Breaking The Rules

“Some people might think it’s weird to have a guy as a best friend, but I don’t! He’s pretty much like the guy version of me. And yes we’ve gone through the whole ‘let’s be more then friends’ stage, and no it didn’t work out, but it was a mutual feeling. Calum and I are just way better friends! Well...we were friends.”
What happens when Taylor goes and surprises her best friend, Calum? What was suppose to be a fun little get away turns into webs of lies, rule breaking and worst of all; broken hearts and friendships.


2. Skype

Taylor’s pov

It’s been two weeks since Trinity told me we were going on tour with 5SOS. I haven’t told Calum yet because I want to see his face when he sees me! Speaking of Calum I haven’t talked to him in a while, so I decided to Skype call him. It rang longer than usual so I figured he wasn’t at his computer; for once in his life. Just as I was about to give up and end the call, he answered...well I think it was him.

“Hello?” someone said in an accent I wasn’t to familiar with. “Oh fuck wait, how does this thing work?” the voice was mumbling and moving around trying to figure out how to turn the camera on I’m assuming since it wasn’t on at the moment. I defiantly know this isn’t Calum, but then who is it? Suddenly I was bombarded when the mysterious person on the other side popped up on my screen. He was drop dead gorgeous, he was...Luke Hemmings!? I guess I was staring because he cleared his throat and looked slightly uncomfortable.

“Umm, Is Calum there...?” I asked like a little school girl who lost her mom because obviously I’m a little bit star struck

“No, he went to work out” he said cooley. “If you don’t mind me asking, who are you?” he added biting down on his lip ring and moving it around.

“Oh, I’m Taylor...” I trailed off a bit confused as to why he didn’t know who I was, doesn’t Calum tell them anything? Luke scrunched his eyebrows together in deep thought. I think we were just as confused as each other. Why was he answering Calum's Skype calls and why was he so pretty? I chuckled at my stupid questions and focused back on Luke.

“Well...tell Calum I-“Luke cut me off before I could finish,

“You’re really pretty” he said with a kind of like grin smirk smile thing, whatever it was, was hot!

“You aint to bad yourself, Hemmings!” I say flirting back. ‘Luke and I actually hit it off pretty fast, friendship in the making...or you know, sex in the making!’ I chuckle as I realize how out of control my thoughts are to today!

Luke and I have now been talking on Skype for a while now, and he’s cool as fuck! Why did Calum not want me to meet him? Thinking about it now, Calum’s been at the gym now for like 2 hours, the kid already has a sexy body; he just needs some many facial hair now! I laugh way too hard at my thoughts and continue on with my conversation with Luke. Just as Luke and I were in mid convo, I hear a familiar voice then suddenly see a, rather sweaty, Calum behind Luke. Calum looked at his laptop for a minute then stared at Luke.

“Brah, what the fuck!” Calum yelled

“What? I didn’t want you missing any calls while you were gone!” Luke laughed, and with that said Calum’s voice started getting loud and then the call was suddenly ended.


Calum’s pov

“LUKE! Why the FUCK would you answer MY fucking Skype call?” I shouted

“Why the FUCK would you lie to your BEST FRIEND about the littlest thing in the world? Taylor is a GIRL! Not a boy like you said, and she’s hot as fuck!” Luke shouted back at me. He sure knows how to push my buttons. He can be the biggest dick ever.

“I don’t care, your just gonna win her over, fuck her, then leave her” I snapped. Luke looked so un amused with me witch pissed me off more.

“look Cal, I already have her number so I’m well on my way, and besides, maybe she’s different from all the other girls I’ve met...” he trailed off getting up, but In the fumes of my fury I stood up in front of him (even though he’s taller than me) and took his phone and threw it at the wall.

“Leave her the fuck alone, she’s too good for you, and besides I banned her from coming to visit us so ya.” With that said I left the room hearing Luke shout about his now broken phone and mumble something seeing Taylor soon, I assumed he meant that he would just try to Skype her again, so I paid no mind to his stupidity, and as for his phone I don’t feel about it; he has like five other phones.

I honestly don’t know if I’m protecting Taylor or hurting her by doing this...I just don’t want her hurt. Or maybe I just don’t want her with anyone unless it’s me...


Luke’s pov

Man Calum is on edge about something.  But him being such an asshole like this isn’t like him, I think something’s going on; and I think Taylors the cause of it. That’s not bad, because I’m sure she can do no wrong, but I need to get Calum into someone new if I want to make it with Taylor. She’s different, a really good different. Every other girl I meet is either crying, not interested or just wants to be a groupie. I think I have a record for the most groupies, but they’re not girls id ever go for, their girls who my dick goes for. But my dick would go for Taylor too, 100%.

“Hemmo?” I was startled out of my almost daydream like thoughts by Ashton.

“Dude your mumbling nonsense right now on the floor” Ashton laughs. I was on the floor picking up my shattered phone and was in such deep thought I must have been mumbling while in the process.

“Sorry mate, just thinking. We still going out tonight? I hear there are a group of models coming into town, and I’m sure we could pick some up” I grin as I stand up. Ashton and I are groupie hunter buddies, we always stake out hot girls who can suck our dicks...not together though because that’s weird. We get separate girls and separate rooms, let’s just make that clear. But this time feels different since I’m thinking about Taylor, after just one long conversation with her, she’s the only thing on my mind other then sex with hot girls.



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