When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


5. Chapter 5

When I wake up in the morning I put my hair into two little buns, and grab a basic band shirt-skirt-tights outfit with my favourite goth boots and my lipstick that is dark purple. Bronx' mom nicely makes me lunch and I thank her like crazy and then go to school with Bronxy who's in a bad attitude today apparently. 
"God damn Bronx what crawled up your ass and made you this cranky?" I ask after he runs about ten stop signs and cuts three people off with the resounding sound of the car horns blaring in our wake. 
"Shut up Ara, and you look like a fucking six year old" he says and motions to my hair.
That didn't take long. 
I roll my eyes and ignore him, hitting the radio on and blasting Psycho by Muse. 

This song fuels me. 

As I walk into school with a highly pissed off Bronx I mind my own business and avoid him as I walk to my locker. 
"Hi" a voice that solely belongs to Prince says behind me. 
A smile pulls on my cheeks and I spin around and wave to greet him.
 "Hey Mickey Mouse, where's Minnie Mouse?" I hear from behind me. I turn around and see a group of stupid jocks that get high off the immature jokes they make. 
I walk up to the one who said it and knee him right in the crotch and walk back to my locker and continue with what I was doing.
"Hey, bitch, what the hell was that?" I hear from another. 
I'm about to go knee him in the balls too but I hear from across the hall
"no one calls her bitch but me, jackass, so back off" Henna shouts to the kid. 
I smirk so hard and she crosses the hallway and backhands him, making the few other jocks back off. 
"Get away from me, satanist whore" the boy says. 
Then Banter comes down the hall and I know the kid is history. Banter grabs him by the shoulders, pushing him hard against the locker, and knees him three times hard as hell in the gut. People in the hall "oooh" in shock, and it makes me swell up with so much pride. 
Prince who watches this whole event with an amused smirk goes over to the boys who lie on the floor and spits on them, and when he comes back to us we all high five him and I whisper in his ear 
"you'll fit in just fine here" and he slightly smiles and nods in gratitude. 

At lunch we tell Thomas the whole story and he immediately laughs and asks, assuming, 
"it was Arabella who started it wasn't it?" Henna nods and he face palms. 
"Always starting fights" he mutters whilst shaking his head. "Technically it was the stupid kid who commented on my hair in the first place" I argue and Banter agrees. 
"Oh and then Prince finished it of royally by spitting on them" Banter adds. 
Thomas' mouth drops and he high fives Prince, and I have a feeling Thomas admires Prince because he's someone who likes mutuality in sassiness.
"So where's Bronx?" I ask. 
"Oh you didn't hear?" Thomas asks, as if he's shocked that I'm not caught up with all the high school drama. 
"Apparently" I say sarcastically.
"He started to fancy a girl who recently started coming here, turns out she was in the girls bathroom and peed standing up and some cheerleaders saw her doing it and that she's got guy parts but literally no one knew, so Bronx was getting made fun of for having a crush on a guy even though she's a girl and she was also being discriminated against and being forced to use the men's bathroom and got majorly bullied in there. I don't understand why trans people have to get so much shit" Thomas fills us in quietly, and lightly touches Banters hand across the table because he knows that Banter had a hard time being bullied because of his transgender status. 
"I wanna find her and talk to her, and maybe she needs some friends" Banter says and points around the table to all of us. 
"Trans to trans, sounds like a good idea. And I guess that's what Bronxy was pissed about today, I just don't know why he had to take it out on me" I say and everyone shrugs.
"I'm gonna go find her" Banter says and stands up. 
"Ask Bronxy where she is if apparently he's got connections with her" I say and he nods. 
I don't know why he never told any of us. 
Banter skips the rest of the school day and I hope she's helping that poor girl. 

Later, after school we all go home, and tomorrow everyone will sleep over somewhere, so it will be nice. 

Bronx apologises to me later and explains the story, and I hug him to tell him it's okay because our school is shit and I understand when he's angry.  

A half hour later we are playing video games in his room when his mobile rings, and he pauses our game to pick up Henna's call. "Hey little one, what's up?" Bronx says. She says something and he replies 
"yeah Arabella is right here, do you want me to give you to her?" I roll my eyes but instead of handing me the mobile he puts her on speaker and we both say 
"Okay hey guys so Banter just called me about the trans girl, and I have a lot of good news" she says. 
I pump a fist in the air that it's good news because I love to hear that. Bronx just sighs and stares off, tuning Henna out. 
"Proceed" I say and Henna laughs.
"Well okay so Banter ended up not finding her at school, so he asked around to see if anyone knew her address, and somehow Banter got her address. 
So he went to her house and asked her mom
"I'm here to see your daughter" and her mom smiled and was really accepting of Banter to come in and give some encouragement to her and Banter said it was the best thing ever" Henna shares, and I smile at the mention of such a supportive parent, as that's usually unheard of. 
"But wait it gets better" Henna interjects. 
"Go on" I say. 
"So then Banter went to her room and sat on her bed and told her his story, about how he discovered his true gender when he was seven and his parents treated him and still do treat him like shit, and that a bunch of people teased him and beat him up, but after awhile they got bored of the girl who turned into a boy and eventually forgot in a whole that he is transgender and stuff isn't as hard now, and I guess she hadn't spoke a word until Banter finished. 
She admitted that she was going to kill herself that night but Banter's story touched her and the fact that he came to her house to help her, so they became friends and Banter is friends with her mom too and so she might be at lunch with us tomorrow, and Bronxy she's very interested in you also, by the way" Henna finishes and Bronx shrugs.
"Nice story and all...but I don't know" Bronx says. 
"You're lame as hell if you're held back from loving someone you like because you don't want to be labeled as gay, there's nothing wrong with being gay, and bro, she is a girl. 
Just because she's got a dick doesn't make her a guy, remember, genitalia does not equal gender" I say to Bronx and he looks downcast. 
"She's right Bronxy, and Sarah is cute" Henna says through the mobile. 
I smile and take it off speaker to talk to Henna for awhile as Bronx works this all out in his mind, as we all need time to process things. I love the kid to death but he's gotta get over the peer pressure and worrying about what others think of him. 
Or maybe he just doesn't want to accept her for being transgender. But Sarah is a girl, which she didn't chose, she was just given different parts at birth. 
"Hey can you sleep over tomorrow night?" I ask. 
"Yes. oh my god I'm excited" Henna says and musters up as an exciting of a voice as her broken heart will let her. 

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