A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


33. first time in 18 weeks.

Megan's POV

-18 weeks later-

April 29th.

"Babyyy, you ready to go?" I hear Issac say happily from outside the door.

I look down at my now huge belly.

I smile and say sweetly, "Yes baby."

I open the door and Isaac kisses my cheek. 

"Ready to go find out what this little one is?" He says and rubs my belly.

We hop into the car fo our now 2 hour drive to Maple Grove. 

We're visiting Isaac's family for the week but my appointment was already made so we decided we'd just drive there and back.

YesI said Isaac's.

Not MaKaila's.

Who knows where the fuck she is, and I couldn't care less.

She left months ago, because of a bullshit fight that she started. 

If she would've just kept her loud mouth shut and would stop being so fucking conceited.

She needs to get off her fucking high horse.

She always thinks she's the best and that no one can beat her.

I'm not fucking weak and for her to pick a fight with me and swing first expecting me to do nothing back is fucking insolent. 

"Baby, you okay?" Isaac says looking at me concerned and I glance at myself in the mirror.

The expression on my face shows anger and hurt.

"I'm fine." I smile at him .

"Thinking about MaKaila again?" Isaac said rubbing my hand.

"Yeah.." I say and then notice something in the compartment under the radio.

"Is, is that my necklace? " I stutter out.

"Uh, what? oh.. yeah." He says scratching his head

I look around the car some more.

I haven't been in this vehicle since the day i met Isaac. 

I haven't seen that necklace since then either.

"It's the only thing I had left of you when we divorced..." He stuttered out


MaKaila's POV

-4 hours later-

"Daddy? Mom! I'm here for Ezrah's Birthday party?"  I shout into the house. 

"MaKaila!" My father came running down.

"Sup dad?" I say doing our little father-daughter hand shake.

"Getting the house set up for guests and the animals" He said laughing.

"Animals?" I question as I'm wearing a dress(not a fancy one but I had to look good!)

"The children" My mom came in shaking her head and playfully hitting my dad.  "Stop it,Demitri"

"How long until the party?" I ask looking at the beautiful mansion filled with super heros, princesses, pirates and animal decorations. 

"When Isaac comes back. He had to run to Male Grove to figure out if you're have a neice or nephew." My mom, Renee, says calmly.

ISAAC'S HAVING ANTHER BABY! WHATTT! I wonder how Megan feels. HA sucks to be her! 

I'd say it's Megan's (was my first thought) but she was on birth control, the good shit too.

Plus if you do the math itd add up to right before the fight happened and she definitely wasn't pregnant when she turned into a monster.

I hope I have a nephew, Link would have a little cousin thats a trouble maker like him.

Megan's POV

-2 hours before MaKaila got to the Smith's-

Are you guys finding out the genders today?" The Ultrasound tech said as she looked at the ultrasound.

"Yes! Want to see if its a boy or a girl of course. " Isaac said and kissed my hand.

"I'll take a few pictures of them then I will tell you their gender." She looked at me and smiled.

"Their genders?" I say looking back and forth from Isaac and the Techh.

"Yes, their. You're having twins. You didn't know that?" She said surprised.

:"No not at all." Isaac says smiling bigger than before.

"Well I'm done with pictures now, ready to find out?" She smiles and sends a wink at Isaac.

"What are their genders?" I say slightly agitated.

She smiles and looks at Isaac." This is baby A"

"Okay.." I say annoyed.

"What is baby A's gender?" Isaac says leaning over me.

"Baby A is a boy" She smiles and looks at Isaac "And looks like he's going to be big and handsome like his dad" 

Then she winked again.

I clear my  throat and speak "What about Baby B?" 

"Baby B is..." She paused and winked at Isaac again. " another boy that looks just as handsome as his fine father" 

"kay can we have pictures?" I say irritated as hell.

She turns around hands me Isaac the pictures and whispers somehting in his ear.

Isaac's POV

"Take care of your boys, and I'll take care of you" the tech whispered. 

I look down and see a sticky note with her number on it.

"Bye" Megan said cleaning herself off and grabbing my hand.

I throw the sticky note away right infront of the tech.

I'm happily with my hormonal girlfriend.

We get to the car and drive back, 2 hours of listening to music and Megan yell. 

But I love it.


-30 minutes after arriving-

"We're back!" I hear Isaac's voice through the house.

"What am I having a grandson or grand daughter!" My mother shouts and runs past everyone.

Then I see Isaac, my mom and.....


"Sooo?" My dad says awkwardly waiting.

"We're having..." Megan started out.

"boys" Isaac said finishing her sentence.

"IM HAVING A GRANDSON AGAIN YAY!" My dad jumps like a little school girl ( whos like 6 foot something)

"Wait boyS?" My mother says, " Multiple?!" 

They both smile and nod. Two little nephews, cute.

Megan picks up Ezrah "Happy late birthday buddy" She said and kissed his head with a smile.

Ugh I can't stand her smile anymore.

Can't believe SHE is the mother of my NEPHEWS.

"Congrats bro!" I shout and he looks at me in confusion, 'MaKaila?"

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