A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


12. Monster from the past

Issac P.O.V.

Childhood? what is she talking about?

"So shall we start this dinner?" The gang dude asked

"Yes of course." Kobe said

The server's brought in the food.

They placed down the plates and I instantly started eating, but so did the others so it was fine

I look over to Megan and she she hasn't eaten anything. Then to MaKaila, she's not eating either, what's going on?


JaKobe P.O.V.

How did Dominic know MaKaila's and Megan's name?

"So JaKobe, I heard that your a father now?" Dominic said while eating his food

"Ah...yes...Where did you hear that from?" I asked

How did he know that? only the gang and our family knew that, MaKaila didn't even want it on facebook.

"I have my sources." He said with a grin

Their's something off about him

"So how do you know MaKaila and Megan?" Issac asked

MaKaila dropped her fork and Megan spilled her drink.

"MaKaila?" I said

"Megan?" I said said

"Um, I gotta go." Megan said rushing out

"Yep me too!" MaKaila said following her

Then they were gone.

"Um...is there something I should know? I said 

"I'll go check." Grace said excusing herself

She quickly left after them

"Alright, what's going on how do you know them?" Issac said

"Well I had been their foster parent for awhile until I got to busy with work, you know how it is, but anyways I got to busy and i thought they deserved a better home. They must feel hatred towards me." He said slowly shaking his head

"Dude If MaKaila Hated you, you would know it." Issac said

"Actually, we all would know it." I said

"Yeah and Megan would make a LOT of sassy comments and finger snapping." Issac said nodding his head really fast

No it wasn't hatred that they showed, they showed pure fear. The're scared of Dominic, but why?


MaKaila P.O.V.

"MaKaila, why is he here?!" Megan asked panicked and crying

"I don't know, but he will not hurt us." I said

"What about Addalynn and Link?! he could-" Megan started

"No! I will not let that monster any where close to our babies, or us." I said hugging her

That sick man did terrible things to us but he won't anymore

"MaKaila? Megan?" Grace said coming into the bedroom

"What's wrong? do you know Dominic?" She asked

"Sadly yes." I saie

"Can you tell me?" She asked sweetly while sitting beside us

I look at Megan, she nods to give the okay



Issac P.O.V.

There is definitely something up with this man.

"Well JaKobe that was a great dinner, I would love to work with your gang." Dominic said

"Sure thing, and nice meeting you Mrs. Vega." Kobe said shaking Dominic's wife hand

She looked half of Dominic's age! gross

They left and Kobe turned to me

"Come on." He said pulling me along

We come to a stop in my room and walk in to see the girls crying. I rush over to Megan and wrap her in a hug

"what's wrong?" I asked her

She just shook her head and clung to me

I look to MaKaila and she looks just as shaken up as Megan. Grace wrapping MaKaila in a tight hug

"Ok someone tell me what's going on." Kobe said


"So your saying that Dominic beat Megan on a daily basis" Kobe started

"And raped you on a daily basis?" Kobe said to MaKaila

They nodded their heads slowly

"Alright, I'l get the gang to kill him." Kobe said getting up

"Whoa dude, didn't you just agree to be an ally?" I asked

"I don't care anymore, I didn't sign any papers with that child molester and I won't now." Kobe said fuming

"Just keep him away, don't let him back into this house, he can't hurt us now because we have a voice and people who care about us now, But our babies? they can't protect them selves and the only way we can protect them is by keeping him away. Kill him let him go, I didn't care just keep him far away from us." MaKaila said wiping the tears out of her eyes

Kobe picks her up

"I'm going to put her to bed and I'll have the nanny watch the-" Kobe started

"No! i want my baby with me." Megan said

"me too." MaKaila said while in Kobe's arms

"I'll have the nanny bring the kids up." Grace said

whoa totally forgot she was there.

"Ok thank you Grace. " Kobe said walking out

"Alright babe, you go clean up." I said

She nodded and slipped into the bathroom

I can't believe this happened to them.


JaKobe P.O.V.

I lied MaKaila down and she told me to bring Link to her when he comes up.

"I hate that this happened to you." I said stroking her head

she laughed bitterly

"Yeah me too." She said

We had a short silence

"I hated...that I couldn't stop him from hurting Megan, he made her call him master." She said staking her head

"Will he ever go away?" She said crying

before I could answer there was a knock on the door

"Come in!" I yelled

The nanny came in with Link, she put him in my arms then left

"Hand him to me." MaKaila said with stretched arms.

I placed him in her arms. Link smiled giggled while she held him. I don't see how she calls herself a bad mom, Link loves her.

They both fell asleep peacefully. I kissed them then left the room to my office.

I open the doors to see Issac already in here.

"So what are we going to do about him?" Issac asked leaning against the desk

"Kill him of course, he will not come near our girls."

Never again will he make them cry.

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