Kiribati Poem

I did this for a class so i said YOLO and pit it on here. It is about how climate change is affecting the small island Kiribati.


1. Climate Change


I am slowly disappearing

As my beautiful beaches flow away

I see my people are leaving

To never say hello again

If I try to say goodbye 

My voice is muffled by the water rising high

The houses that are on me

Slowly get swallowed

so that no one may see them again

No one wants to help my island from being eaten alive


I see my gentle blue waves against the white sand

They dont try to hurt me as I slowly murder their tiny land

I see what I am doing

But I cant do any thing to stop it

They dont know that when I break their little homes 

I hurt for them for what I do to it

I can not breath for their is more in me now

More to kill more to heal

I can't say sorry 

I have done nothing wrong

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