A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


11. Dinner With My Childhood.

JaKobe's POV

I walk downstairs in my suit and see the table out and Isaac, Grace and Jonathon.

 MaKaila and Megan still upstairs. 


"They have only 2 minutes to get down here before-" I said gettign cut off. by the door bell.

"Okay now its 2 seconds." I rushed and answered the door.

"Hello" the leader of the other gang said.

"hello, Follow me if you will." I said with a welcoming smile.

I sat down next to Isaac.

"Where's the girls?" I whispered.

"I- I don't know" He whispered back.

"What are these empty spaces for?"  the other male from the gang said.

"two more memb-" I said getting cut off by Megan and MaKaila walking downstairs.

"i'm so sorry that we are la-" MaKaila said stopping.

"Hello, MaKaila." he said strikingly.

"H-hi" She says corwardly. 

I have NEVER EVER seen MAKAILA cower to another person.

"Hi Megan." He says smiling at Megan.

Megan doesn't move she sits there.


as if someone shoved her in a freezer for 24 hours.

Ooo we should try killing someone like that.

thatd be so awesome.

wait what am I talking about.

"Are you going to come sit down?" As he said that his whole persona changed.

Megan quickly walked to her seat and Isaac looked at her confused.

MaKaila walked in calmly and sat down next.

Megan's POV

MaKaila and I walked downstairs.

We already knew they were here due to the door.

We came down laughing and giggling

but that came to the end when MaKaila saw who the gang leader was.


"I TOLD YOU NO" He shouted as he hit me across the face with a wooden spoon.

i whimpered and crawled to the corner.

"NEVER DISOBEY YOUR MASTER" He shouted once again and threw me aross the living room and into a glass table.

it shattered as i hit it causing blood to go everywhere.

"You spoiled rotten little bitch" he said then spat on me.

He grabbed me by the hair and drug me to the fireplace.

"You can eat after you clean this."  He said as he dumped ashes everywhere around the fire place

"But, Master, I'm starving." I whimpered out

"You just had a chocolate chip, you'll survive" He smacked the wooden spoon across my face once again.

"STOP" 8 year old MaKaila shouted as she threw a hot wheel at his back.

"What did you jut say, young lady?" He said walking upto MaKaila dropping the wooden spoon.

S-s-stop" She whispered.

Tears already running down her sweet, innocent face.

"Why would you tell Daddy to stop?" He smiled evilly. "Daddy knows what's right. Right?"

"R-r-right" She said as she coward

He picked her up and put her on the couch.

"Now you were naughty, right?"  He said looking at her.

"Y-yes" She laid there in fear.

"Now do what daddy says." He started to unzip his pants."Copy me."

She did just as he did.

Unzipped her pants.

Slid the off along with her Teenage Robot undies.

slipped her shirt over her head and looked at her with tears in her eyes.

He caressed her face, "Daddy is gonna take are of everything."

"Are you going to come sit down?" Dominic said demanding.

I wanted to shout no, to shout that I don't even want to be here, but I dont. 

I sit down next to Isaac and he looks at me confused.

"What just happened?" He whispered.

"My childhood" 

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