A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


19. Who goes by the rules anyways?

Megan's POV

Isaac called and said the next flight they could get would be at 3 am and the plane ride is 8 hours.

Now I gotta see what Derek needs. 

Isaac called as soon as MaKaila left

"So what did you need?" I said hanging up the phone

"I need to tell you something.." He charted off. 

He scratched his head and opened his mouth but before he could speak I accidently blurted "You're so hot when you're nervous"

He just kind of stood there in shock.

I did the same.

I looked down and hid my now bright red face.

He lifted my head and smiled "And you're so beautiful when you get embarrassed." 

I wiggled my toes in my shoes. "So what were you saying?"

"I love you" He said looking off at Jax's door.

I don't know what came through me but...

I kissed him.

not a long kiss just a sweet little peck, but it was long enough to notice.

"Megan?" MaKaila said peeking out the door as son as i pull back.

"Yes?" I said acting as if nothing happened.

"You gotta come see this dude" she mouthed at me.

I laugh and look at Derek. "Was that all?"

He still seems a little in shock but lets out a soft "yeah"

I motion for him to go in front of me and he did.

While walking to Jax's room I hit my head a few times and whispered "what is wrong with you "over and over again.

I walk through the door and see a guy,  about 6' 3", peering at me.

He's MaKaila's type, or at least look wise.

"Megan"Jax said sitting up.

"Are we sneaking him out?" I say looking at MaKaila.

"Since when do we ever stay?" She grins and tosses a backpack at me.

"What's this?" I say confused.

"H. Gotta give it to dad so he can sell it." She said as if it was nobig deal that there was a back pack full of HEROINE IN A HOSPITAL.

"3.2.1" MaKaila said and I look up and no one is there but derek.

"Where did they go?" I said hitting him.

"I DONT KNOW!" He said mad. 

I walk to the window and see a 3 ropes all the way down and the three of them on the ground.

I turn around grab Derek's hand and pull him out.

I close the door and tell the nurse that Jax was going to take a nap.

We get to mine and MaKaila's rental and theyre stuffing jax in the trunk.

"TO THE HOTEL!" Random dude says.

"MOTEL HOLIDAY INN." I shout and hop in passengers. "There's only three seats... " 

"You can sit on my lap" Derek says winking at me.

"She has a husband" MaKaila said angrily.

"Didnt se-" I cut derek off.

"Lets just go i guess fruity dude gets middle." I said glaring at derek.

"Fruity?" random dude said. 

"He's my brother his name is Keenan" Jax yells from the trunk.

"Shut up boot boy." Keenan says.

Get in fruity boy" I said pointing.

Keenan glares and gets in.

Derek sit in MY seat.

I sit on his lap and look at MaKaila. "Why did we choose the sports car?"

"Because it's sexy." She says and goes from0 to 150 in 5 seconds.

"I think this is faster than the speed limit." I say holding on to the dash.

"Dont worry I got you" At that moment he wrapped his arms around me and my body went numb and limp.

I was relaxed.

MaKaila's POV

We made it to the hotel which is 20 miles from the hospital in 7 minutes.


I get the hotel key and we all run up to the room.

"MEGAN' I shout as she jumps on the bed.

"Yes" She giggles and plops on her butt. 

she's such a child.

I take her hand and walk into the bathroom.

"There was something on the news today...." I started off.

"Yeah?Like what?More bullshit from our government?" She said snarkingly

"No... Dominic" I said soft.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING ON SWEDENS NEWS?!" She says throwing shit at the wall.

"He was arrested for kidnapping.." 

"NOT SURPRISED!" Megan cut me off

"wait there's more..." I scratched my head. "Keenan said he saw him in Paris.."

"So?" She said confused and angry.

"Charlotte lives in Paris." I say this and Megan's face suddenly changes.

Megan's POV

"My baby.."  I whisper.

No one knows I still talk to Logan sometimes, or should I say always? 

MaKaila knows that I get letters about once a month about Charlotte but that's it.

Lacie and Logan got a divorce, Logan's sister passed away from cancer so he's left with Charlotte.

She calls me once a week when everyone is asleep and just blabs. Shes almost 3 now.

"What did they do with the child he kidnapped?" I said worried.

"Returned her to her father."MaKaila hugged me.


"Let's get drunk." Jax shouts.

MaKaila and I look at eachother then smile.

We run out and Jax goes to his room in the suite.

He returns with 8 bottles of liquor and 3 jugs of orange juice.

"Tonight is going to be fun." I say and giggle grabbing our solo cups from my bag.

MaKaila's POV

8 glasses down and im fuuuucked uppp.

"Hey Babyyy."Keenan whispers in my ear.


"Let's go back to Jax's room"He winks and grabs my hand.

I follow his lead and one thing leads to another...

Jax's POV

"You in the area" My slurred on the phone.

"Come to my hotel. pleeeease. I miss you guys." She says smiling.

"Yay! see you in a few minutes." She finished and hung up.

Derek is passed out on the couch and I'm just a little tipsy.


Must be who Megan was on the phone with.

I open the door and...

see Logan holdin ga sleeping Charlotte full of scratches and bruises.

"Megan's here right?" He whispers.

"Yes" I say and point behind me.

He walks in and lays Charlotte on the lazyboy.

"Can we talk in private?" Logan says to Megan softly..

she nods and he takes her hand.

"Which room is yours?" He asks.

"The girls' room is to the right. Mine Keenan and Derek's is to the left." I say turning the tv on.

He opens the door and holds it for her and closes it quietly.

I need to get in pajamas.

I get up and open the door tot he bedroom..

and I see Keenan on top of MaKaila.

"You are stupid, stupid, stupid."I say pointing to them both and leave.

Logan's POV

"Megan, we need to talk." I say concerned.

She starts giggling and lays on the bed.

"I know this is probably the worse timing but Megan... I think..I think I love you." She sat there listening. "I don't think I ever stopped.I know I treated you terrible but I didn't realize what I had or what I was doing to you."

She just grabs my collar and pushes me up against the wall.


wait... why is she kissing me..

my neck noooooooo.

MaKaila's POV

Jax walked in and me and Keenan decided to stop get dressed and go to sleep.

I walked out into the living space and see...Charlotte?

Logan's here

They're probably arguing like always.

I grab a spare blanket and curl up on the love seat...

funny its a loveseat but i dont love being seated in it. its short.

I lay there thinking about puppies... and next thing i knew I was asleep.

bang bang bang bang

I wake up and look at the time 3 am.


I look around and see Charlotte is gone.

i get up and go into mine and Megan's room to see Megan passed out in a large t shirt in her bed and  Logan and Charlotte curled up in my bed.

Logan's mouth has a sweet little smile. 


I close the door.


These boys are so impatient.

I run to the door and JaKobe tackles me.

Boy did I miss him.

"Where's Isaac?" I said confused.

"I sent him back to treatment, but one here in sweden. He drank the minute you guys left to the minute we got here." JaKobe said worried.

"Let's go to bed" JaKobe says with a kiss on my cheek.

"We can take Derek's bed. Megan had visitors and they fell asleep in my bed and derek is in the living space." I take his hand and we crawl into Derek's bed.

Megan's POV.

I wake up to someone playing with my hair.

"mmm"I say and roll over to see who it is.

"CHARLIE!" I shout and wrap my arms around Charlotte.


"I see you're awake now." Logan said distracing me  by coming out of the bathroom connected to the room with just a towel on..

"Yes Indeed." I said smiling at him.

"Charlotte? Can you find Megan-"

"It's mommy" Charlotte said angry.

"Can you find Mommy her gift you picked out for her?" Logan said smiling

"WHAT TIME IS IT?!" I shoot up realizing Isaac was to be here at 3 am.

"11 am" Logan says grabbing boxers and pants from his bag.

"Is Issac here?" I say looking around.

"No"Logan says confused.

Logan leaves and comes back in just low riding sweat pants, not sagging but how its suppose to fit.

"I remember last night." I say unsure.

"Oh really?" He said lifting his eyebrow.

"Yes and I have something to say to you." I get up in a angry manner and he flinches.

i pin him up to the wall.

"I think I might still love you too."

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