Breaking The Rules

“Some people might think it’s weird to have a guy as a best friend, but I don’t! He’s pretty much like the guy version of me. And yes we’ve gone through the whole ‘let’s be more then friends’ stage, and no it didn’t work out, but it was a mutual feeling. Calum and I are just way better friends! Well...we were friends.”
What happens when Taylor goes and surprises her best friend, Calum? What was suppose to be a fun little get away turns into webs of lies, rule breaking and worst of all; broken hearts and friendships.


1. Best Friends

*Taylors pov* "CALUM!" I shouted to him over Skype. "It's been too long, I miss you!" I stated as I made a fake pouty face.   "I told you to come visit me while I was in your area on tour!" he said in his deep, but not really deep Australian accent. I'm used to Calum's sassy know-it-all attitude; it's actually something I like!   "Yeah, but if I visit I want to visit EVERYONE, aka your band members! As your best friend I think I should meet your other best friends!" I sass back at him.   Calum doesn't want me to meet his band mates. He has a list of worries that he doesn't want to happen. I understand the that he wouldn't want me to fall for one of his band mates, however that's kind of hard not to do since I see his band everywhere I turn. And that blue eyed babe Luke, he is just so WOW! His hair, his legs, his lip ring, it's all so attractive!   "Taylor...? Hellloooo!" Calum's voice through my computer makes me fall of my tracks of thought.   "Sorry bro, I was just thinking about something; but I have to get to work now" we say bye to each other and end the call. 'Calum is just too much sometimes.' I chuckle to myself at that thought   *Calum's pov* "Who where you talking too?" Luke asks walking into the room casually.   "Just my mate from home" I lie, closing my laptop and getting up. The boys don't actually know Taylor is a girl...that's how I want it though. If the guys think Taylor is a dude then they wont bug me about anything or question it. Being a guy and being around guys 24/7 I know that we can be dicks and I don't want Taylor hurt. I'm only protecting her...right?   "Ok, well tonight Ash is rooming with us because Trinity is coming to visit and you know how she and Michael get..." Luke trails off with a smirk and laughs. I laugh with him knowing exactly what he's talking about. Trinity is Taylors other friend and she came to visit us and fell for Michael and now their together; I don't want that to happen with Taylor. As I was leaving the room I noticed Luke was packing a bag. Luke may be weird but I don't know why he's packing because we aren't leaving here till next week.   "Erm, Luke, we aren't leaving here for a while still you know?" he looked up at me with a look I know all too well.   "That girl I meant met last night texted me, so I'm going to go give her what she wants." He said as chill as usual.   Luke has a good boy rep but is as much as a player as Ashton is; he probably learned all his smooth moves from Ashton. But whatever, with Luke gone I won't be forced to watch stupid old action movies with him all night long. Ashton came over later but fell asleep only hours after, which left me alone stuck in this small dumb hotel room. I sat on the couch watching pointless late night infomercials for what felt like ever, and then decided to go annoy the 'horndog' couple across the hall.   *Taylors pov* I jump to the sound of my alarm when it goes off and look at the time; "it's literally too early in the morning" I murmur to myself as I reach to grab my phone. In the process of checking my phone I realize its Saturday and I had no reason to set my alarm today cause me, being my lonely self; have no plans. I curse under my breath and roll off my bed. Sometimes I wonder about my own sanity in this world. I spend most my day in my pajamas lost in my own unrealistic thoughts, when I'm interrupted by phone buzzing.   "Hello?" I answer   "Yo, Tay, I have news for you girl!" An enthusiastic voice I know all too well booms through my phone   "If your phoning to tell me about Michael and yours sex life, I'm hanging up right now" I say half sarcastically half serious. Trinity laughs and continues, disregarding my comment;   "I'm going with Michael and the rest of the boys to Europe to accompany them while they tour there! And since ill be the only girl, Mikey felt bad and didn't get only me a ticket, but you as well! WE'RE GOING TO EUROPE MAN!" she yells almost shattering my eardrum, but I don't care because I'm going to Europe and can finally meet the band and hottie Luke...and see Calum again! Now I just need to figure out how to tell Calum this.   I say bye to Trin and hang up and wonder around my house thinking about a plan . 'To tell Calum or not to tell Calum?' Is all I keep thinking. I know he will be happy to see me, so why not just surprise him? I don't see how any of this could go wrong...   *Calum's pov* So, note to self; never ever disturb a couple who haven't seen each other in over a month! I was chased down the hall of the hotel by a half naked Michael...not that it hasn't happened before; he's crazy. But someone needed to shut him up. I was not going to spend my night listening to him moan,   'Oh fuck yes baby' or 'suck it harder'   So it had to be done. By now I've probably only had 4 hours of sleep, fucking jetlag messes you up man. Ashton already went down to the gym without me and Luke still isn't back. My band mates have it better then me; I stopped using my groupies a couple months ago, one cause their annoying and two it felt like I was doing wrong; like I was cheating, but I'm not in a relationship, so it's weird. I decided to text Luke to make his dumbass didn't drown and die in all that pussy he's been getting lately. I laughed too hard at that thought as I got a reply back from Luke almost straight away,   "Be there in 5. That girl last night was crazy, but I met a sexier girl on my way to see the other girl last night, hit two birds with one stone bro" I rolled my eyes at his reply and didn't text back.   I'm almost for certain now that if my friends want to visit me, I'll come to them. No way in hell are my friends meeting my band mates, they are pigs; well sometimes. I still love them as brothers, but they aren't gonna mess with my friends like they do everyone else. I can just picture it now all going wrong...
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