A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


18. Target acquired

MaKaila P.O.V.

"JAKOBE!" I yelled as I sat up

I was breathing hard and my heart was pounding in my chest.

"MaKaila!" Megan yelled

I look to her, it was the real Megan. I look and see she is holding Issac's hand. It's real, it's really real.

"MaKaila?" I heard 

I look over and see Kobe, There he is, looking at me with loving eyes and not disgust.

He comes over to hug me tightly, I embrace him with tears in my eyes.

It's good to be back


Derek P.O.V.

That fucken idiot, Jax, a drugger? I didn't think he would sunk so low. Was he that depressed of MaKaila and Megan? 

"Are you a friend of Jax?" The doctor asks with a think Swedish accent

I called the ambulance they got to him just in time, any later and...well his heart would have stayed stopped.

"Yeah, I came out to visit him and found him that way." I replied

"Okay then you can see him, but visiting hours will end soon." The doctor said while leaving.

 I sit in the chair by his bed and pull out my phone, I call Megan. Why did I keep her number, shes married to Issac now WITH A KID. I need to move on.

"I hope the number's the same." I said

It rings once...twice...



Megan P.O.V.

"Wait so I was with Jason?" I asked

She nodded her head. MaKaila was telling me about what happened while she was out.

"And you were varsity cheer captain." She said

"Well of course I would im amazing." I said

Me and MaKaila just chat about weird thing then my phone rings. I ignore

"Aren't you going to get that?" MaKaila asks  

"They can wait, you can't." I stated

Her heart stopped multiple times, she could have died and I would never see her again I'm not going to miss any moments with her.

"Welllll I'm curious." She said taking my phone

"Hello?" She said while answering.

She made a confused face then mouthed

"It's Derek."

I tilted my head to the side in confusion. What would he want, We haven't spoken since the wedding,even then he didn't talk to me.

She made a face of pure terror

"Alright i'm coming right there." She said then hung up.

"What's going on?" I asked

"It's Jax, While Derek was telling me how he almost died because of drugs, Jax goes into shock." She said worried

When she starts to get up the boys walk back in with the food.

"MaKaila?! lay back down" JaKobe ordered 

She stands up wobbles a little that stands fine

"Sorry but iz got shit to do and people to see." She said running out of the room

"Not this shit again" Issac said

We run after her

"How the fuck can she run that fast?!" JaKobe yelled

I'm the only one that can run fast as fast as her so I catch up to her.

"Megan don't stop me" She said while making it to the doors

"I wouldn't even dream of it, i'm coming too" I said with a sly grin

She smiles at me as we leave the hospital.


JaKobe P.O.V.

"what the hell are they doing?!" I say as I follow them.

Their way ahead of us and we aren't catching up. Once we make it to the doors and open them, the girls are know where in sight.

"Fuck!" I yell

I pull out my phone and dial Megan, Because MaKaila didn't have hers considering she was in a hospital gown.

"Hiyo!" She replies

"Megan what the hell is going on!?" I yell in the phone

"Damn dude, volume down and me and MaKaila are going to Sweden." she said

"Why?" I asked in anger

"wellll Jax is pretty messed up, he got into drugs because he got all depressed about me and MaKaila so now we feel bad soooo we're going to see him." She said calmly and quickly.

"Put MaKaila on the phone. "I said pinching the bridge of my nose

"No can do she's driving" She replied


"uhh yeah? so did I" She said

"So basically neither of you are in condition to drive but you do it anyways?" I said annoyed

"Yup" She replied while popping the P.

"Great anything else I should know?" I ask with annoyance and sarcasm 

"We're taking the jet to get their faster, and since we are taking the only one it would take you guy 8 hours to get here. Have fun!." She said then hung up


"What?" Issac asked

"We have to book two tickets." I said shoving the phone into my pocket

"And where to?" He asks



MaKaila P.O.V

We just landed, and are heading to the hospital. Derek texted us which one

"Taking the Jet was a good idea, It would take much longer if we didn't" Megan said

I hummed in response

We get there and rush inside, We run into Derek

"Was waiting for you guys." He says

"Yeah yeah, tell us which room he's in" i said

"231B" he said

"Alright lets-a-go!" I yelled

"Wait Megan I need to talk to you." Derek says

"Dafuq man,I said Lets-a-go, When I say that it means Lets fucking go" I said

"It's okay, I'll be there soon" Megan replied

I sigh

"Fine" I said while going to Jax's room, But before I leave I notice the look Derek gives her

"Well this should be interesting."

I find the room and walk in

"Yo bitch, I have come to bitch slap you for being a weak ass mofo and taking drugs" I say

I notice two things, Jax is talking to someone, and he is mighty fine.


"Well hello there" I say

I love Kobe with my whole being...but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy a great view


Jax P.O.V.

"Why are you so stupid?"

"I honestly don't know bro" I replied to my brother

My brother he just came back from visiting Paris and heard about this.

"Why did you do this?" He asks

"...A girl" I stated

"A...girl?" He said in disbelief

"Yup" I said

"dudeee she better be one hell of a girl" he said shaking his head 

"Oh she is, she's funny and beautiful, strong minded...I love her...but"

"she loves someone else, am I right?" he said

I just nod my head

"But that's not all...It's two girls" I say

"Damn my bro's becoming a player like me" He said with a proud grin

"No!...It...not like that...I love both of them" I said

"No you don't" He stated with a laugh

"Oh yeah what makes you say that?" I ask

"You can't love two people, Only one should be special to you" He said 

"Ha coming from Mr.one night stand, I bet you've never loved anyone! I said

He looks at me with anger

"You don't know nothing! I did love someone but she..." He started

I knew he loved someone, she was so special to him

"Sorry I'm just upset." I said

He sighs

"It's fine" He said

Their was a silence between us...until...

"Yo bitch, I have come to bitch slap you for being a weak ass mofo and taking drugs" I hear as the door slams open

She looks at us them stops in her tracks

"Well hello there." she says eyeing my brother

I look to my brother and see that look in his eyes. He wants her, and he's not going to stop until he gets her



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