A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


35. Is it too late now to say sorry?

Megan's POV

My face went numb when I said his name.

"I-i-I thought I'd never see you again" Alex said running up to me.

"Megan?" Alex whispered as we laid in the living room with our other "unwanted" foster siblings and each of us had a single friend over.

"what?" my sassy blowing out of every hole on my face.

My face was rupturing with anger.

I had just fallen asleep a moment before he spoke.

"Just want to say thank you" His face smiled.


"Because you're the only one who isn't mean to me." He looked around and laid his head down "Sleep well Me-gun"

I look at him. 

I giggle to myself.

"Nuh night Alex" I closed my eyes.

He poked my cheek, "Promise we still be friends once we get adopted" 

"I promise" 

He wrapped his arms around me.

I took a step back a took in everything that was going on.

I turn back to Link ignoring Alex's presence.

I whisper softly "Link baby please be okay..."

I softly touch his arm. 

"Megan?" I turn to look at Issac. 

He walks up to me and wipes the tears from my cheek.

"Babydoll, we have to go. Leave MaKaila with Link." He whispers in my ear.

More tears stream down my face when I remember that I fucked everything up between us. 

I can't do anything right. 

One after another.

I ruin everyones life i come in contact with.

I cradle my arms around my belly. 

yet another two lives I will ruin. 

I look up at MaKaila, "I'm sorry" 

"What're you sorry for, youre not the stupid bitch who gave my son adult medication!" Her voice cracks and gets louder with every word.

"No, I-I'm sorry for hurting you." I gulp down saliva. " I had so much built up anger and I didn't know my strength. Hell I didn't know what I was doing." 

I look down at my feet and start heading for the door.

"Wait." MaKaila says softly.

"You fucking leave with my child and now fucking look he's in the hospital! the fucking hospital!" JaKobe come blasting through the curtain. 

I look around and see everyone tears in  their eyes. 

Isaac leaves to start the car.


My heart sinks. 

"You're the fucking reason my son got taken from me in the first fucking place, you ungrateful, crazy whore!" JaKobe lashes out at me. 

I can smell the alcohol on his breath now.

"You can't even keep a friendship let alone a relationship!" He spits on my shirt. "You can get the fuck out of MY son's hospital room." 

I look at him and fight the tears.

"was already planning on it" I mumble.

"What the fuck did you say WHORE?" He pushes me against a wall.

"JaKobe you shouldn't do tha-" MaKaila says with tears in her eyes.

"Why the fuck not?" He pushes against me more. 

He's centimeters from my face.

"Why, whore?" He whispers.

I close my eyes waiting for him to slap me.

"Why should I stop?" He slides his hand up my leg and up my dress.

I wince. 

"Hey baby" A tall dark haired guy whispered from behind me.

"Hello." I smile as I turn around.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He says kissing my hand.

I'm standing in the corner of a club.

"Sure" I smile a little more. 

I drink the whiskey sour and smile. 

He pushes himself on me, "Wanna take this to my car?" 

"No." I'm only 17 I think to myself.

"Then lets do this right here." He shoves his hand up my skirt and to my panties.

"Should I keep going?" He winks.

"No" I say trying to move.

"Why should I stop?"

His lip smash into mine.

I stand there still as a deer in head lights.

I can't move, even if I tried. 

I feel something go inside me, his finger.

"Hey Megan, where are you?" 



"Oh my god, what happened?"

"I-I-I was raped." I slurr out


JaKobe falls on his ass.

I look up to see what happened and I see...

Logan... and Jason?

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