When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


20. Chapter 20

"Listen. I have something for you and your boyfriend. I want you to listen to this together" Prince says, and hands Pixie a blank disc. 
"How many songs did you put on it?" She asks. 
"Actually Ara did it per my request, but there's only one song on there that you guys both need to listen to" Prince says and Pixie furiously nods. 
I am proud of Pixie because she has been hanging out with us lately and she's become so much more comfortable with us and it's nice to see. 
I'm also proud of Prince for giving her that cd. 

I told him about a song and how it applied to Pixie's situation and he asked me to put it on a blank disc right away so he could give it to her. 

"He might pick me up tonight so maybe we can listen to it in the car" she says. 
"Why is he always driving you places, like, can't your parents or we can drive if you need?" Banter asks. 
"Uh well it's kind of a long story, but to make a story short, my mom ran away from my dad cause he's an asshole and left me. My boyfriend got into some trouble with my dad and instead of him calling the police he made a deal with him to date me and take me places and deal with me cause my dad couldn't give two shits, so that's why we're dating" she says and I'm blown away. 
"Wow I'm so sorry to hear about your mom" I say. 
"That sucks Pix, I'm sorry" Prince says. 
"So your dad basically blackmailed him and makes him do motherly duties like drive you places" Thomas scoffs. 
"Yeah basically" Pixie says softly and nods. 
"And your boyfriend is mad about it so he treats you like crap and your dad doesn't care because he treats you like crap as well" Mae says. 
"Pretty much" Pixie says and stares at her shoes. 
"We can drive you places. Prince, text her my number. Pix, text me anytime you need a ride and I'd be more than happy" Bronx says. 
"I couldn't do that" Pixie replies and shakes her head. 

"I'm fairly local, I've been around"
Plays from Mae's Bluetooth speaker connected to Bronx mobile as we sit in my room. 

"Listen, you're our friend. If you need help- call. Text, write, email, whatever just let us help" Bronx says.
She nods slowly and shifts uncomfortably. 
"This has been a wild ride" I say to no one in particular but everyone nods or grunts in agreement. 

"Can we just do something fun" Thomas asks. 
Such a Thomas thing to ask. 
"Yeah, like what" I say in sarcasm.
"Vandalise or rampage, defy or bring to ruins" Thomas says dramatically. 
"To be honest I wanna be a kid again, let's go to an arcade" Pixie says and I internally smile. 
She's such a kid it's so great. 
"I'm down" I say and Henna nods. 
"Sweet lets go then" Banter says and gets up. 

We all follow, getting up and helping each other off the floor. 

"Well are you ready Ray?" I say and look over at Banter. 
"Yeah" he replies and taps Bronx. 
"How bout you frank?" Bronx says and points to Henna. 
"Oh, I'm there baby" Henna replies and nudges Mae.
"How bout you Mikey?" Mae says with a giggle and looks at Thomas.
"Fuckin ready" Thomas says and tosses the imaginary mic to Pixie.
"Well I think I'm alright" she says with a large smile and we all laugh loudly. 

"What are you all taking about?!" 
Prince says. 
"You... You don't know what that's from?" Thomas asks doubtfully. 
"Not a clue" Prince replies. 
"Well did you hear the three names?" Henna asks. 
"Frank... Mikey... And there was one more" Prince says as we walk down the stairs. 
"Frank, Mikey and Ray, do you know who any of those people are?" Thomas asks.
"Uhhh, nope" Prince says, popping the P.
"My Chemical Romance, Prince, you should know this" Pixie says and hops in Bronx car. 
"It's from their song Vampire Money" Henna says. 

I get into Thomas' car and smile at the cuteness of how well we all work together to the point of us doing stupid shit like that. 
"Where's the nearest arcade?" Thomas asks. 
"Honestly I don't know" I say and he discusses it with Banter and Henna as they slide in. 

"Here we go!" Henna says, quoting Peter Pan. 
We all walk inside and buy about 800 coins to make sure we can play every game; even the lame ones. 

Thomas is surprisingly good at the basketball hoops and Mae kicks everyone's ass at pinball. 
Henna is aggressive at air hockey and Bronx drives the race car simulator like a madman and we have the best time. 
I laugh as Prince gets frustrated with the moles at the Whack-a-mole game, and i challenge Pixie to a ski ball game because she says she's pretty good at it and I love competition. 

"You can't just!" Prince exclaims. 
"Actually she can" Henna corrects as I toss one of Pixie's ski balls when she looks away. 
I score a 200 and hope that doesn't make her beat my score. 

In the end we tie and there is dispute among our group that Pixie would have won if I hadn't thrown that 200 but everyone knows I would've won if I hadn't because I gave her more points than I should have. 

"Prizes, shall we?" I ask. 
"Wait up bitch, we've still got five coins!" Henna exclaims. 
"What do we use them on?" I ask. 

"I've got an idea" Banter says. 
"Shoot" I reply. 
"Tag team couples photo booth" he says and I instantly smile. 
"You are so smart, I don't know where I found you" I say and give him a noogie. 
"So what are we doing?" Thomas asks. 
"Tag team couples photo booth. The photo booth has four pictures on it, and we can't all fit in there even if we tried, so what we do is the first couples goes in" Banter says and leans in closer. 
"Like me and you" he whispers to Thomas. 
"Then Henna and Ara" he adds. 
"Bronx and Mae" he points. 
"And I know you guys aren't officially together, but by default, you are the last two people left, so you kinda have to" he finishes, speaking at Prince and Pixie. 
"That's actually brilliant" Thomas says.
"It'll be complicated though because there's only like three second increments, so as soon as your photo is shot you have to get out" I say and everyone nods. 

"C'mon!" Henna exclaims and waves us all in the general direction of the photo booth. 

"Let's practice first" she says. 
"Yeah, each of us can get on the sides of the photo booth so we aren't both rushing in on the same side" Thomas says. 

"Okay so on the left side, Henna, Thomas, Mae and Prince" I say and they move to the other side. 
"Then on this side, me, Banter, Bronx and Pixie" I finish and everyone gets in the right spots. 

We practice a few times, shouting the persons name to come in from the other side and it's a hilarious mess of the wrong person coming in or falling trying to sit down but by the fifth time we think we're ready. 

"Okay I'm putting the coins in and me and Ara are gonna go first so we can set it up" Henna says and I slide in.
"Hi" I greet as she slides in. 
She smiles and says 
"Hi, you ready?" 
I nod and she slides the five coins in and pokes the screen to select a  frame and how many photos it will take and how many strips we want. 
After she sets up she announces "alright, here we go!" And the timer goes off for the first photo.
Five seconds. 

I panic because we didn't plan anything and we should have so it doesn't end up looking like trash and we wasted all this time. 
She makes a silly face at the camera and I roll my eyes and at the last second i grab her jaw and give her a huge kiss and the photo snaps and we have no time to do anything except jump out and she yells 
"Thomas" and I tap Banter. 
The two slide in next and we can't see them behind the curtain so the next four seconds are theirs. 
Banter slides out and pulls Bronx to the door and Bronx slides in next and I hear Mae giggle and it makes me smile. 
Bronx slides out and says 
"Pixie, it's on you" and she jumps in with a small smile. 

We all wait curiously as to what they will do and I smile again as laughter comes from both Prince and Pixie. 

They exit the photo booth from the right side and the others on the left side come over and wait for the photos to be finished printing. 

"Drumroll please" Bronx says and Mae does a drumroll on an imaginary drum set. 

"Oh my fuck god!" Bronx exclaims with a laugh. 
We all look at the photos and aww at the first three and crack up at the last. 
We are officially the best friends ever. 

The first photo at the top of the strip is of Henna and I kissing. 
We're cute. 
The second photo is of Thomas and Banter and Banter is sitting on Thomas' lap, and Thomas holds Banter from behind and they both make cute silly faces. 
The third is Bronx and Mae, and they both sit next to each other, and with the shoulders that are touching their hands are holding a pinkie promise and the shoulders that aren't touching their hands are holding the hang loose sign. 
I like that idea. It looks cute. 
Lastly, the fourth photo is of Prince and Pixie, and they posed as if they were choking each other and have rabid looking facial expressions. 

"Guys we're all so cute" Henna says as she gets her strip. 
"I agree" Banter says with a grin. 
"Yeah, and I'm hungry so let's go home now" Bronx says and we all nod profusely. 
"Wait we need prizes with all our tickets first!" Prince exclaims. 
"Oh right...Submissive goes last!" Thomas says and Henna grunts. 
"Don't like that rule when the tables are turned do ya?" He taunts and she flicks him off. 

I go up to the counter first and buy Henna a cute unicorn stuffed animal and a few pieces of candy, and hide them as I give her the tickets so she can get me a prize. 

Thomas got Banter a gum ball machine and Banter got Thomas five hot wheels cars and if that doesn't explain their relationship I don't know what will. 

Bronx got Mae tattoo chokers and Mae got Bronx blue sunglasses, and I love to watch as they both giggle when Bronx puts the sunglasses down upside down.

"Epic" Thomas says. 
I turn around to see what he's talking about and laugh immediately. 
Prince helps Pixie slip on a rainbow coloured tutu skirt, and it makes her look even more like a Pixie. 
I smile as Pixie gives Prince a few bookmarks and I think about how accurate all of our gifts were for each other. 

Henna hands me a bag of purple cotton candy and a box that has assorted super hero temporary tattoos and I grin and bust the box open right away to look at them. 
"These are sick, and this looks so yummy, thank you" I say and she nods with a small smile. 

We leave the arcade and ride back to Mae's house to eat and hang out. 
Pixie gets picked up by her boyfriend but leaves the cd on accident and Prince asks me to hold onto it until we see her again.

Me and Bronx go home that night really tired but also really happy. 

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