A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


10. Coming home

Megan P.O.V.

"Megan do we have all our bags?" Issac asks me

We are at the Wisconsin Airport and we are looking for our bags

"Um..I'm missing my bag of souvenirs." I said looking around

"Oh! I see it, I'll go get it." I said walking over to my bag.

I grab it only for someone to grab for it too. I look up and see Kinley?!

She looked at me like she was forgetting something then smiled

"HI! Nice to meet you! "She said happily


"Uhhh...hi?" I said confused

You know what? fuck it, im going along with it

"Hi! "I said more confidently

"Um I think this one is mine." She said gesturing to the suit case

I look at it closely and notice it says Kinley

"Oops sorry, guess mine is somewhere else." I said shyly 

"Oh it's fine." She said dismissing it

"Well...uh, I need to find my bags soooo....I'm gonna go." I said walking away

"Okay, well nice meeting you!" She said

that was so fucking weird


MaKaila P.O.V.

"Addalynn, mommy's going to be home!" I said to her

She giggles as I tickle her

"Babe, they just pulled up." Kobe said standing in the doorway

"Mmmkay, lets go Addalynn." I said

"Hun where's Link?" I asked Kobe

"Johnathan's got him for now."

I nodded in repsonse

We head downstairs and stand by the front door

"How much do you want to bet Issac got sunburned?" Kobe asked

"No he didn't, he's not that stupid to forget his sunscreen,"

At least i don't think he is...

"I bet you he did, whatcha willing no bet?" He said

"5 bucks."

"Come on, more than that MaKaila, 10." He said

"5, take it or leave it." I said

"Fine, then be prepared to hand over that five bucks

The doors open and Megan comes running in

"MaKaila! Addalynn!" Megan yelled hugging us

"Was she good?" She asked while taking her.

"Yeah yeah. did Issac get sunburned?" I asked

She looks wide eyed

"How did you know?" She asks in a surprised tone

"GOD DAMN IT!!" I yelled

Kobe laughs.

"What's wrong?" Issac asked carrying in the bags


"Pay up babe." Kobe said sticking his hand out

I giggle

"Can i pay in kisses?" I asked sweetly

"nope." He said with a smug grin

"Well fuck you too." I mumbled as I pulled out 5 dollars and handed it to him

"Pleasure doing business with you." He said kissing my head

"Fuck you." I said

"You already did." He said walking away

If i didn't have a baby with that man.

"What was that about?" 

"I made a bet with ass fuck over there that Issac wasn't stupid enough to forget his sunscreen, but I guess I was wrong." I said

"Hey!" Issac said offended

"You made me lose 5 bucks, suck it up." I said

"MaKaila, aren't you and Kobe Rich? you own this mansion, 5 VERY expensive cars, 3 vacation homes, and a yacht..." Megan said

"Well yeah...but 5 bucks is still 5 bucks!" I said

She rolls her eyes and she and Issac walk away



Grace P.O.V.

"Ethan can you change Aiden's diaper? And change his clothes" I asked

"Alright, but why change his clothes? the're pretty clean." Ethan said picking up Aiden

"There's going to be a big dinner at JaKobe's."

"They always have dinners." Ethan said dressing Aiden

"It's different, it's not just a family dinner, it's a business dinner ." I said dressing Farreh

"Oh, ell if it's just that then I can take the kids." Ethan said

"haha no, plus Kobe hired an nanny to watch the kids."

"Alright." He said playing with Aiden

"Ok i'm going to get dressed" I said putting Farreh in the crib

I go to my room and pick out an outfit


I dress then walk out.

"Is this good?

"Gorgeous" He said with a smile

I blush

"Thanks" I said pecking his lips

"So you want to come?" I asked

"Naw, If I step foot into that house then MaKaila will kill me. " He said

"Most likely, But I don't see why you would do that to her." I said 

"Me ether, it was a jerk move and i regret it, but if i didn't do that then I would have never met you. "He said grabbing my hips.

"True." I said with a nod and wrapping my arms around his neck

"Ok I have to go, I promised I would help MaKaila and Megan get dressed." I said grabbing my purse




Megan P.O.V.

"Where is grace?! the dinner is in an hour!" I said 

"Girl you need to calm down, your going to cause wrinkles." Coco said to me

"And that's a no no." Gigi said waving his finger around as he does MaKaila's hair

We called in Coco and Gigi to do our hair for the dinner, they are our go to for makeup and hair.

"Sorry I'm late! I had to drop Aiden and Farreh with the nanny." Grace said rushing in

"Naw girl it's fine." MaKaila said playing her gameboy

"Alright, Megan come on lets get your clothes done first." Grace said pulling me into the walk in closet

She sat me down and looked through the clothes

"Any color's you want to wear?" she asked while combing through the clothes.

"Blue, and let it be off the shoulder." I said

"Alright got the perfect thing. She said pulling out a dress.

"Hows this?"

"Perfect!" I said clapping

"Alright get it on, I'll start on MaKaila's clothes."

"No need, Gigi bought her an outfit." I said starting to dress

"Great! saves me the time. I'm going to help out in the kitchen." Grace said rushing out.

I finished and walked out

"How is it?" I said striking a pose

"Hella hot." MaKaila said

"Fabulous darling. Now lets get your makeup and hair done" Coco said pulling me to a chair

"And your done MaKaila." Gigi said

"Your like wizard Gigi, this looks great." MaKaila looking at herself

"Alright, now i'll show you the outfit," Gigi said pulling out a box.

"Go in there and change." Gigi said shooing her into the closet

We wait for a bit and MaKaila comes back out

"So? how is it?"

"Wow! that looks great" I said

"I knew that was the perfect outfit! "Gigi said clapping and jumping

"You'll blow them all away" Coco said while pinning up my hair

"I hope so, this is a really important dinner, The gang leader and his family are coming to see if we are worthy to be their ally. which is stupid because our gang is stronger then their's." MaKaila said

"Well it will all go fine." I said top MaKaila

"You sure?"


what could possibly go wrong?

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