A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


20. So wrong that it's right

MaKaila P.O.V.

I didn't sleep all night, Kobe was sleeping like a baby with his cheating wife. great. I start to get up and I go take a shower. I smell like Keenan's cologne, it smells so...sweet, but manly and ruff...like him...Stop! you shouldn't think about this way about another man! Well I already had sex with him...great MaKaila...just great.

"Hey MaKaila?" I hear

"Yes?" I replied

It was Kobe

"Can you come out? I..I have to tell you something..." He said sadly

Shit! does he know?! did Jax say something?!

"O-okay" I replied shakily

I don't want to face him, I'm not ready, I don't deserve him...

I turn off the water and dry off, get dressed then walk out. I walk into the living room and see just Kobe sitting there. I slowly walk up to him and sit across him

"Hey" I say

He looks up and frowns. Shit he does know...He should just divorce me...I betrayed him. The man i love, the father of our child

"Look MaKaila i'm just going to be blunt, We aren't married. "He says

I start to cry

"I..See.." I said

"Baby? It's okay all we have to do is sign the marriage papers and send them in." He says

I look at him confused

"what?" I ask

"It turns out that my father never sent our marriage papers, technically we're not married." He said

I just look at him

"But don't worry all we have to do is sign them and-" 



Megan P.O.V.

"what did you say?" He asks

"I...think I might still love you too..." I said silently.

He looks at me then smiles and picks me up and spins me around.

"Yes! those are the word's i've been dreaming to hear." He said

"Wait." I say

"What? aren't you happy? We can be a family." He said while putting me down

"But I have Addalynn." I said

"She can be with us too, we can be one big family." He said

"But...it's not just that, I kinda still love Issac." I said looking at me feet


"well he started drinking again..." I started

"So? that just means I have a chance to steal you back baby doll." He said rubbing my jaw with his sly smirk, the one that made me lose all feeling in my legs.

The door slams open, then closes. MaKaila's leaning against the door.

"MaKaila?" I say

"Oh hey im going to hide out in here for a bit...Oh hey logan...DAFUK IS HE DOING HERE...wait...i already knew that, what's up dude?" she says

"Confessing my undying love to Megan." He said rubbing my back and kissing my cheek

"Cool cool" she says nodding her head

"Why are you acting so cool? by now you would rip his head off for being here and making a move on me..." I said

"Well honestly even if I told you to get the hell away from him, he's a cheating man whore, you won't listen, plus I have problem's of my own." she said

"Like what" I ask

We hear a knock on the door


"Uhhh.." I say

"Look hold him off, say im not here, I gotta go." She says rushed

"Wait MaKaila!!?" i yell

"I'm late! I'm late! for a very important date!"

"Really MaKaila? really? now's not the time to be quoting Alice in Wonderland" I said placing my hands on my hips.

"Hey I saw an opportunity. I took it. anyways i'll call you later, Mmkay?" She said then she climbed out of the window and jumped.

"Uh aren't we on the fifth floor?" Logan asked

"SHIT!" I yell as i run too the window and I see she's perfectly fine on the ground

"What the fuck is she?" Logan asks while beside me

"I stopped wondering that a long time ago." I said shaking my head slowly

"HEY!" Kobe yelled

oh yeah 

"Um MaKaila's not here." I said

"I heard you saying her name!!" Kobe yelled

"Yeah so what of it?! maybe I like to shout random names!! BOBBY!" I yelled back

"Did you say Dobby?" Logan whispers


"look i just need to talk to MaKaila, please." Kobe said

He sounded desperate

"Look I honestly don't know where she went." I answered

I hear a sigh then steps, he left

i left go of a breath that i didn't know i was holding

"Today is such a mess" I say

I hear another knock

"I told you Kobe I don't know where MaKaila is" I said

"It's me, I just thought you should know that Issac is back in rehab." Jax said from the other side of the door


"Well Dominic escaped prison." Jax said


"Where's Charlotte?"

Are you fucking kidding me


MaKaila P.O.V.

I rushed away, not sure where but, anywhere but there.


Flash back

"No" I say

"what?" he said

"I-I can't." I said crying

"What? Why not?" He said grabbing my hands

I pull them away and cover my face and pull my knees to my chest

"I'm sorry...Im so sorry!!" I yell

"MaKaila? Baby what's wrong?" He said panicked

"I-I can't do it anymore...I CAN'T!" I yelled

I wipe away tears and run to the closest room.


Flash back end


I just made it worst, I can't take this anymore. I slide down the ally way wall and cry, I don't care that other people are watching, I'm just breaking in millions of pieces.

"MaKaila?" I hear

I lift my teary eyes to meet Beautiful blue eyes, It was Keenan

"Are you okay?" He asks

I stand up quickly and wipe my face

"Yeah it's nothing I'm fine I should go." I said trying to get away. But he grabbed my hand.

"stop being so strong, It's okay to cry." He said

That one line, those are the words i needed to hear, My whole life i was told to be strong, and I did. But today? Im Not I can't. I ball my eyes out, I just let everything go. I collapse into his chest and weep loudly

"shhh it's okay." He comforts me

Rubbing my back, kissing my forehead, it's all so wrong, this should be Kobe...but is it bad that im glad it's not...


Keenan P.O.V.

After Jax caught me with MaKaila He wouldn't shut up.


Flash back

"What the hell man!?" Jax yells

We are standing outside in the cold as he bitches

"what? we were drunk and we both wanted it. she was screaming my name dude-" I said

"DON'T! she is married! AND you know how I feel about her...yet you still...do you know how low that was?!" He yelled

"Dude, I couldn't help myself, she is just so sexy and funny, and amazing in bed." I said with a smirk

"I KNOW you can hold your liquor That's a fact, and you didn't drink that much, you made a move on her while still sober, didn't you?" He said with anger


He punched me

"Okay I deserved that." I said 

I stood back up

"You have no idea how much this is going to hurt her" He said

"Oh it will hurt, the night we had she will be sore, she was a trooper" I said remembering our night

I got punched again

"Why you gotta hit so hard?" I said

"She has a kid." He said

I look at him


"Yeah, and she just cheated on the father with your lame ass

"okay? Was that suppost to change anything? all she has to do is not tell him. problem solved." I said

"You really don't know her do you? She is the most loyal being on this planet, she will rarely let anyone in to know the real her and when you do she will protect you without hesitation, she would risk her life for them and never lie unless it protected them. The fact that she would lie to someone she loves so much would tear her apart and she'll break." He said.

He punched me one more time in the gut and then left

"Shit he can punch"


Flash back end


It could not effect her that bad, she seems like such a strong person, this will just get brushed under the rug. I was smoking while walking down the street on my way to my home boy's house. But I heard crying. Usally i wouldn't give a shit, but something was telling me to go to it, so i did. I followed the sound till i came upon a girl, MaKaila. She looked so miserable...I never cared about a girl i fucked, I'm the hit and quit type of guy, but why is it bothering me so much that im the reason she's crying?

"MaKaila?" I called

She looks up to me, My breath hitched in my throat, She looked so sad...and i'm the reason

She stands up and wipe away her tears. 

"Yeah it's nothing, I'm fine, I should go." she said trying to get away.

But my body reacted on it's own and I grabbed her hand, Why do i care so much!?

"stop being so strong, It's okay to cry." I said, I just said what i thought i should have

She looks at me and she starts crying again and falls into my chest and holds on to me like I'm her life line. This feels so right like this was meant to be, I haven't felt this way in a long time

"shhh it's okay." I comfort her

It starts raining and thundering out, we are getting drenched, but i don't want to stop holding her.

"MaKaila, it's raining, we should get out of the rain." I said

I look at her and she's fast asleep. she looks so peaceful...so beautiful. I can't wake her up. I pick her up bridal style and bring her to my penthouse.


Megan P.O.V.

I'm pacing back and forth in my room. trying to calm down...but it's not working. We have one problem solved, Charlotte went into Jax's room looking for my gift and got locked in the closet, how she managed to do that, I will never know. but now i have another problem.. Issac or Logan. Oh and Dominic is loose.

"Babe calm down." Logan says.

He's packing for me since im such a mess, I'm worried about my baby.So i'm going back, what if Dominic is going after her? and Kobe found out about Logan and Charlotte now he's not talking to me, He's going to tell Issac and i don't want to deal with that right now.

"Babe we're all packed lets go" Logan said

I nod and follow Logan out of the room. Before i leave Kobe is on the phone finding out where MaKaila is, He sends me a nasty look before I leave.

"Babe don't let him get to you." 

I just nod, but it really got to me, I needed to get my mind off things so I call MaKaila.

"Hello?" I hear, I know this voice

"Keenan? Why do you have MaKaila's phone?" I say

"well I ran into her while she was having a break down and I brought her to my penthouse." He said through the phone

Penthouse? fancy ass mofo...

"ok I'm coming to get her we have to skip town and head home." I said

"NO!" He yells


"I mean no, she's sleeping and I think it's better that she stays here with me." He said

"Sorry but i don't trust you with her." I said sternly

"look She's had one hell of a day, just let her have a few hours off, I'll tell her where you are and bring her to the airport." He said

"I was still iffy about it, but he was right, she doesn't need the drama right now, I can deal with dominic by myself

"Fine, but i swear to god if you hurt her-" I start

"I would never let that happen again." He said before hanging up

...again? what's going on?

"Babe lets go our plane's ready." Logan said

Well time to go home


MaKaila P.O.V.

I wake up in silk sheet's

"Ive been here before....great i've been kidnapped again." I said annoyed

I began to start a game plan to get out but then I see Keenan come into the bedroom with hot chocolate.

"Hey your up." He says

"Uh yeah..,where am I?" I ask

"My place." He stated handing me a mug

"It's hot." He says but i just ignore

I look at what I'm wearing and it's not my clothes, it a button up dress shirt.

"Uh?" I say

"Oh yeah, You were drenched head to toe and you would have caught a cold if you stayed in them." He said

I hummed in response. Their was a small silence and i took that time to examin the room, it was fancy as fuck

"Nice place, didn't take you for someone with money." I said

"I'm a very successful surgeon" he said

I snort

"Yeah okay and i'm a Victorious Secret model," i said lifting the mug up to my lips only to burn them

"Fuck!" I yell

"I told you it was hot" He said with a smirk

I groan, just my luck. I was about to get up but he pulled me into his lap.

"Uh?" I didn't have time to say anything, he put his finger to my lip

"As a doctor I can fix that right up." He says seductively 

I can't move, I don't move at all as he leans and brushes his lips on mine. 

It felt so good I was about to kiss him back until I hear a door bell

"And just as it was about to get good." He whispered

I let go of a breath i was holding as he places me on the bed and walks away.

"Alright stay there, Doctors order's." He said

I giggle. He's not so bad.

"IS SHE HERE?!" I hear someone yell

I stop breathing, I can't face him, Kobe...just please...leave me be!

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