A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


24. Going behind eachothers backs.

Megan's POV

I know MaKaila's going to do something so.. I'm going to too.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end of the phone said confused.

"Hi." I said shaking.

"M-megan?"I heard his voice crack.

"Hello."I say steadier.

"Why are you calling?" He said with sadness in his mouth. 

"Can you help me with something?" I said tripping over my own words.

"Dep-pends" He said and I heard him sniffle.

"da-da?" Addalynn said questioningly. 

"Is that our baby girl?" Isaac spoke with obvious emotion that he was crying.

I look at Addalynn, "Yes".

"I-is Logan in the ro-oom?" He stumbled on his words.

"No.." I shed a tear. "She heard you. But before you get me crying, Can you help me?" 

"SHE KNOWS IM HER DADDY!" He said in joy.

 "Always and forever.." I say under my breath.

"You said that about us on our wedding day too." Isaac mumbled. "Anyways, what do you need" 

His first comment was like a punch in the stomach. The moment I reconnected with Isaac I wanted to be his always and forever.. We both ruined it. 

"Dominic. He's back." I said sternly.

"What do you need me for?" He said suddenly coldly.

"I need you, JaKobe and everyone else to help us, to protect OUR babies." After I spoke he hung up.

Logan's POV

"Charlotte, come her baby." I said entering her room.

Oddly this little girl looks more like Megan than Lacie.

"What daddy?" She said climbing out of bed in her cinderella pjs.

She sure is my princess.

"We're leaving." I say handing her her suitcases.

"Is mommy coming too?" She said smiling.

"No, Mommy and Addalynn are staying here." 

"Why! DADDY WHY! LAST TIME YOU SAID THIS WE LEFT LACIE FOREVER." She says stomping to the window.

This little girl really shouldn't know what to do.

She opens the window, looks around, throws her suit case and looks at me, "Rope?" 

Damn she makes me feel like shit. 

I toss her the rope and she ties a knot and throws it out and within seconds shes on the ground grabbing her suit cases and walking to the car.

"she is too smart and too little to know all this" I shake my head, untie the rope and walk downstairs.

I write Megan a note and head to the car.

Charlotte is buckled up with her sippy cup and just looking at me.

"You ready?" I say and she just snarrles.

What a little animal i have.

Sam's POV

"Megan?" I say opening Addalynn's door.

"Yeah? " She said laying Addalynn down.

"You know she's beautiful right? just like you." I said wrapping my arms around her and kissing her neck.

"She looks like her father, but she sure is gorgeous." Megan says turning to face me.

" I Love You Megan JoLynn Moore" I said smiling.

"I'm still with Logan, Sam." She said reminding me of how we're just a secret.

I let go of her and we walked downstairs.

"Want cookies?" I smile at her and she runs to the kitchen.

How did I fall in love with her? 

She's so perfect.

She's so beautiful

She's so amazing

She's so.... taken.

Megan's POV

I run to the kitchen because Sam said Cookies.

He makes the best cookies.

I walk in and the smell of chocolate chip cookies rush through me.


Then I see a note.

I read it..

"Dear Megan,

By the time you read this Charlotte and I will already be on our way. I love you. I hope the best with everything but I cannot stay here anymore. I'm going back to California to be with my grandmother. 

With much love,

Logan Machart. "

"To his grandma my ass" Sam says from over my shoulder.

"Probably back to Lacie" I shrug trying to hide the hurt.

I turn around to look at Sam and hes standing there with a plate of cookies and a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

"Where have you been all my life?" I say and run up to him

"A block away." Sam said and kissed my head.

"I meant the ice cream." I smile and walk away.

Ring Ring Rinngggggggg

"Megan?" I hear as I'm picking it up.

"Yes?" I answer.

"I heard you need my help?" JaKobe said laughing.

"Yes, Did you hear why?" I said confused.


"From Issac?" I ask

"No, MaKaila."

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