A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


8. Honey Moon

Megan P.O.V.

The trip here was a pain in the ass, and not having Addalynn here is weird. But the break is nice.

It's not that she's a bad baby, but being a parent is stressful sometimes.

"babe you ready?" Issac asked

"Hell yeah!" I said grabbing my bags. only to have issac grab them

"I got this." He said kissing my head

We got to the hotel and got right to the good stuff...SURFING


"Babe hold my hand!" Issac yelled

I laugh


"A wave is coming." He said panicked

"Yep that's the point."

"BABE" He said as a wave came close

I got ready to ride the wave

"BABE.BABE.BABE.BABE." He said over and over again with panic rising with each word

The wave came and I rode it LIKE.A.MOTHER.FUCKEN.BOSS. while Issac screamed his ass off like a wee school girl as the wave hit him

It was a good day


MaKaila P.O.V.

"MaKaila! Link is hungry!" Kobe yelled

I got up, Put Addalynn in her crib and rushed to Link's room. Kobe was holding him while Link fussed. I grabbed him and nursed him.

"Well isn't he lucky." Kobe mumbled

"Bitch if you wanted to suck on this titty then ask!" I said fed up

Link was usually a good baby, perfect even, but today he decided that he would be a ass hat.

"Hun, just calm down. I'll have Johnathan help me with them.

"I'm pretty sure that you guys can't shoot milk out of your man boobies." I said

"Just pump." He said ignoring my comment

I sign

"Alright thanks" I said with a small smile

I finish feeding Link and hand him to Kobe

"Get some rest, love you." He said kissing my forehead

"Love you Link." I said kissing Link

"Gee thanks hun" Kobe said with an eye roll

"Love you too handsome." I said pecking his lips`

I walked out o Link's room and went into mine and Kobe's next door.

I undress and lay in bed, I'm to tired to put on Pj's.

I fall asleep peacefully


Megan P.O.V.

Next was Hula dancing lesson. Issac was still mad at me for the surfing accident, but i'll change that soon


Issac P.O.V.

I didn't want to learn this stupid dance, all these people in grass skirts and coconut bras, all the girls that wore tem didn't suit them.

"Issac, how do I look?" Megan asked from behind me

I reluctantly looked at her. I drop my crossed arms and stared. Her blonde hair flowed down her back and the coconut bra fit her perfectly. She got much more curvier after having Addalynn. she was truly beautiful.

"Close your mouth babe, you'll catch fly's." She said with a wink


We started the lesson and half the people didn't even know what the hell to do, me included. My hips didn't do what I wanted and my arms felt like cement. I gave up and sat in the chair and watched the people fail miserably. Except Megan. She had her eyes closed, and she smiled. She moved her arms flawlessly. and her hips moved perfectly with the music. I watched her silently, soaking in her beauty.


Kobe P.O.V.

The little ones are finally asleep

"Thanks for the Help man." I said to Johnathan

"No prob, anything for my niece and nephew." Johnathan said

"Alright here's a baby monitor, I'm going to take one too." I said handing him one

We went our separate ways, I went to y room and saw MaKaila tangled up in the blankets.

"She doesn't even bother to get in Pj's" I said with a laugh

I went to lay by her and she instantly cuddled to me. I chuckled.

"I love you." I whispered

I fell asleep, but not before i heard her say I love you back.

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