When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


13. Chapter 13

After school Bronx finally gets ahold of Thomas who says he's on his moms version of "house arrest" and won't be able to see us much until his suspension is over. 
I'm assuming Henna, Prince and Banter have similar circumstances. 

When I get home I turn on my music, Aquaman by Walk the Moon coming on and I close my eyes and let the music take over as I try to chill while the world crumbles tragically all around me. 
Trees shrivel up as they see me, and bushes turn brown.
Grass looses it's softness. 
Death looks inviting. 

The euphoria of the song captures me, calming all my dreadful thoughts. 
Music has a knack for that.  

Bronx and his impeccable timing burst through my door as soon as the song ends and says 
"get up, you and I are going over to Thomas' house and he's going to explain what the hell happened today." 
I nod and get up and follow him out the door after hitting the lights off and taking my mobile from the dock. 

Bronx and I slip out the back door and walk around to the front because his little brother and sister are junior inspectors and we don't want to be stuck at the door for five minutes.

We get in his truck and I nervously mess with the radio as he drives. My knee bounces and his thumbs tap the steering wheel and an eerie silence comes over both of us because we don't know how to approach this. 

I know exactly how this will go. 
Thomas will say it was a classmate teasing discriminatively or a teacher being homophobic or transphobic, and of course the school blames it on us.
Then Bronx will want to fuck up something at the school like tepee the front lawn or flush trash down the toilets to clog them. 
Henna will argue, saying vandalism will not solve anything, and Banter will cry.
 I will fix the mess and Prince hasn't been around long enough so I can't predict what he'll do, and I'm pretty sure Mae will just shut down like she did before. 

"Okay so, what happened?" Bronx asks as him and I sit down on Thomas bed. 
Banter sits on the floor on a pillow, Henna sits next to him, but on a spinny desk chair, Thomas leans against his door, Mae sits against the far wall and Prince sits in the loft chair. 
"A group of kids claiming they were trying to cleanse the school from emos and gays and started using the most hurtful slurs and names and started pushing Henna around and..." As I heard that I balled up my fists. 
"Prince defended Henna and busted his lip, Banter beat the shit out of a dude, and I argued with a teacher as this all happened" Thomas finishes. 
My blood boils and I see red. 
"The assistant nurse was cute as fuck though" Prince says and we all laugh. 
He's good at lightening the mood. "You okay?" I whisper to Henna. "Fine" she says and gives a smile; it's fake, but through it I can tell that she's a little bit okay and she's a big kid, I know she can take care of herself. 
Her scrawny thin fingers pack power in her punch and her lanky frame has good stance for fighting back. "So we got suspended, which is cool, and when we're back in three weeks I think we could do some shit" Thomas says, a faint smile at the end. 
"I am pissed as fuck. What do you want to do?" Bronx asks as I suspected. 
 "I'm thinking big. Confetti, balloons, glitter glue, dye tablets, bleach tablets, sabotaging air vents" he replies nonchalantly. "How do we set that up though?" Bronx asks. "Confetti, and glitter glue inside balloons placed in the air vents, dye tablets for the shower heads, and bleach tablets in the sink faucet heads" he says proudly. 
"So the air vents kick on randomly through the day and the confetti covered in glitter glue comes flying out as the balloons pop?" Prince asks. 
"Precisely" Thomas confirms. 
"Dye tablets in the shower heads so when everyone showers their hair or skin gets temporarily and partially dyed?" Henna asks. 
I smile at that because she wants to take the most peaceful resort possible, my little grunge/goth version of Janis Joplin. 
"Yes, baby Henna" Thomas says. "What about the bleach tablets in the faucet heads I don't understand that one?" Mae finally pipes up. 
"It's like their hands are getting cleaner" she adds. 
"Well we can take the paper towels away so people will have to wipe on their clothing, thus ruining their clothes" Thomas replies. 
I smirk at his brains and cleverness and hope that plan works cause I love it. 
"Sounds good to me" Bronx says. "I'm in favour" I add. 
"I'm good" Prince says. 
"I like it" Banter says. 
"Ehhhh" Henna says. 
Mae shrugs and I look away to roll my eyes in endearment.
Mae sits quietly, her eyes speaking what her mouth is trying to say, and the wrinkle in her brow explaining all. 

 "I like the assistant nurse" Prince adds again. 
"What was she like?" I ask. 
He bunches his brow and says "she was cute, but quiet. She didn't talk to me, only to the head nurse. She was shy and reserved and a bit nervous and seemed scared of everything. I got her to smile once but it didn't last. I just, I can't stop thinking about her because she made such an impression with her uneasy attitude" he says. 
"I think her name was Anyah" he adds. 
"I didn't get her number or anything though so it's whatever" he says and leaves it at that. 

 "Tomorrow we'll go get your girl" I assure him. 
"What do you mean? Please don't hurt her" he says in a panic and I laugh. 
"Not like that you idiot, like, I'll get her number for you and invite her to hang with us" I say and he exhales. 
Henna lights up a cigarette next to me and Thomas points to the window. 
She rolls her eyes and reluctantly walks to the window and takes a long drag, and it suddenly looks tasteful. 
I get up and go to her and take the cigarette from her hand and take a drag, but instead of blowing the smoke out I pull her in for a kiss and breathe all the smoke into her mouth; shotgunning. 
She inhales the cigarette without coughing, as some people usually do, and closes her eyes in euphoria. 

"All I need to understand is, when, you, talk dirty to me" plays from the radio and Henna grinds my hips. 
"There's boys here" I whisper in her ear. 
"Shhh, if we pretend we can't see them, then maybe they'll just disappear" she says back and Thomas laughs. 
"This is my fucking room" he declares and Henna groans. 
I remember the time I took Henna to a Chris Brown, Usher, and Jason Derulo concert and sang softly in her ear while dancing with her in the pit. 
"Banter, baby, you're lucky he's your boy, cause if he wasn't, his ass would have been on the curb awhile ago" Henna says into my shoulder. 
"Oh shut up Henna, you know you love me" Thomas says and wiggles his eyebrows. 
"Fuck off Thomas" Henna says with a giggle. 
I look right into her dark eyes that are surrounded in black smudged eyeliner and eyeshadow, and I fall deeply in love with the way her smile comes small as she tries to hold it back but then supremes and grows into a full grin. 

Everyone goes home that night feeling mixed feelings. 
A bit of happiness from being able to hang out, but sadness that we won't be seeing over half our squad at school. 
It's just me, Bronx and Mae.

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