When It Rains, It Pours.

Trans lives matter.


11. Chapter 11

"Stop sleeping in your clothes, asshole, it's not healthy" Bronx says as he shakes me awake. 
"The only healthy way of sleeping is naked and if I slept naked you wouldn't be my alarm clock anymore so no thanks" I reply back and he rolls his eyes. 
"Two more days till the weekend, let's just get this over with sweetheart" he says as he walks out and I groan. 
Two more days in the hell hole till the weekend. 

I play an angry playlist to get ready and by the time I'm out of my room and ready to go to school I feel like I can stab the shit out of anyone that bothers me today. 
Of course I don't because that's socially unacceptable but it's an idea I toy with a lot. 

"Ready?" Bronx asks me at the top of the steps. 
"Ready" I affirm and he puts his hand out. 
We hold hands as we walk down the stairs and I think nothing of it because to me it is a friendly gesture but his parents both raise their eyebrows and I laugh and let go immediately. 
"You're not...?" His dad asks and gestures to our hands. 
"No, just friends, she's got a g...boyfriend" Bronx says and almost slips. 
"And do you have a girlfriend?" His dad asks. 
"Maybe. Still trying to win over that heart" Bronx says over enthusiastically and tries to entertain his dad by saying cheesy things. 
I love how they get along. 
"If you're just friends why do you hold hands? Do you kiss too?" His dad asks. 
If he wasn't right in front of me I would be rolling my eyes but out of respect I don't. 
"Yeah we're just friends, holding hands is a friendly gesture in our group, and no we don't kiss, dad" Bronx explains. 
I smile a tight smile and nod and Bronx hugs me. 
"We do this one too" he says and I laugh into his chest. 
"Let me go, you weirdo" I say and he pokes me in the side before letting me go. 
"We better head off, love you!" Bronx says and pulls me out the door. 
"You make everything in front of my parents so awkward" Bronx says, taking my hand again as we pull away from the house. 
"Why?" I ask.
"I think they think we're sleeping together" he says and laughs. 
"Ha! What a joke. Boys are gross" I say and stick my tongue out. 
He rolls his eyes in endearment and drives, holding my hand and as much as I say that I see it as a friendly gesture, I think it's a little more than just a friendly gesture and it makes me feel safe.

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