When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


19. Chapter 19

"My boyfriend is actually here to pick me up, thanks though" Anyah says. 
"Oh okay well thanks for coming!" Prince exclaims as Anyah stands up and puts her empty beer bottle in the trash. 
"I'll walk you up" Prince adds and walks behind Anyah slowly to the stairs. 
"Wait, Anyah! So you know how we all have nicknames right?" Bronx shouts across the room. 
"Yeah?" She asks. 
"Your nickname is Pixie, because me and the squad decided that you look like a pixie" he says and she smiles wide. 
All night she has barely smiled but as Bronx tells her she has a nickname she completely lights up. 
It's much more than a nickname for her though, it's proof that she is now in a group, has a lot of friends, and belongs somewhere. 

Bronx is right though, and Mae was originally the one who pointed out that Anyah looked like a Pixie. Her white hair was in two cute little buns, her green eyes big and beautiful, and she wore a cute dress that had a tutu skirt and ballet flats, so 'Pixie' was inevitable. 

She gives a small wave and walks up the stairs with Prince by her side and I notice that they brush finger tips and I hope that means something good. 

The Rayes say their goodbyes and give hugs to everyone and walk up the stairs a few minutes after Prince and Pixie. 
After they leave things start to slow down and the high energy stops flowing. 

Prince takes awhile to come back and when he does he looks angry. 
"What's up man, what happened up there?" Thomas asks. 
"Well did any of you notice her skin? It was all light green or purple and blue like she was bruised. When her douche bag boyfriend came to pick her up he was pushing her around and being really bossy. I went up to the car and asked him why he was being like that and he said she deserved it. He drove off before I could say anything else, and Anyah... Pixie looked horrified. He's abusive and I literally will have no part of that and neither will she" he says and finishes declaratively. 
"So whatcha gon do boy?" Thomas says in some weird accent. 
"Beat his ass and get her out of that relationship. She doesn't even have to be dating me, I just don't want her to be dating that shit face" Prince replies. 
"Well don't do anything that would make her upset and don't do anything to him that would make him take it out on her, for example if you hurt him badly I think she'd still be pretty upset even though he abuses her, it's a psychological thing, like after a woman has been captured by a man long enough she eventually finds some soft spot of comfort for him even if he is abusing her, it's fucked up but don't screw this up, cause you still have a chance with her if you can get her boyfriend out of the picture" Thomas says wisely. 
"And see I guess you're right, but I just want to protect her, like, think about it, she's this super adorable pale little pixie kid who has dimple piercings and is afraid of everything, I don't want to leave her in the hands of that guy, she's just too nice and too beautiful to be broken down by that dick head" Prince admits. 
"He's really gonna use as many crude names as possible isn't he?" Henna asks me in humorous tone. 
"Rescue the little lady, the damsel in distress" I say and Prince blushes but nods. 
"I'm all for it, let's go beat the shit out of this bastard" Banter says angrily. 
"Not yet man" Thomas says calmly. 
"And he's being a coward if he's picking on Pixie. I'm not saying girls aren't strong as fuck, cause they are, but Pixie is so tiny and thin that she wouldn't hurt anyone even if she did punch them" Bronx says and Mae shrugs. 

"Alright. Enough for the night, everyone go home, get rest, after school we'll do a group video chat or whatever and come up with a game plan for Prince and even us if we can help" Thomas says and starts to stand up. 

Everyone starts to get up but I stay laying down and face the floor with my head in my crossed arms to act like I'm sleeping. 
"She can just sleep over if she wants, I mean, we go to the same place in the mornings" Mae says. 
"Hey not fair, I like taking her to school" Bronx protests. 
It makes me smile that they're fighting over me, because it seems stupid but it shows me how much they both love me. 
"But you live with her and you get to see her everyday, I want her just once" Mae whines. 

Long pause. 

"I'm pretty sure she's already made her choice guys, she's acting asleep and Bronx I encourage you to have fun getting her in the car" Thomas butts in. 
"Okay whatever! Mae you can keep her for the night. She sleeps in her clothes so don't worry about pyjamas, you have to wake her up when you wake up or else she'll sleep all day and if she has her hands over her face try not to get too close when you wake her up... Oh and don't let her have cereal for breakfast because the sugar will make her stomach upset" Bronx says and my mouth falls open. 
"Wow, bro" Thomas says. 
"Okay. I can do that" Mae confirms.
"It's like you guys are divorced and trying to work out custody" Banter says and I roll my eyes. 
"Ugh. Okay well see you two tomorrow at school" Bronx says boringly. 
Right before he walks up the stairs I jump up and run over to him and give him a very big hug and tickle his sides and say 
"night big brother, see ya tomorrow at school, I'll be okay here" and he grins and walks up the stairs. 
Mae goes to Bronx after me and I smile as he hugs her tightly and they share a few small kisses. He walks up the stairs and waves to me, donning my most favourite, crinkly eyed, scrunched nosed, full teeth smile. 

"Okay hugs my children" I say and stand at the stairs so I can hug everyone as they leave. 
I hug Prince first and whisper a promise that we'll take care of Pixie and he thanks me. 
"Bye bye Banter" I say and hug him. 
He smiles and pokes me in the stomach and waves bye as he walks up the stairs. 

"No I'm fucking going next because she'll take six years with you and I don't want to stand behind you while you're swallowing each other's saliva" I hear Thomas say. 
I roll my eyes and watch as Thomas pushes Henna away and comes and quickly gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek and runs past me as fast as possible. 
He really hates it when we make out. 
I grin as Henna approaches and hold her hips and give her a few quick kisses and whisper "goodnight, love you" in her ear. 
"Love you too, handsome girl and beautiful boy" she replies and puts her hands through my hair. 
"Henna you have twenty seconds to get up these stairs or you're walking home" Thomas demands and she grumbles. 
I roll my eyes and give her one more quick kiss and let her go upstairs, then join Mae as she cleans up the party. 

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