When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


9. Chapter 9

So we drive to Mae's house and she shows us around and gives us popsicles and we sit around her kitchen laughing and talking as we eat them. 
"Thanks for these" I say to Mae and throw my stick in the bin. 
"No problem" she replies. 

"I have an idea" Mae says. 
"Are we going to have to move around for this idea?" Thomas groans. 
"Yes, lazy ass" she says sassily. "We're going to play hide and seek in my backyard" she says. 
I nod because I fucking love that idea and I follow Mae to the back door and I marvel at what I see. 
A yard that has acres and acres of green grass and trees and all sorts of decorations. It's so beautiful. 

"Okay who's going first?" Mae asks. 
"It's your house, you go first" Thomas says. 
"We'll you're the guest, you go first" she snaps back and I giggle. "Nose goes!" Henna yells and Banter touches Thomas' nose. "Fuck you" Thomas says. 
"I'll do it with you, we'll be be it" he replies and Thomas faintly smiles. 

Banter sets his mobile alarm for two minutes and everyone shuffles around before running off and looking for a good place to hide.

I know Thomas isn't going to climb a tree to find anyone but that doesn't mean Banter won't, so I avoid the trees, as much as I want to climb them I don't. 

I resort to hiding in the small creek behind a bush farther back in the yard than anyone else and just wait.

 I hear lots of giggles from Henna and Mae and loud laughs from Prince and Bronx and smile to myself because life is pretty okay right now, we're just a bunch of stupid teenagers playing a child's game in Mae's backyard. 
We're in between adult and child so having a little immature fun is okay. 
I think. 
I hope.

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