When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


10. The kids aren't alright

"Gotcha, bitch!" Thomas exclaims as he jumps down in the creek I'm hiding in. 
"I'm the last one right?" I ask. 
"Of course" Thomas nods and I pump a fist in the air. 

Well that was fun.
Me and Thomas walk back to Mae's house and everyone is getting things ready to dye Bronx hair red. 
The chair is by the kitchen sink, Henna is putting a cape over him while Prince mixes the colour and Banter and Mae read the directions off the box. 
I turn on the music, shuffling Bronx iPod that plays through his kitchen speakers. 

"Ready Freddy?" Mae asks. 
"My name isn't Freddy but I'm sure as hell ready" Bronx says back and grins like a dork. 
"Lame!" I shout and he rolls his eyes. 
Mae has Bronx lean over the counter and does all the things necessary to get his locks ready for red as the rest of the squad talks about random shit. 

"You look like a fire type Pokemon" Henna says as Mae presents him to all of us after finishing his hair. 
"I'm going to take that as a compliment because I fucking love Pokemon" Bronx replies and I snicker because I'm pretty sure we all do. 
"I approve" Prince says and smiles. 
"Oh wait! No, like plusle and minun!" Banter exclaims and pushes Prince towards Bronx. 
"Oh my god" I say and roll my eyes. 
Prince is minun and Bronx is Pulsule because their hair colours. Very clever Banter. 

We leave Mae's house after a long goodbye and all pile into Thomas' car this time, taking everyone home, and we're definitely going to have to defend someone because we all cut class today. 

Unfortunately we drop off baby girl first, and everyone says their goodbyes but I'm the only one that gets a kiss and a smile and it's nice to know that Henna can smile because of me, and from all that she's been through nobody could be smiling so it means a lot. 

We drop off Prince next, his house is sorts close to the Rayes place so I recognise the area. 
Goodbyes go around and we wait till he's inside to pull away. 

Banter gets dropped home next and this time we all go inside because he will need us for this one. 

"Welcome home Honey, why weren't you and your friends at school today?" Banters mom asks in a fake-nice tone. 
"Because we had better things to do then get pushed around by teachers and students and get taught rubbish that we don't even need in the real world" Banter replies bravely.
"Well you've gotta learn something! And your teachers and fellow students probably aren't picking on you, they're just telling you the truth about yourself and you're too offended by the truth to accept it" she says snottily. "Ma'am with all due respect, my friend Banter here gets treated the worst in the entire school, and to brush off the reality that he is getting bullied is not going to help him in any way" Bronx interjects. "We'll maybe your friend here should be who she is suppose to be, and she wouldn't get bullied" she replies and I want to hop over the table and strangle her. 
"Stop skipping school Alejandra, go to your room" his mom says. Banter sighs and gives us a small wave before stalking down the hall and down the stairs to his room. "Banter man I love you, stay strong buddy!" Bronx yells. 
"Yeah Banter love you too man!" I add. Thomas looks so hurt and so angry he just whispers "I love you" and wipes his eyes. 
"Oh and I named my daughter Alejandra for a reason, and the reason is that it's a beautiful name, so please, call my daughter Alejandra, not whatever you're calling her, some boys street name" his mom says. 
"Actually no" I protest. 
"There is no 'actually no', she's s girl and that's all there is too it" she snaps back. 
"Again, you're wrong. Banter is a boy, his name is not Alejandra, and sure, Alejandra is a beautiful name for a girl, but Banter is a boy, Matt is a boy" I reply. 
"If Alejandra is a boy then why does she not have boy parts?" She counters. 

Then, Thomas finally blows up. 

"Lady. Are you an idiot?! Just because Banter doesn't have a dick doesn't make him any less a boy. You're his parent, if he was born with girl parts you're suppose to help him through life to function with different parts, not force him to conform to the parts he has. I was born left handed, my cousins hated it so they made me use my right hand, and now I'm ambidextrous; I'm twice as special. Your son is different, special even and you're trying to make him use his right hand because using his left isn't normal, and it isn't like everyone else. So much for individuality, miss 'Be Just Like Everyone Else and Make This Family Look Good', I'm so sick of you doing those hypocritical motivational speeches at our school and not living them yourself. 
I love him, Bronx loves him, Arabella loves him, Henna loves him, Prince loves him, and Mae loves him. He's got support from all of us, his friends... What about you? You've got one hell of a kid on your hands and you don't even know how amazing he is. Do me a favour, do us a favour and love the fuck out of him cause he needs it" 
Thomas says, and the resounding applause goes off in my head and I know it's time to give him a standing ovation and walk out the door. 
I grab both the boys by the hand and rush them out the door and get them in the car. 
"That. Was amazing. Thomas how did you come up with that?" Bronx asks, marveled. 
"I don't know. I've always thought about my baby boy that way; special, unique, different and I love him to death and to hear his mom say those things really hurt and I just had to say something to her. I hope she doesn't do anything to him. I was the one who blew up on her, and I'm so nervous she's going to take it out on him" he says. 
"Hey man think on the bright side, maybe she'll get convicted and change what she's doing to him" Bronx says and I give him kudos for his positivity. 

Thomas drops me and Bronx at our house and we assure him that Banter will be fine, and we'll see him tomorrow at school. 

After Thomas drives off Bronx starts to panic because of his mom being inside and she's about to see his coloured hair and piercings and I try to come up with a script to say to explain everything. 
I'm pacing the porch as he stands by the front door in a panic and the door swings open and the blood drains from his face. 
"What the heck is going on?" His mom asks. I panic and the only thing I can think of is acting so that's what I do. 

"Oh you can't be serious Romeo!" I exclaim and fall to my knees. 
"Oh hi mom" Bronx says nervously. 
"What are you two doing and what's with your face and hair? I never said you could get those?" She asks. 
"Oh! We're in a play, a modern day Romeo-Juliet kinda thing, and I was just asking him to help me go over my lines. The piercings and hair colour are temporary, after the play the hair colour will fade and if he takes the piercings out the holes will close up, no worries" I say and Bronx nervously smiles and nods. 
"I see. Very interesting. Well let me know when the play is and I'll come see it" she says over her shoulder and walks back in the house. 
"That was so fucking sly" Bronx says and hugs me in gratitude. "No problem, Romeo" I say with a smirk and he laughs. 

We walk inside and make it up the stairs after a five minute interrogation with the twins and no access to our rooms till the questions were answered, which the questions varied from 
"where's the girl with the brown tattoos?" To 
"how'd you do your hair like that Bronxy?" To 
"did your big hole earrings hurt?" And I laugh and answer all the ones directed to me. 

When I get to my room finally I plop on my bed and pass out easily because today has been a long fucking day. 

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