When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


6. Chapter 6

The next day comes and school is a blur, and after school Banter hangs out with Sarah again, Thomas and Prince are in Bronx's room, and Henna is in my room with me. 
She goes through my CDs and picks one randomly, smiling wide but hiding it from me, and slipping it in the player before I can see what it is and hiding the case. "Okay stand up" she says and I raise an eyebrow. 
She rolls her eyes and pulls my hand so I stand up and she positions my left hand on her hip and my right hand in her right hand and she hits play and quickly puts her left hand on my shoulder and says "we're dancing now" and I laugh. What a dork. 
"One, two, one, two, three" I hear quietly and then the strumming of a guitar, and a smile raises on my lips to the sound of Kellin Quinn's voice and the rhythm Henna and I fall in as we lean into each other and slow dance to the If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack EP by Sleeping With Sirens. 

My breathing is in time with Henna's and I try and relate all the lovely lyrics to my relationship with baby Henna. She's so gorgeous and adorable and thoughtful, and I don't understand how I got so lucky, and how people could think this love is wrong. 

"So don't you, ever forget about me, when you toss and turn in your sleep, I hope it's because you can't stop thinking about the reasons why you close your eyes and I haunt your dreams at night, it's so you can't, stop thinking about me" 

We slow dance to the whole EP, a small grin on my face the whole time as we sway slowly back and forth. 

The lyrics 
"And I can't live without you now, woah, I can't even live with myself" 

Get stuck in my head and as the EP ends and Henna takes it out and switches it to Symphony Soldier by The Cab and slides in bed with me, you know, for the sleepover part. 

We don't end up sleeping... 
We talk all night and share random kisses and soft touches. 
Henna changes the albums all night, from The 1975 to twenty one pilots to Touché Amoré. It's all various but it's a good mix for just trying to be chill. 

At some point we fall asleep, and when I wake up Henna sleeps on my chest and I bask in her cute sleepy state as she rises and falls with my breathing. I play with her hair and draw meaningless patterns into her arm and back but try not to wake her. 

That plan doesn't work well because about a half hour later all three boys come into my room with confetti and horns and party poppers. 
Our life is one endless prank. 

"Oh what the fuck" Henna groans as the boys stop blowing the horns and showering us with confetti. 
"You guys were taking too long to wake up, we have things to do today, get ready, c'mon lets go" Thomas says quickly and blows the horn again. 
"I'm going to shove that horn up your ass if you blow it one more time" Henna says and the boys laugh. 
"She's tired as hell and loves her sleep, she's dead serious, so I wouldn't do that if I was you" I say to Thomas as he puts the horn to his lips to blow it again. 
"Don't test me" Henna growls, muffled by the blankets. 
"Okay, okay, but really get up lazy ass" he says and shakes her shoulder. 
I scoot away from her cause I know she's going to blow up any minute. 
She is storing up her energy till Thomas crosses a line, which he's about to. 
"I like your room" Prince says kindly. 
"Thank you" I say and he nods. 

"Honestly Thomas.?" Bronx asks as Thomas tries to slowly pull the blankets off Henna. 
She growls and I scoot more away. This will be violent and maybe even bloody. 
"I'll fracture your nose" she threats. 
"Fracture my nose my ass" Thomas scoffs and pokes Henna's arm. 

That's about the time when she's had enough, and she hops out of my bed quicker than anything I've ever seen. She swings at Thomas' nose and it bleeds not three seconds later and Bronx and Prince laugh and snicker as Thomas holds his nose and Henna kicks Thomas in the shin. 
It's not enough to hurt him but just to prove a point. 
"Don't mess with me when I'm sleeping" Henna declares and throws tissues from my desk at Thomas. 
He raises his hands in surrender. 

Henna quickly leafs through my CDs and hands Thomas Fall Out Boy's American Beauty/American Psycho album and says "track seven" and starts to go through my dresser for clothes. 
She whips open the curtain to see what the weather is like and builds an outfit on it. 

As the song starts Henna spins on her heel and sings the lyrics right in Thomas' face. 
"This is a black, black ski mask song, so put all of your anger on, in the truly gruesome do we trust, I will always land on you like a sucker punch, singing I am your worst, I am your worst nightmare" 
She sings and Bronx snickers.
"If you can't tell she's pissed at you" I say and Thomas throws his hands in the air in confusion, and I just roll my eyes. 
"I'm going to go take care of this" he says and points at his nose and then at the door.
"You do that" I say and he walks out. 
"You guys don't have to wait here, Henna and I have to change anyways" I say and they both nod. "C'mon man" I hear Bronx say and hear Prince laugh and I look over to see Bronx giving Prince a piggy-back ride out of the room with them both laughing hysterically. They shut the door when they leave and not seconds later i hear a loud crash and loud laughter and I know they fell over. It makes me chuckle and I get up and go to my dresser and start to go through my clothes. 
"Oh I already got you an outfit" Henna says and points to an outfit nicely folded and stacked on my vanity. 
"Oh well thank you" I say as she lines her lids with eyeliner. 
She pauses and quickly pecks my lips and gets back to her makeup, and the Fall Out Boy album still plays as we get ready. 
"Spin for you like your favourite records used to" I say, mouthing along to the robotic voice. 

I slide into black leggings, a long purple Panic! at the Disco shirt, a black knit cardigan, a black beanie, long black lace socks and my favourite boots. I clean and switch my gauges to floral plugs and sit at the vanity to do my makeup. 
"Wait lemme do it!" Henna persists as I sit down and start to do my makeup. 
"Okay okay" I say and hand her the black lipstick. 
She neatly applies it and blends it, and then reaches for my concealer and does my face next. 
I close my eyes and let myself relax as she does my makeup, humming along to the Of Mice and Men album she put in right before sitting down. 
She does my eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara and smiles wide at her work as she finishes. 
"Thank you my dear" I say and she nods with a squinted eyes and scrunched nose smile. 

"Are you finally ready?" Thomas asks, groaning. 
"Yeah...oh wait" I say and turn around. 
He groans and I laugh and turn back around and say 
"I'm kidding, I have my wallet and my girlfriend, I'm good to go." Henna finishes by singing Saturday by Fall Out Boy and I applaud her afterwords. 
She blushes as we walk out the door to Thomas' car. 
"You sure you don't wanna go in Bronx truck?" He asks and looks at Henna in particular. 
"Oh no, I'm perfectly fine, it's you that might want to go in Bronx truck" she says evilly and I grin. 
He shakes his head and sighs, but gives up in defeat and slides into the drivers seat, preparing himself for the living hell Henna will make this for him and he knows it.

Living hell is the best way to explain it, because by the time we get outside Sarah's house Thomas is ready to drive right through it with how much Henna bugged him during the drive and I didn't stop her because what goes around comes around, and what he did this morning was an asshole move. 

We stay in the car and wait till Banter comes out with Sarah who is dressed in all black and has green hair with her blonde roots showing and a hematite septum hanging from her nose. 
"She's cute" Henna says and I nod. 
She's got a cute face and little nose and cute cheeks and really pretty blue eyes, and I understand why Bronx would fancy her, she's cute. 
"Ten of ten would bang" I hear Thomas whisper. 
"You're gay Thomas" I remind him. "I'm talking about that cute boy with her" he says and I smile. Banter is pretty cute and Thomas is such a good boyfriend to him. Banter and Sarah exchange a few words and Sarah goes in Bronx truck and Prince hops out and closes the door behind her like a gentleman; he literally is a Prince. He comes in Thomas' car with Banter so Sarah and Bronx can talk this whole thing out on the way to whatever we're doing. 

"Hey everyone" Thomas says as we all got into his car. 
"So while we're all here, well except for Bronx and Sarah, we've gotta come up with a nickname for our new beloved Sarah which is so basic" he says and Banter nods. "I've been thinking about that actually" Banter says. 
"Oh okay yay, your ideas are always good baby boy" Thomas says and quickly pecks Banter's lips. 
"Okay so Bronx is named after Bulls in the Bronx by Pierce the Veil, I figure we call Sarah a Pierce the Veil song too, like May from Hold On Till May" he says and I swear to god he's a genius. 
"Amazing" Henna says. 
"I think that's a good idea but I like the spelling M a e better" Prince says as he rummages around a rucksack. 
"Because then she'd be like May from Pokemon and Pokemon is cool and all but we're trying for Pierce the Veil right?" Prince adds.
"I agree" I add and he nods. "We've just got to ask her if that's alright to call her and I think it works" Banter says. 
"You're so good at this" Thomas says and Banter smiles sweetly. 

I don't have a clue where we're driving but with the looseness of us all, the music blasted, the windows down, and the warm weather I don't care where we're going because this moment is so special to me. 
Henna is laugh-crying at something Prince said, Banter has an enlightened look on his face that is usually stressed, Thomas is giggling, and I'm leaning against the door observing all my beautiful friends. 

I don't know what comes next but I hope it will be just as great.

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