A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


22. Family

MaKaila P.O.V.

There I was, watching the police drag Kobe away, The man that was our child's father, My hus-...boyfriend...Ex boyfriend... I felt tears prick my eyes, he will never forgive me. After the police asks some questions and left I just sat down and let everything soak in. Keenan sat beside me and pulled me to him. I gladly hugged him.

"I'm sorry." He said

I shook my head

"No it's fine, I just...I feel so bad...Link.." I said

"Link?" He questioned

I smile

"My son..." I said

"Your son huh? I bet he looks like you." He said trying to lighten the mood. It worked

"Yeah, he has my eyes and my curly hair. " I started

"And my nose." I said pointing to my nose

"Then he must be beautiful." He said hugging me tighter. i snuggled into him

"Yeah he is..."

There was a knock.

"Whos that?" He asks 

"Jackie, She's here to bring me home." I said

"Wait! But um..."

I laugh knowing what he's getting to.

"your coming too, of course." I said 

He puts on a small smile


"Yup, Now get packed we gotta go." I say as I answer the door.

"Darlin! you okay?! Megan said it was urgent!" She said hugging me.

"Yeah I'm fine now." I said

"Okay I went and got your stuff from the hotel lets go," she said pulling me out

"Wait! We have to wait for my boyfriend!" You said

"Boyfriend?" I hear Keenan whisper in my ear.

"Well you said I was your girlfriend, it's only fair." I said with a cheeky grin

He kissed me


"Awww! he's so perfect for you!" Jackie says

Me and Keenan look at each other and laugh

I thought so too


Megan P.O.V.

We make it to the house, but we stopped at the store quick to get stuff for the babies. we pull up to our old house

"Home sweet home" I whispered as I stopped the car. We climb out of the car, babies in tow. Me and MaKaila couldn't give up the house so we kept it. We walk in and put the sleeping babies in one of the guest rooms, We have to remodel the house to make room for all of us. I make a call to help redo our house

"Hello? yes I would like some help remodeling my house we need to add a few rooms. ok thanks" I hung up

Perfect. I look at my phone, MaKaila should be here soon.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I hear Logan yell

I run our to the noise and see Logan yelling at this man in MaKaila's room....SITTING IN HER VIDEO GAME CHAIR!?


"Whoa sorry, didn't know someone lived here." The man said 

"um yeah, this is my house, what are you doing here?" I asked annoyed

"Well I didn't really have a place to go and Tiffany said this place was free." He said playing MaKaila's games. not good...

wait...Tiffany? where have I heard that name?

"Which Tiffany?" I ask

"um she said you two went to school together and were both on the cheer team." He said

Oh! That bitch, she tried to get me off the squad plenty of times.

"Oh that Tiffany, are you a friend of hers?" I said with disgust

"I guess you could say that, But it's more like family, I'm her cousin." He said

"Oh well, nice to meet you cousin of bitch, I'm not really on good terms with her soooo yeah." I said.

" I can tell." he said with a chuckle.

"um are we just going to ignore the fact that he's been living in this house for who know's how long, basically he broke into this house." Logan said 

"Um yeah dude imma have to ask you to leave." I said

"HELLOOO BITCHES!! I'M HOME!!!" I hear MaKaila yell

Shit, she is not going to like this

"Where are you guys?!" She yells

"In here" Logan yells

I give him a look

"What? this way she will kick him out for us" He said putting his arms behind his back.

I look to the door and see it swing open.

"yo! where's my baby?" She asks

"Well-" I start

"WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOIN?!" She yells looking at new guy

Oh shit


MaKaila P.O.V.

"Wow it's been so long since i've been here." i say

"What was this place?" Keenan asks

"It was mine and Megan's first home together, so many memories here." I said

"Well lets go check it out." Keenan said grabbing my hand and pulling me inside.

"Wow it's just how we left it." I said happily

"Well lets go say hi, they are here right?" Keenan asks

I nod and run into Megan's room

I shield my eyes

"Are you guys decent?" I ask

"Babe, no one's in there." Keenan says laughing

i open them to see no one

"Well shit, guess I have to call them." i said

He pulls out his phone and hand's it to me, I laugh and put my hands around my mouth


"oh...that kind of calling." Keenan said

I laugh again

"Where are you guys?!"

"in here!" I hear

i pull Keenan along to my room

i open my door

"Yo! where's my baby?" i ask

"well-" Megan starts



"Oh shit, Hey MaKaila." He says waving at me

"how do you know MaKaila?" Megan ask

"i asked her on a date once, she asked me if I know Legend of zelda. i said no, then she laughed at me then walked away..." He said


"Wow...is she always like this?" Keenan asks

"Only when it comes to video games." Megan says

"Alright alright," He said getting up.

"Good, now...hey Sam how's your bitchy cousin been?" I asks calming down

"Uhh...good?" He says confused

"Oh...that's to bad, I was hoping she burned in hell by now." I said shaking her head

"Wait, so other then him asking you out, you know him?" Megan asked

"Well yeah, he worked at Gamestop. So I talked to him once in while." I said

"Yup and she turned me down." He said with a sigh

"Uh dur, you worked at gamestop and you didn't know what LOZ was? uncultured swine!" I said with a scoff

"Was that an insult? I think that was an insult." He said

"Anyways, get out." Logan says

"Yeah yeah, I'm leavin." He said getting up

"Wait!" I yell

Everyone looks at me

"Do you still work at Gamestop?" i said

"yeah" He said

"If i let you live here...can I get free games?" I ask

Everyone groans

"MaKaila?!?!" Megan yells

"What?! Gamestop is fucken expensive" i said

"Um aren't you a fucken millionaire?" Logan asks

"Details details. Soooo Sam do we have a deal?"I ask

"Sure" He says


"This is my house too, Don't i get a say?" She says

"Yeah and what about me?" Logen inputs

"Sit down Mexican barbie" I said

He grumbled, but sat down

"Mexican barbie" Keenan whispered and Logan sent him a glare

"A-anyways, I don't want someone I barely know living in our house" She said

"Look, I don't need to stay long, just for a few days until I can find a place to stay." He said pleading

She ponders over it then sighs

"Fine, But You have to tell me Tiffany's weakness." She said

"Done." He said

"Wow a place to live over your families weakness? Evil" Logan says

"Um have you met Tiffany? She is the definition of evil." Megan says


Megan P.O.V.

"Do you trust that guy?" Logan asks me while settling into bed

"No but I get info on a bitch and MaKaila get's video games, Everyone's happy." i said

"But what if he steals something?" Logan says

"Well I'm sure we can manage, I can handle it if i have too." I said,

he still looked worried. I sigh

"And we have MaKaila who was in a gang for years and trained by the most elite, No way is he going to get past her"


Keenan P.O.V.

"Babe? wake up! Link is crying." I said shaking her

She sits up with a gun in her hand pointed at me and her eyes still closed

"O-or you know, i c-could get him?" I said nervously while my heart is beating wildly

"That a boy." She says laying back down.

I breath slowly, what did i sign myself up for?

I get up and go to the room next door with link crying. i flip the lights on and see his little tear stained face. I slowly walk up to him. I've never really took care of a baby.

"Okay little Link, it's okay." I coo as I pick him up

He looks at me with his big brown eyes, Just like his mother. i smile

"Hey Link, Do ya like me? Hmmm?" I say

Link giggles, I hold back tears

this is the most beautiful feeling in the world

"I see he likes you" MaKaila says from the doorway.

I look at her with a smile

"I love him, He's perfect." I say

She walks over to me and hugs me

"I was hoping you would say that" She says pecking my lips

A family of my own...I like the sound of that

"My family" i whisper

"Yup me, you, And link"

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