When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


4. Chapter 4

The next day we go to school, all wanting to choke someone because of hangovers or headaches. 
And what's worse? 
It's the start of a new semester for freshman, sophomores and juniors start today, so the halls are three times as busy. 

We carry on with our day, but when we get to lunch an interesting switch of events comes at us. 

"Hey, I'm Paul, I was wondering if I could sit with you guys?" We hear. All of us look over and pull one of our earbuds out or stop in whatever conversation we're in. "What" Henna half says half asks. "Can I sit with you guys?" He asks again, and my guess is the style similarities. 
He's got azure blue hair half covered by a beanie, dark lidded and eyeliner'ed eyes, two lip loops and slightly chipping black nail polish. His shirt says AC/DC and he's got a studded choker on. 
"Yeah man" I say and scoot over. No one protests, and it's nice to have a bit of change. 
"Paul is too basic of a name. We all have nicknames, Paul, and we've gotta give you a nickname. Tell us Paul, what are you into?" Bronx asks, and I just roll my eyes. "Well books, music, science fiction, dancing and I like art and sorta like fashion and colours and things like that. I'm highly sarcastic. That's basically all you need to know" he says. 

His voice is high, but I like it cause it makes him really unique, and it's nice to talk to a male that doesn't have a deep, intimidating voice... When Paul talks it's like he's being really friendly always, and it's a good thing to see, with how fucked up the guys of this world are, and I have a feeling this kid will be a gem. 
"Sophomore?" Henna asks. 
He nods and taps around on the table with his hands. 
"What's your sexual orientation?" Banter blurts out and then claps his hand over his mouth. 
"Oh I'm straight, definitely like girls, and just because I like fashion and art and colours and my voice people automatically assume I'm gay, but I don't make too much of a problem out of it cause if people don't like me they can fuck off" he says sassily and I already admire him. 
"Well you're sassy, classy, punk-ish, goth-ish, emo-ish, and with all those mixed together because of your sassiness, confidence, creative mind and badass style, I'd say we should call you Prince"  Thomas says, and leave it to him to bring all the fashion and style and fancy explanations. 
"Yeah I like that" Banter agrees. "It's cool" Bronx nods. "Interesting" Henna says. 
"Well then that's cool. Prince, welcome to the lame ass loser club" I say and he laughs. 
"I'll do the introducing" Thomas says. 
"I'm Thomas, I'm the hipster" he says and points to himself. "Thomas isn't my real name but we don't talk about how I got it" he clarifies and I put my head in my hands. 
"This is Henna, she's the grunge" he says and points to her. 
"Henna show him why you're called Henna" Thomas adds. 
She takes her flannel off and reveals two full sleeves of henna tattoos. 
"Siiiick as hell" Prince says in amazement. 
"This is Arabella, she's the goth" he says and points to me. I stick my tongue out and everyone laughs and I put my head back down. 
"Like the Arctic Monkeys song?" He asks. 
"yup" Thomas replies. 
"This is Banter, he's our hardcore little motherfucking punk" Thomas introduces.  
"And this is Bronx, our little indie child" Thomas says finally and points to Bronx. 
Bronx smiles and squints his eyes and scrunches up his nose and tries to be as cute as possible and he totally is and he knows it. 
"What is your opinion on gay people?" Thomas asks bluntly. 
"I have no problems with them" Prince says and we all internally sigh in relief. 
"Well in that case, Henna and Arabella are dating, and Banter and I are dating also. Bronx is still looking for that perfect indie and alternative girl to come along" he says nonchalantly. 
"But I thought this place was like strictly no homo...?" Prince asks. "It is. When we're here, Henna and I are together and Arabella and Banter are an item here. Just a publicity thing, like borrowing each other's girlfriend or boyfriend so we can be semi-public" Thomas says and Prince nods. 
"Well I think I found the right group of people then" he says finally and we all smile. 
The bell rings and we all depart, each going to our classes. 

I think about the fact that it's just me and Henna, the only girls in our stupid group of misfits, so I decide that with the group of new kids we have to find a girl that's good for Bronx or Prince and abduct her. 

The rest of the day I creepily stare at all the nosy freshman and scare them so they'll back off and won't come up to me and ask me questions because they're new. 
I don't like people and I have already made a new friend today. 

Later when we are all piled in Thomas' room, Thomas asks,
"So what should we do to officially initiate Prince into our little group?" Which is typically a question that would only go through Thomas' head. 
"Why does it matter? we said he could hang with us" I reply, groaning because I know Thomas will want to do something extravagant. 
"We could get him drunk and have him tell us his deep and dark secrets" Henna says in a dry and sarcastic tone. 
"Or dare him to pray to Bloody Mary in front of the mirror" I add with an unamused tone. 
"Shut up girls, jesus, you're not being helpful with all that negativity. I need ideas ladies, ideas, not stupid shit" he says sassily. 
"Be a true heart, not a follower" Ed Sheeran sings from the speakers on Thomas' desk. 
"We could do a video game marathon and book trivia since he said he's into books" Bronx pipes up from the corner without looking up from his mobile. 
"See! That's what I meant" Thomas says excitedly. 
Thomas gets up and gives Bronx a side hug, and then goes under his bed to grab his laptop to do who knows what. 
Banter sits on the floor in front of Thomas' door doing homework, Bronx sits at one of the spinny desk chairs at Thomas' desk, Thomas sets himself up at the desk and sits in the other one, and Henna and I each sit on an end of Thomas' bed. 

"Henna" I whisper. She looks up through her black lashes and smiles. I nod my head, motioning her to come over, and she silently giggles and puts her book down and crawls over the bed. She lays next to me and puts her head on my chest and we just lay there. None of the boys notice for awhile but then Bronx says 
"cuddle alert" and Thomas glares at us. 
I roll my eyes and plant a kiss on Henna's head and smirk at Thomas. 

"That's right, go home! you probably got her pregnant on my bed when we weren't looking!" Thomas shouts as we walk out the door. 
"Oh my fuck we were cuddling goddamn it!" I yell back, and leave it to a boy to take things out of proportion.
He tosses a hand in the air in dismissal and I laugh before bending down so Banter can get on my back. 
"You're so cute baby boy you're like 100 pounds" I say in a small voice and he smacks my arm. "Hey boys shouldn't hit girls" I say.
"I'm a girl" he says. 
"Shut the hell up, and stop fucking saying that. If I hear that one more time..." I snap back, but then soften up and say 
"my mom is telling your mom and you're not my friend anymore and you can't come to my sleepover and I'll tell your crush you like him" in a third grader tone and he laughs hard. 
"But Ara..." he starts. 
"Ah! No buts" I interrupt. 

After I drop Banter off at his house I go back to Bronx and he's not home yet so I have dinner with his family and answer all his little siblings curious questions, and then go into my room and go through my Cd's till I find one I love. Young the Giant's self titled album catches my eye and I put that one in my CD player. Apartment is the first song to start out and it's chill but as soon as My Body comes on, I go crazy and dance around like a freak, because damn it I can, and eventually I fall asleep to the album. 

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