piercings in her ears. I have the feeling she and Michael share clothes. Cause she dresses excactly the same. I think she looks kind of cool.

Lizzy and I are good friends. She's crazy just like me.

The problem is, these three girls don't get along. Lizzy and Arden fight a lot.

"Your mom just texted you, she's outside waiting for you."

"Thanks... Wait why do you have my phone?" With a smile I take my phone back. "Give me a hug."

When we let go, I can see Sarah tearing up. I don't do that. I don't cry. I don't know why, but somehow I can't remember the last time I did. "I'll text you when I arrive."

My mum is just like Sarah. She also tears up while driving me to the AirPort. I get it, her oldest son has been away for months. And now her oldest daughter is leaving as well.

My mum and I are very close. I can't say I'm looking forward to leave her behind. But I know it might be the only chance for me to discover Europe.

When we arrive at the AirPort, I see that Arden and Lizzy are already there. They don't seem really happy. But when I walk towards them a smile appears on Lizzy her face. "There you are! I was afraid you were going to leave me alone with sunshine over here." She nodds her head towards Arden. Even though I try not to laugh, the corners of my mouth do lift up a little bit. Arden is very nice to me, but towards Charlotte and Lizzy she acts a bit bitchy. And it seems like she's always cantankerous.

"So are you girls excited yet?" My mum asks the other girls. Arden replies with a short nodd.

"Are you seriously asking me if I'm excited to tour around Europe with a famous band?" Lizzy put her hands in the air. "Ofcourse I am!"

We have to wait for two hours before we can enter the plane. And we aren't able to find Charlotte anywhere. Lizzy says she might doesn't show up because she doesn't want to spend so much time with Arden. But I know better. Charlotte and Luke are pretty close and she's dying to see him. She's probebly somewhere else on the AirPort. Waiting on her own, like she always does.

I turn out to be right. When we enter the plane, Charlotte is already seated next to the little window. I take the seat next to her. "Hey!"

Charlotte takes of her headphones. "Hi."

"How are you, Charlotte. Haven't seen you in a while. Are you excited to see the boys?" Lizzy blabs as she plops down next to me.

"Yeah, for sure", Chalotte answers. "I'm really excited."

"Could you place your bag somewhere else?" Arden speaks so bitchy towards Lizzy. "Do you have to sit here?" Is her reply.

"Yes, my ticket says so. Believe me, I'm not looking forward to sit next to you for the next thirty hours." Arden says as she plugs in her headphones.

Lizzy rolls with her eyes as she speaks very softly so only I can hear it. "This is going to be a long flight."

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