A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


25. I still love you.

Logan's POV

I hope Megan doesn't come after me and Charlotte. 

I can't stand being with someone when I want someone else.

I could never cheat on her again.

She would NEVER cheat on me so I why should I knowing it'll hurt her?

"Daddy?" Charlotte said cutting off my thoughts.

"Yes baby?" I smiled and looked at her through the rearview window.

"I miss mommy." She said and I saw a tear out of her eye.

We've been gone for 3 hours.

"Do you remember Cassie? " I said smiling.

"CASSIE THE BABYSITTER!" she screamed 

"YEah, you like her?" I smirked.

"NO SHES A FUCKING BITCH DADDY." Charlotte screamed and threw her fries.

I slammed on the brakes. 

"She is not" I turned around to look at her.

"She locked me in the closet for 6 hours while you and mommy were remodeling the house FOR ME and addy." She started crying.

"FUCKING LIES" I flicked her mouth.

The look on her face went to a scowl. 

"She's a nasty, nasty whore. Just like every other girl but mommy and Anty K. " 

I slapped her across the face. 

I turned back around and continued driving within 10 minutes we were at Cassie's and Charlotte still hasn't said a word.

No One's POV

Charlotte's face? An instant bruise started to form. 

Her sweet innocent face, bruised by her own father.

Logan and Charlotte entered Cassie's house.

Cassie came running down the steps, arms around Logan.

Cassie (who is freshly 18 as of last week) kissed Logan's cheek.

She took Logan's hand and drug him upstairs, leaving little, hurt Charlotte in the doorway.

Charlotte, being as independent as she is, closed the door and locked it.

She walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

She looked for something to eat, being only 2, there wasn't much.

She grabbed the string cheese and a bottle of orange juice.

She softly whispered to herself, "I wish mommy was here" 

On the other hand Megan was back at home cleaning.

She hear Sam singing Addalynn to sleep and just smiled.

She picked up Charlotte's toys that were left along the floor just waiting to be picked up and played with again.

'I miss you babydoll" She said thinking about Charlotte.

Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door.

Megan no longer heard singing from Sam, the house suddenly quiet minus the loud knocking.

Megan olaced the toys softly in the toy box.

She then went and looked out the peep hole of the door to see someone she thought she never would see again.

She opened the door with a huge smile on her face.

JaKobe and Isaac stood there.

Then JaKobe opened his arms and smiled.

"Hug meeee" He said happily.

Something Megan wasn't used to. 

She loved JaKobe like a brother, but they never really got along.

JaKobe wasn't the type to show affection other than to MaKaila and Link.

Everyone's smile suddenly faded when they hear a slight noise of someones voice clearing.


Megan slowly let go of the hug and looked at Keenan.

"What is going on here?" Keenan asked getting mad.

"JaKobe and Iss-" Megan tried to explain what she knew and Keenan's face just got redder and redder. 

Keenan step towards Issac with what seemed like steam coming from his ears.

"You two need to leave, now." Keenan said demanding. 

Megan getting mad punched Keenan in the face. 

Keenan stumbled backwards as the other two just steped back and switched there gaze from Keenan to Megan and back and forth.

Issac mumbled something under his breath and Jakobe just walked inside with the attitude of 'thats none of my business'.

There was running down the steps and a gasp.

"What just happened?" Sam said running up to Megan with a hug.

Megan pushed him away with all her force and stomped her way to the kitchen.

Issac stood there looking at Sam with Jealousy burning within his hazel eyes.

Sam stood there in complete utter. 

He knew exactly who that was. 

He was Addalynn's dad, He was Isaac, He WAS Megan's husband. 

What was he to do? 

Welcome the guy who had a chance to have everything he wanted into the house?

The longer Sam stood there the more Jealousy grew in Issac's eyes.

While they were too busy staring at eachother Keenan regains consciousness and stand up.

Keenan glares into the house and MaKaila and JaKobe are no where is sight.

little does Keenan know is MaKaila isn't even there.

She's not even there.

 While he three guys sat outside, each jealous of someone, Megan sat in the kitchen with JaKobe as they talk about the issues.

MaKaila's POV

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" I shouted into the phone.

"I mean she knocked him the fuck out!" Issac said laughing.

"Why in all hells green earth would she do that!" I said baffled 

"I dont know but boy I FORGOT HOW STRONG SHE WAS!" Issac said in an adoring voice.

"Is he okay?" I said worried and annoyed.

"I think so. He just sits there staring.. " Issac clearly not caring about anyone but himself and Megan.

"How's Sam doing?" I said perking a smile. 

He is a cutie, and AMAZING at video games.

He's beat me a few times, sadly.

"Who is that faggot-fucker?" Issac's voice suddenly stern and filled with jealousy.

"That's some guy who was in out house when we returned." I laughed confused about why he's so upset.

"yeah, uh huh, some guuuy." Issac said with a tone of disbelief.

"Do you know something I don't?" I said confused.

"Megan and him-" 

I cut him off, "Megan and him are nothing. Megan is with Logan." 

" Really? Then where is Logan?" Issac said laughing.

"Him and Charlotte should be there." I said more confused than before.

"Nope, Nada, Just Sam Megan and MY daughter." He said 'my' louder as if he was proving dominance. 

"Wait so you mean... Megan is with Sam?" My heart sank, I don't know why.

"Seems like it." Issac said irritated. 

"Do me a favor Issac." I said with a smirk.

"Yes sister?" Issac said seriously.

"Win her back." 

Cassie's POV

Logan and I just had sex for the first time. 

Took him long enough.

He didn't want to cheat on Megan anymore so he wouldn't kiss me or anything.

So when I got his text saying he broke up with her I knew exactly what we were gonna do.


The best I ever had.

I walk downstairs and see Charlotte passed out on the ground. 


"Coming baby" He said running down the steps.

He swooped her up and looked at me, "where should I put her?" 

"In the trash- THE COUCH for now" Ugh what a snot, hogging my attention.

"Uh, okay?" He said and walked her into the living room.

Little brat is gonna get what's coming for her.


Fucking whore 

I answer it. 

"Hey Cassie?" She said sweetly.

"Don't call me anymore. You don't have a reason to." I snapped at her. 

She's so fucking fake.

"Oh,I was just gonna see if you wanted me to drop off some gifts for your birthday but good night." I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Why the hell are you being so nice, I just stole your man. You should've kept the brat though." I snarked and the phone went silent.

beep beep beep 

She hung up. wow.

Megan's POV

"THAT NASTY GOOD FOR NOTHING SNOBBY SCHOOL SLUT!" I shouted with tears coming from my eyes.

Sam was gone passed out and Issac and JaKobe laid in the livingroom. 


I picked up the knife that lied next to my bed and slowly slid it across my wrist leaving little lines of blood until it started gushing more.

"Megan?" I hear a whisper through the door.

"g-go a-a-a-a-a-away. "I stuttered out in my sobs.

the door opened and I see Issac.

He didn't say a word but looked at me.

He took his shirt off and grabbed the hydrogen peroxide from my shelf.

He grabbed my hand tightly and laid a bucket under it.

He slowly poured the hydrogen peroxide across my skin and I winced in pain.

He wrapped his was white shirt around my bleeding arm.

"You started again?" I saw a tear break from the corner of his eye.

Issac's POV

"Ever since we moved back." she looked down avoiding my eyes.

"why?" I said looking at her swolen eyes and raw cheeks.

She looked down, quickly glanced at me and looked at her thigh.

I followed her gaze to see the word Issac carved into her thigh.

I bent down on my knees and slowly kissed the carving.

"Megan? Why?" I no longer cared for anyone but her right now.

"I still love you" Her voice scratchy. 

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