When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


17. Chapter 17

In the morning I'm the second to awaken, Bronx being the first. 
He holds Mae in his arms and stares down at her and strokes her hair and I internally fawn over how cute they are. 
I look over at Henna who is cuddled up to Banter and Thomas and I smile at my cute frog children. 
They're such weirdos. 
Prince sleeps fully sprawled out on the floor, and his hand is in Thomas' face. 
I take a few pictures and then get up and go to Bronx desk. 
He smiles at me and as I grab a sharpie from his pen cup he shakes his head no, but muffles a laugh because he knows exactly what I'm going to do. 
I walk over to Thomas as quietly as I can, but I didn't do it quiet enough cause Henna wakes up. 
I hop over her and bend down by Thomas' face and do the classic dick drawings all over his face and he doesn't wake up. 
I hear Prince snicker behind me, and stand up and get away as fast as I can but I still try and be quiet. "Mae still sleeping?" I whisper to Bronx. 
He nods and I look over to Banter and he is also sleeping. 
Henna makes grabby hands at me and I scoot over to her. 
She reclines on a pile of pillows and a mess of blankets and I lean back on her chest and she plays with my hair. 
When she kisses me her morning breath tastes horrible and I laugh out of the kiss. 
"Brush your teeth and then I'll kiss you" she teases and I roll my eyes in endearment. 

Banter wakes up next, and he is a morning person so he has a wide, happy smile and messy hair that makes him ten times cuter. "Morning sunshine" i say to him. He giggles and says 
"good morning Arabella" in a sleepy voice and Henna giggles too. 

Thomas wakes up and it's so hard not to laugh. 
"Wow I had weird dreams" he says. 
"Me too" I agree even though I don't remember my dreams. 
"Is everyone awake?" He asks looking around. 
"No Mae is still asleep" Henna says. 
Thomas' eyes light up and he smiles wide but grimly and says "let's prank her." Bronx holds her in his arms and warns 
"nothing painful." 
Thomas nods and gets up, going to Bronx pen cup and grabbing the same marker I used. 
Prince sits in the corner filming it all with his mobile but Thomas doesn't notice it. 
Thomas slowly and quietly sneaks across the room to where Bronx is holding Mae and we all snicker at him for trying to prank her when he already got pranked. 
As soon as he puts the sharpie on her face she shuffles around and wakes up. 
"The hell are you up to dickhead?" She asks and we all burst into laughter. 
"I was going to draw on your face with a sharpie but you woke up. Go back to sleep and act like this didn't happen" he says and pushes her eyes closed. 
"No I'm awake now you can't just get me to fall back asleep" she says and yawns. 
When she looks up she notices that Bronx is holding her and she blushes immediately and grabs his face and kisses him and Banter does a stupid cat call. 
Bronx smiles so wide when she finally lets him go, and it's his cute smile where his nose is bunched up and his eyes are closed. 
"Why does no one else have dicks on their face?" Mae asks, looking around at all of us. 
"Cause we all woke up first. You and Thomas were the last ones to wake up" I say and she nods. 
She stares at Thomas for a few seconds in confusion, and then I whisper 
"he doesn't know." She giggles and says 
"you're quite the artist" and winks at me. 

This is why we're friends.

As we sit for about an hour Thomas finally has to use the bathroom and we hear a loud and frustrated grumble and when he comes back from the bathroom minutes later with a red face from scrubbing he glares at all of us but fixes his glare on me and says "Arabella I know it was you because nobody else draws dicks like that. And you will fucking pay for this." 
I shrug and roll my eyes and everyone laughs as he sits down, and this time I think his face is red from embarrassment, not cause he scrubbed sharpie off. 

"At Henna, you make good pancakes you should make us all pancakes" Banter says. 
"I've gotta redo my Henna guys" she says and glances at her arm henna that is faded. 
"I can do it after you're done making pancakes" I say and she grumbles. 
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, I'll make pancakes... I mean, it is the weekend" she says and I roll my eyes. 

"Bronx is your fam still here?" I ask. 
"Nope, swimming lessons for the twins, we have free reign of the house" he replies and I smile. 

Henna turns on a good morning playlist with Alt-j, Florence + the Machine, and MisterWives as she cooks. 

The pancakes are all dyed different colours and have odd mix ins like candy bits or Oreo pieces, and when they're done we all marvel over Henna's pancake making skills. 
She takes a video of all of our plates and says "weekend pancake report" in a cheery tone. 
I roll my eyes but deep inside I know I am just as obsessed with Gerard Way as she is. 

We eat pancakes, throwing bits of food at each other and laughing at nothing in particular. 

It gets quiet at the table and I take the initiative of filling the silence. "Let's play a game called favourite things, I'm going to go around the table and list one thing I love about each of you and then we'll go around and start off our day with a bit of positivity, weirdo style" I say and everyone nods.

 "Banter, I love the way you smile, like really smile, not your fake one to make it look like you're okay and everything is fine, your actual smile, its fucking cute" I say. 
He blushes and smiles and I point and say 
"yeah that one baby boy" and he nods and looks to his lap. 

"Bronx, your laugh is amazing, and it's so contagious. Even on my hard days you're still funny enough to make me burst into laughter. 

"Henna, I love your adoration and infatuation in music, it's so meaningful and really impressive.

"Mae, you are so kind and you take care of everyone before yourself and you are so selfless, I love that" I say and make a mental note to tell her about this song I need her to hear. 

"Prince, goddamn you're so energetic and if someone bothers you, you say something about it and that takes guts. 

"And Thomas, you... You're the smartest kid I've ever met, and you've helped me through so many hard things because you're smart, man" I finish and he smiles. 

"That was fun, Banter you're next" I add. 

"Okay. Well, Arabella, I love the way... This is going to sound weird but I love your toughness and roughness, like the fact that you can sleep in skinny jeans and it doesn't bother you and you can kick people in the throat no problem, I feel really safe when I'm with you" he says genuinely and I give him a small smile. 

"Bronx, you're such a sunshine, man, you light up every room you enter and your presence is so positive. 

"Baby Henna, you're so odd, I love it. When you burn me a cd of songs you think I'll like or randomly buy me undies because they have power rangers on them, like, you're so weird, I love it" he says and I nod, agreeing, cause she does do some weird shit. 
But what counts is the thought that she puts into it. 

He continues, 
"Mae, you're gorgeous, not only physically but you have such a creative spirit and a cute attitude and it's radiant. 

"Prince, man, you're so nice and caring, you freakin toss everything to the side when someone needs your help. 

"Thomas. Holy shit where do I start...?" He says, and I know we're going downhill. 
"Thomas. You are one of my biggest inspirations, right up there next to Tyler Joseph and Frank Iero, these guys, like you, who fight battles every second of the day in their minds and end up saving so many lives with the words and thoughts they use to fight and defend their beings with those battles and you wage many wars inside that cage up there....I'm going to shut up now" he says and finishes. 
Henna has watery eyes and I stroke her hand under the table past Bronx and Banter, because I know she fights those battles in her head too and those guys are special to her among with a few others.
She stays up all night writing or throwing things at the walls or staring at the ceiling letting her mind get the best of her and I tried to help her distract herself when the thoughts came but she wouldn't use them, like telling her to draw and giving her pencils or telling her to paint and giving her brushes and acrylics and I started to think she liked her demons, cause they kept her more company than I ever could, but only because she was giving them rent-free space in her head while she was charging me double the rent. 
It's an odd way of explaining things but it's all the words I can use to try and communicate how I see this portrayed. 

The rest of the squad goes on, and it ranges from morbid compliments to heartfelt expressions to hilarious examples, and as I knew it would, it makes our morning so much better and more positive. 

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