A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


16. Why live a life if it was a lie...

MaKaila P.O.V.

Ok stay calm MaKaila, just stay calm... Lets go over some things

I have no husband, no Kobe

no gang

no...no link...

im with Ethan...fucken ass hat


just a normal life, like I planned...

Who am i fucking kidding!?!? there's no way in hell that i can stay calm!!

I want Kobe! I want my baby!

"MAKAILA!" Someone yells

I look up to see the teacher

"Class dismissed" She said

I look around to see everyone gone

I gather my things and leave. Ok so was my whole life a dream? what the fuck

"MaKaila!" I hear 

I turn around to see Megan and Jason holding hands

"Uh...yeah?" I asked

"Are you still going to the party tonight?" She asked

"Party?" I questioned

"MaKaila!" She wined

"The party that the cheer quad is throwing for me for becoming varsity cheer captain!" She exclaimed

"Oh, I...ah...forgot, but yeah I'll go." I said

"YAY!" she said jumping up and down

"Shit babe next class is up lets go." Jason said

"Ok bye MaKaila." Megan said going down the halls

I lean against the locker

What the hell is going on

Megan seems so happy with Jason, she's kinda defferent from the real megan, or dream Megan? I don't know

I roll my head to the side, And my eyes widen to see...Kobe! 

I run up to him

"Kobe!" I yell

He looks at me and frowns?

"What the hell do you want MaKaila?" He spat

I stop, he never spoke to me like that

"Ah.." I say speechless

"Spit it out, I have to get back to my girl." He said

In that one sentence my heart broke. his girl...I...I thought I was his girl

"Shit, if you don't want anything, im leaving. " He said annoyed then left me...alone

I was to shocked to speak...

Does that me he doesn't love me?


Issac P.O.V.

"Her heart is beating at an irregular pace, and her brain waves are not functioning properly, what's going on!?" One of the doctor's yelled

MaKaila, come back. I need you, Megan's not doing good either, i don't need to lose you both!


JaKobe P.O.V.

"what do you mean her name isn't Adams?!" I yelled

"It doesn't say Adams and it's shows that she's not married." She squeaked out

"We have been married for almost 2 years, we signed the papers!"

"Well I'm sorry, but she is not married, I can let you back for a bit, but you can't stay long." she said

I get in her face

"I will stay how long i fucken want, she IS my wife and a piece if paper is not going to change that. "I spat with venom

She went cold, i snacked the clip board out of her hand and found her room and went to her.

arrive to see a huge commotion.

I spot Issac

"dude what's going on" I ask   

He looks at me

"Their not going to make it." He said

His eyes were puffy from crying


"Their...Their" he then broke down, he couldn't even finish

No...MaKaila...Link won't have a mother... Megan, Issac,A'dre, Jonhnathan and Ezrah won't have a sister. Mr and Mrs smith won't have a daughter...and I won't...have...you...

No, this can't happen


Megan P.O.V.

I heard a voice it sounds so far away yet so close...I feel like im forgetting something...but what

"Dear, do you understand why you are here?" Granny Ju asked

"No." I said

"Your dying..." She said with a sad smile

"what?" I said

I can't die I have so much to live for...wait...what do I have to live for...why is it my mind is slowly slipping away? im so confused!

"My dear, it's okay to let go, I watched over you and what you've been through, it was hell for you you shouldn't go back." She said sweetly

She could be right bu- wait

"Granny Ju did you just say...Hell?" I asked

"Why yes dear."

"You never swear, and if I or MaKaila did you would scold us!" I yelled

Yes it's slowly coming back, MaKaila how could I forget!

Something is wrong here...

"You are not Granny Ju!" I yelled

She looked at me deviously

"Well i never thought you would figure it out." A familiar voice said

Granny's face started twisting and turning and it became something different...Brian?

"Hello babe, miss me?" He said

What? I killed him what the fuck

"I told you that you can't keep me away" He said with a laugh

"No your dead I killed you! go away!" I said closing my eyes

"HAHA! you can't just tell things to go away, doll face." A different voice said

I look up and see Chris

"What you too?!" I said

"Oh Megan you've been a bad girl." Another voice said

I watched the face change again, Damitri?! what the hell

"No stop!" I screamed as I got up to run away But as i turned it was there

"Leaving so soon?" The multiple voices said

No more please...No more!!!!

Then it stopped...the voices stopped... I look up and see Granny Ju

"Get away!"

"Darling...it's me." She said rubbing my back

This time it felt like her, I knew it was her

"Oh granny!" I said sobbing on her

"It's okay dear." she said

After crying she spoke

"Megan you need to wake up, MaKaila is in danger, she's dying." She said wiping my tears

"And what I'm I suppose to do"

"You will know once you wake...now...go!" she said


Issac P.O.V.

Megan, no you can't leave,

"no" I said sobbing by her side

"Please, wake." I whispered

I felt a hand on my head

"Issac" she whispered

I jump up

"Megan! "I said

She's okay!

"Issac bring me to MaKaila" She croaked

"what? but your hurt!" 

"Just do it, I can help her"

I hesitate but I unhook her and carry her to MaKaila's room, The doctor's cleared out a while ago, MaKaila's heart stops...then go's. then just stops again.

I place Megan on MaKaila's bed next to her.

Kobe looks at me from the chair across the room, wanting to ask what im doing, but i just shrug

What is she going to do?


MaKaila P.O.V.

I'm standing at the top of a bridge, what's the point to living...Kobe's gone...Link is gone, Megan seems to be fine without me...the life I thought to live isn't real...It's a lie...

I look down, why can't I just jump, there's nothing holding me back...just count to three then jump

1...2...3... I leap. I feel myself crashing down...but i don't hit the bottom. I feel a hand in mine. I look up




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