A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


36. Obsession

MaKaila P.O.V.

I have to say, I'm not sure what to feel. I'm confused as to why JaKobe did that to Megan. Why both Megan's ex's are here. But I'm pissed that this is all happening while my baby is in a coma. I scowled and sneered. They were NOT going to start drama while my baby is hurting.


Megan P.O.V.

Why are they here? How did they get here? How did they know I was here?!

"Megan..." Logan whispered while looking at me with longing

Before I can utter a word MaKaila speaks.

"Everyone out..." She whispers.

She gains the attention of everyone in the room, me included. I see her, visibly furious and tears in her eyes. She glares at everyone.


She makes me flinch at her voice, along with everyone else. They stand there intimidated by her.

"If I have to repeat myself, I will kill you all and you know I can." She says darkly

At that point we all start to leave, but MaKaila stops me.

"Megan...stay...only Megan." She says softly, Suddenly her emotions taking a 180.

I stand there as I watch everyone else leave, Logan and Jason look at me on their way out. Once the door closed, it was silent. I look at MaKaila, she's once again beside Link. I slowly walk to the chair across from her and sit. It was a bit awkward, but also peaceful.

"Megan..."MaKaila says quietly.

I look at her

"Before...you said you were sorry..." She pauses

"I forgive you." She says while silent tears slide down her cheeks

"R-Really?" I ask hopeful.

She nods her head slowly, I feel myself tear up.She forgives me? I'm so happy.

"Megan..." She says once again.


"We've both been through so much shit...Working in gangs, be tortured and Kidnapped...And almost killed on multiple occasions...But I have to say..." 

She starts, I sit there and listen to her silently

"This feeling I'm having right now while watching my baby on the verge death...Is the worse feeling I've ever had." She cry's as she covers her face, trying to muffle the sound of her sobbing.

I also start to weep, I quickly go to her and hug her for dear life. We sob together in mourn of this baby.


Johnathan's P.O.V

I come back and see many outside Link's hospital room

"Uhhh...what are you guys doing here?"

"Link" Alex and JaKobe say.

"Megan" Says Logan and Jason.

I frown

"You can all the way here to Australia to see Megan? While my nephew is in a coma?" I ask with an angry undertone

They just look around in guilt.

"you might as well leave, because this is family only" I spat

They look a bit guilty but don't move.

"We really need to talk to her." They say.

"Oh? and what's so god damn important that it has to interfere with this?!" I shout

They look at each other

"It's Uh...Something only for Megan's ears..." they say

I grind my teeth

"Well it'll have to wait, my nephew is hurt, so your business will have to wait." I say while heading back to the room


Logan P.O.V.

This situation sucks but I need to tell Megan, It's important. live and death...I can't wait to tell her!

I bust into the room,

"Megan!" I yell out.

all in the room jump and look at me.

"Your life is in danger." I finally say.

Jason comes in beside me and slaps my head

"So much for only Megan's ears" He snaps.

It's fine, everyone would have found sooner or later.

"What do you mean my live is in danger?" she asks confused while wiping the tears out of her eyes.

I wanna just hug her until she never cries again...but now is not the time.

"Don't tell me isn't another gang thing" She says annoyed.

I shake my head

"Not really, he's not apart of any gang that im aware of." I start

"Okay then?" 

"Well its...Here just look" I state while pulling a piece of paper out of my pocket and handing it to her. 

Both she and Makaila look at it.

"wow...now this is a guy with some free time" Megan says with a confused while scanning the paper

"Megan you need to take this more serious." Jason snaps.

Megan sighs and puts the paper down in her lap.

"Look i get it, you got send a death threat to stay away from my by some creep. I should be scared but im not. honestly you should know all the shit ive been through. This is nothing, I'm strong and this wont effect me. And it shouldn't effect you too. hold on to it, and if something actually happens while do something then." She states looking at it once more then handing it to me.

"Now can you go...this is a time that i don't want to talk about this" She says sadly while turning to Link and holding his hand with MaKaila.

I open my mouth again but feel someone put their hand over it.

"You heard her, get out. only family is welcome." I hear as someone pulls me out of the room.

I look back to see this guy.

"And who the hell are you?!" I snap while pushing him away from me.

"Family" He states before he slams the door in my face

Family? who the hell does he think he is? I try to get back in but look in the little window of the door in the room. I frown and walk away when i he him and Megan embrace while she's crying in his shoulder. He gives me an ominous smirk.

"Who the hell is he?"

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