A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


14. Going back...I think?

Issac P.O.V.

"Hey Issac where's MaKaila?" Kobe asked as he came in.

I drunkingly try to get up.

"Whoa dude, are you drinking again?" Kobe asked

"No..." I said

"Don't fucken lie to me, do I have to send you back to rehab?" He threatened

"No, I'll get cleaned up." I said

"I don't believe you, I need you at your best, you're the underboss now. and your a dad for god sakes!" He exclaimed.

"You can't be a drunk." He finished while glaring at me.

"Alright man, I'll stop, really." I said

He just stares, then sighs.

"damn dude....You better, now....where's MaKaila?" He asked letting Link play with Addalynn.

"Probably with Megan." I said

where ever that is

"And where is she?"  Kobe asked impatiently

"I wish I knew." I said picking up toys

"What the hell?!" Kobe yells

"Look she left a bit ago, she was looking for something then left, telling me to watch Addalynn...I told her our plan to kill Dominic" 

He kicks the small ball...

"Damn it Issac! get your shit together." 

"I know im a shit dad and husband, don't have to rub it in." I said

"You're not, you're a great husband and father, just with a drinking problem." Kobe said scratching his head

"I'll call MaKaila and see where she is." He said pulling out his phone.

"Come on pick up" Kobe mumbled to himself

"Fuck it went to voicemail, MaKaila, call me back and tell me where you are and if you're safe. bye." Kobe said into the phone

He kissed Link then left the room.

Where could they be?


Megan P.O.V.

"Kobe called" MaKaila said looking at her phone

"Good for him." I said

"I know they were going to kill Dominic, but why not go talk to them about it?" MaKaila asked

I sigh

"MaKaila, they didn't tell us, and we told them to leave it alone." I say leaning against the willow tree

She looks at me them huffs

"Fine, but we have to go back soon anyway, we do have babies at home." She said crossing her arms

"don't get your panties in a twist, we will go back, just in a bit." I said closing my eyes


MaKaila P.O.V.

"Dude, cam you go any slower!" I yelled as I honked the horn

We where on our way home and their was a slow ass grandma on the road.

"Calm down your going to fast anyways." Megan said

"No i'm not." I said

"Your going 85 in a 50..." She said

"really? I thought I was going faster."

"God ever since you got your licence you've been a crazy driver." she said with a laugh

"I think you mispronounced skilled driver." I said with a smirk

"Yeah oka- MAKAILA!!!" She screamed

I look wide eyed at the road to see a deer.

"FUCK!" I yell as a slam on the brakes

This is not going to end well


JaKobe P.O.V.

"It's fine, Megan texted me telling we they will be back soon." Issac said

"She's talking to you? I thought she was mad at you?" I said

"Well more like she said she wanted to talk to us. and that i better be sitting my ass on the couch when she gets here, and called me an asshole while she was at it." He said

"Yup that sounds more like her" I said I said with a chuckle

I really didn't like Megan at first, but i grew to like her like family, she's pretty awesome.

There was a ring, Issac goes to answer his phone

"Yo, who's this?" He said

One second it looked like a normal conversation but then Issac suddenly panicked.

"Whoa dude what's up?" I asked

He didn't answer, he hung up and grabbed the keys

"Lets go." He said as he rushed out

"Where are we going? I asked as i chased after him

He didn't say, he looked scared.

what the hell is going on?!

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