When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


18. Chapter 18

"So what's the plan to win over your girl tonight?" Bronx asks Prince. 
"I don't want to win her over, I don't want to break up a relationship, I just wanna be friends if she's already in a relationship" he says, but I can tell he's disappointed that she's already dating. 

'We'll see how it goes' I say to myself. 

"I think you and the moon and Neptune got it right, cause now I'm shining bright, so bright" plays through the car speakers as we all drive over to Mae's house. 
"My mom is home but I have, like, the coolest mom in history, so she'll be cool with all you guys coming over" Mae says and I agree that her mom is the coolest because any mom who is accepting of their transgender child is the coolest mom. 

When we arrive at Mae's house, just like she said, her mom is happy to see all of us and even gets teary eyed. 
"It's so nice to see you've got so many friends that love and support you and a handsome boyfriend. Sarah I'm so proud" her mom says. 
"Thanks mom. Me too. These guys here have all saved my life one way or another and I'm glad you like 'em too" Mae says nicely. 

We follow Mae upstairs to her bedroom and discuss plans for tonight. 
"Remember I said a movie marathon and beer" Prince says. "Sounds wonderful but where's the beer coming from and where is this going down because your mom would have your head if she saw you with us and a beer, she already hates you for being you" Henna says and gestures to Prince's clothing and hair and lip loops.
We all sit in silence for a minute, just pondering that. 
Mae leans back till her head is out her door and yells 
"mom is dad home?" Her mom yells back 
"no, why?" 
Mae pumps a fist and gets up and goes to the hallway balcony and asks 
"would it be okay to have a few more people over tonight and have a movie night in the basement?" 

Long pause. 

"Sure that's fine. As long as you guys don't do drugs or have an orgy I am okay with it. Oh and don't watch R rated movies" she says and we all cheer. 
"So...beer is okay though right?" Mae asks. 


"Is your boyfriend 21?" Her mom asks. 
"No..." Mae says as her mom walks up the stairs. 
We all stare at her mom with begging eyes and some even clasp their hands like they are begging or praying to her and she laughs at us. 
"You kids are a funny lot, I guess you can bring beer. But keep it quiet if your dad comes back, and nobody can get drunk and punch a hole through the wall down there" she says and walks into Mae's room. 
"And if your dad does happen to come down, hide the beer" she whispers. 
We all nod and say 
"thank you Mae's mom" and she nods and walks away. 

"Well that was easy" Mae states. "Yeah man your mom is so chill" Prince adds. 
"You said a few other people, who were the other people?" I ask. 
"Oh I was gonna ask you, Prince, can you invite the Rayes too?" Mae asks. 
"Yeah sure and they can bring the movies cause they have a ton" he says, pulling out his mobile and texting them I assume. 
He adjusts his choker subconsciously and plays with his lip loops with his tongue and I find it quirky and cute... I love my friends. 

So two and a half hours later I sit in Mae's basement, sorting through the skittles and colour coding them in different dishes because mixing them bugs the shit out of me. 
Henna joins me with m+m's and does the same, and we listen to Breaking Up My Bones by Vinyl Theatre, and sing to each other. 

Banter walks past us to go upstairs and he shakes his shoulders and huffs out a breath. 
"Hey did you see that, he's like... physically uncomfortable...?" Henna asks. 
"I think he's binding wrong. Or using ace wraps" I reply and henna winces. 
"I'll go help him with that" she says and gets up and immediately talks to Banter. 

"Ace wraps are dangerous to use babe. I don't want you to hurt yourself" I say to Bater. 
"Yeah well I don't have a binder" he replies. 
"I'll get you one" I say quickly. "No" he protests. 
"I don't want you to hurt yourself. I'm getting you one but please, in the mean time, use two sports bras" I say. 
He huffs and says "no, they don't work good enough."

I know he's right. 

"Yeah I know man, but you can't damage your body. It physically ruins your body internally and I don't want you to hurt anymore. Promise you won't ace wrap" I say. 
"Whatever I promise" he replies and I kiss his forehead before getting back up and going out of the bathroom and into the living room. 

"So how soon till everyone arrives?" I ask Prince. 
"Rayes will be here in an hour and Anyah will be here in an hour and a half" he replies and I nod. 

When the Rayes arrive the party gets started, and no lie, those girls literally bring the party whenever they go. 

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