A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


32. Don't you mean we are?

~Christmas day~


Megan P.O.V.


“Megan, will you come out yet? We have to leave” Issac calls to me. I look in the mirror, My shirt lifted to show my stomach. I haven't grown a little baby bump yet, but I feel my stomach anyways.

“Hey little one. “I whisper

“Megan!” Issac calls again. I glare slightly at the door,

Bitch don't mess with my bonding time with my baby...our baby, I'm suddenly in a bad mood, I have to tell him about this.

“Megan!” He shouts.

I sigh and pull my shirt down, I open the door.

“yeah, I'm ready, I'm coming.” I grumble while walking past him.

He just looks at me with a frown

“Are you okay?” He asks softly

“Just peachy” I mumble walking down the stairs.

He follows silently, we walk past Sam.

“Have fun.”He calls to us.

Fun? This will be hell.

Me and Issac get in the car and its silent, well almost

“Look I understand that what went wrong with mak-“

“I really don’t want to talk about it” I say quietly

He sighs and drives, ending the conversation and leaving me with my thoughts.

He explained to me what happened when I blacked out; he said I wouldn’t stop hitting her. I don’t know what to think, I’m baffled, astonished about what happened, I beat…MaKaila? I mean the hurtful things we said to each other was not worth a hospital trip, but what she said was so hurtful! I admit what I said wasn’t nice, but she started it! It’s just I’m so angry.


Issac watches me from the corner of his eye with a worried expression as I clench my fist




Me and Issac arrive and ring the doorbell, in no time flat the door opens. It was Mitch and he was not happy to see me. He doesn't say anything and walks away leaving the door open. Me and Issac walk in closing the door behind us.

 “Who is it?” My father booms.

We walk up to him, he smiles and hugs me.

“Princess, I've missed you.” He says

I chuckle

“Dad, we saw each other when I dropped Addalynn off.” I say hugging him back.

He laughs. “Speaking of which would you like to see her? She's with your mother.” He says leading me to a room. He brings me to a baby room, Addalynn and Link both cuddled by their grandmothers.

“Renee, Michelle, the Girls are here.” My dad says.


“Ah sir, it's just me and Megan.” Issac says.

My dad looks at us confused.

“That's strange, JaKobe told me that she was going to come here with you guys.” he says confused

“Wait, JaKobe's here?” I ask.

He nods his head.

'”Yes, he showed up shortly before you two, I asked why MaKaila wasn't with him and he just said she was going to arrive with you two.” He states.

Me and Issac look at each other confused

If she's not here, where is she?


Johnathan P.O.V.


She's been going all night, she just showed up late out of nowhere. I walk into my training room to see her pounding on a punching bag.

“MaKaila, you might want to ease up, you're good.” I say leaning against the door way. She ignores me and continues to punch harder, with more anger.

“Are you going to explain why you showed up so late last night bashed up?” I ask walking towards her. She stops hitting the bag for a second. She took off the gloves and started to hit the bag without them.

“You know that you could break your hand without those.” I say picking up the gloves she just took off. She continues to hit it with blind rage, oblivious to everything around her. I stare at her blankly and sigh; I walk up to her and grab her hands. She violently yanks them away and tries to hit the punching bag again. I just pick her up and slam her down on her back. She claws at me trying to get up to fight.

“Ila, you need to calm down, you know what happened last time you went crazy like this.” I state trying to calm her. She stops, breathing heavily. She covers her face with her forearms.

“Alright are you calm?” I ask

She nods her head. I let go of her and sit beside her

“Okay Ila, Go take a cold shower and I'll make you something, we can talk then.” I say patting her head. I stand up and walk to my kitchen, Making some eggs, French toast, and bacon. I take out the ingredients to make the meal and get cooking.

After that was done I place it on the table and wait for her to return, gladly she didn't take long.

“You good?” I ask while taking a bite of my eggs

She nods her head while drying her hair with a towel, she drapes the towel around her neck and sits at the table.

“Alright, ready to explain what's wrong?” I ask looking at her.

She shrugs while playing with her food.

“Come on Ila, gotta tell me something.” I say with worry in my voice.

She finally looks at me, not once did she look at me, until now. Without the bandages her face was beaten, her two scars she got were there as usually, but she had bruises all over her.

“Ila...who did this to you?” I say quietly, I walk over to her and examine her face.

“Whoever took care of you didn't do a very good job of cleaning your wounds.” I say with distaste.

I turn her head and look at every inch of her face, the more I look the worse it gets

“Damn Ila, once I find who did this I’ll beat their face in.” I say with a glare.

MaKaila chuckles, I looked at her with surprise

“Will you be able to beat Megan's face in?” She spat, with Venom dripping from her voice.

I look at her wide eyes.

“What? Megan did...this? She's not the one to do this type-” I start


I stay silent as she yells and screams.


She was screaming in anger ready to tear apart everything in her sight, now she's shaking like a leaf and crying like a new born baby. I sigh and pull her in for a hug.

“I want to say it’s okay, but it's really not” I say quietly

She nods her head while crying silently into my chest.

“If you want, you can come with me, you and Link.” I state.

She looks at me with her light brown eyes, just like when she was younger.

“Really?” she says with a scratchy throat from crying

I laugh and rub her tears away with my sleeve

“Now what kind of brother would I be if it didn't?” I say jokingly

After that we eat the breakfast I made, She's mostly back to normal, but she won't touch the bacon, she looks at it with anger and throws it in the trash.

“Why did you waste perfectly good bacon?” I ask

She looks at me and simply states


“It reminded me of Megan”



Megan P.O.V


“It's alright guy's MaKaila called me and said she was not feeling good, she's just going to stay home and visit later” Dimitri Says walking into the room with his phone in hand.

But she wasn't home; JaKobe said she ran off, where in the world is she? Whatever it has nothing to do with me

Pulling me out of my thoughts we all sit at the dinner table slowly eating my dinner. I just can't eat; there is too much weighing on my mind. The baby and Issac, I look at him from the corner of my eyes and them look down at my uneaten food.

“Hey you okay?” Issac asks

I nod

“Yeah I'm fine, just not hungry” I say quietly

Issac frowns at me; He puts his fork down and gets up.

“Excuse us.” he states while pulling me up. Before anyone can say anything he drags me away.

We go in my old room and close the door; he looks at me and crosses his arms.

“Alright, now talk, you've been like this all day, is it because of MaKaila?” He starts

I began to reply but he cuts me off.

“Or! Is it because you and A'dre have a thing?” He says bitterly

I lift my brow confused

“What?” I say

He rolls his eyes

“Come on it was obvious, when he pulled you into the game room? You two must have gotten together” He spat

I shake my head fast

“No it's not-”

“You promised me!” He yells

“I know I'm trying-”

“Typical, this is what I get for falling for the perfect girl-”

I grow angry

“WOULD YOU STOP INTERUPTING ME, I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU I'M PREGNANT!” I yell only to clamp my mouth and cover it with my hands.

He looks surprised, looks into my eyes, then at my stomach. Then back into my eyes.

“You...Pregnant?” He squeaks

I slowly nod my head, nervous of his reaction.

He just looks at me for a moment, chuckles nervously...then his eyes roll to the back of his head and he falls to the ground. I panickly run to him.

“You dummy don't pass out on me! I'm fucking pregnant! Not dead!”




“Are you sure?” I ask my father.

He nods

“The poor boy is so tired he konked out” He says shaking his head,

I chuckle nervously, eying JaKobe holding Issac and Link.

“Well see you soon” I wave with one hand because the other was holding Addalynn.

We walk to the car. I buckle up Addalynn, and JaKobe tosses Issac like a bag in the back seat, and then gently puts Link in his car seat.

We drive home in silence when we arrive we see someone we haven't seen in a while. I hop out of the car and walk up to said person.

“Johnathan?” I say confused. He's holding a bunch of bags

“What are you doing here?” I say more confused.

“Well, I'm getting MaKaila's things” He says putting the stuff in his truck.

It was filled with most of MaKaila's and Links things

“That's a lot of stuff...she's staying with you?” I say.

“Yeah, She's probably going to stay with me, and Link, she wants him considering she has full custody and I offered them to stay with me and it's what's best for her.” He says.

She's not coming back?

“Well um, I'm going to grab a few more things, then Link, and I'm gone, I'll be out of your hair.” He says walking back into the house.

I stand there for a second, confused. JaKobe walks up to me

“What’s he doing here?” He asks holding Link and Addalynn.

“MaKaila's leaving.” I say blankly

He looks at me wide eyed

“What?” He says confused

“She didn't say anything about this to me, I-I haven't heard from her since s-she left the hospital.” JaKobe says frantically.

We see Johnathan walk out with more bags.

“Oh hey, Kobe.” He says walking past us. He finishes with all the bags and turns to us.

“Well I have to go, and Kobe.” He says turning to him

JaKobe lifts his brow.

“MaKaila want's Link” He says slowly

“Alright, well I'll put him in my car and we-”

“Alone...” He says awkwardly

JaKobe blinks a couple of times

“Oh” He says sadly

“It's nothing against you, it's just after...-he looks at me then looks away-...what happened, she doesn't want to see anybody, just Link and I think seeing...ANY of you guys, will just upset her more than she already is.” he says grabbing Link.

JaKobe doesn't do anything, he's too hurt.

“Alright well... I'm going to go and...Not to be rude, but...stay away.” He says looking at us sadly.

He buckles Link in his truck; He gives me one sad look and drives off.

“Megan, do you know where he lives?” JaKobe asks

I shake my head,

“I have no idea, the last I heard about him; after he left your gang, was he moved somewhere else, which is why I was surprised to see him.” I state

There was a long silence and them I hear quiet weeping

“Do you think she'll come back?” He croaks

I look at him then start walking in the house.





MaKaila P.O.V.


“Oh, my sweet baby” I say holding Link as he clings to me lovingly.

“I got all your stuff” Johnathan says bringing the last of my bags in.

“Thanks, I hope it wasn't too much for you.” I say rocking Link.

“No, not at all....though it was awkward running into Megan and JaKobe” He says

I look at him with wide eyes

“Did you tell them anything!?” I say worried

“Nothing big; Just that you were staying with me and for them to stay away from you.” He said with a shrug.

I sigh

“Good, I just...need to sort through things, AWAY from all this drama. And I can't even look at Megan, let alone think about her without getting angry. I need to get away” I say swaying side to side lulling Link to sleep.

“What about the Dominic stuff? And that dude you're dating? Keenan was it?” He asks crossing his arms and leaning against a wall

“Well for Keenan, I told him I was with you, but him being protective as he is with me and Link, He'll probably want to come, and with the Dominic thing...They have everything they need, JaKobe is willing to help, I talked to my dad and he's going to help. Hell Jax even said he would if things go that bad, he'll bring back his gang with Derek.” I state putting down a sleeping Link.

I rub one of my arms and look down at my feet

“They don't need me there; they’ll be fine on their own, since they have Megan, the unstoppable strong beast on their side.” I say bitterly while clutching my arm with anger.

“Breath, Ila just breath” Johnathan says calming me

I take a deep breath and sigh

“This is exactly why I need to get away. I just...can't take this place anymore.” I say sadly

All this gang stuff, Kobe's dad, then Brian and all that...torturing, and now this? I just...can't

“Well good thing I am moving far away” Johnathan says looking at Link, tenderly running his finger across his nephew’s cheek.


“Don't you mean we are?”

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