A Trust Regained

Third Book of the Trust no one/A trust Broken series


34. Birthday

Issac P.O.V

"MaKaila?" I say confused.

She smiles and walks up to me

"Sup lil bro, congrats on the baby!" She says happily

I return her hug

"What a surprise, I wasn't expecting you..." I say baffled.

She makes a mock hurt expresion

"Now what kind of sister would I be if I missed my baby brothers birthday?" She says

"Yeah...can I talk to you?" I ask.

She looks at me blankly for a moment then smiles

"sure thing" She says

I grab her wrist and lead her away from everyone else. I make sure no one's around, I look at her

"So what's up bro?" She says while lacing her fingers behind her head

"Where have you been? I woke up and found that you left with Johnathan" I say harshly

She shrugs

"Australia, Italy, China, You name it. We've been every where" She says with a shrug

I go to say something then stop

"You went to China without me!?!?" I yell

"Damn son hakuna your tata's, we can go some time after your boys are born"

I frown

"And Megan's" I say

She stares blankly at me

"Yeah, well it's none of my business with someone who I don't consider family" She says plainly.

"Come on now...what happened with you guys-"

"WASN'T FUCKING OKAY!" She screams.

I flinch, she realizes she's yelling and sighs

"Sorry...It's just...I needed to get away and have some time with my son..." She says softly

I look at her sadly and scratch my head. I hug her

"Welcome home sis"


Megan P.O.V.

What's taking them so long?

"Megan? Is there something wrong?" I hear Renee ask

I force a smile

"Yes, just fine" I say

She looks at me convinced but doesn't push the matter further

I hear laughing, I look to the hallway and see Issac running back in the room.

"All right you lil shit! lets see you pull my hair again, just try it!" I hear MaKaila say running into the room.

"MaKaila! that language is not okay! " Renee scolds

MaKaila grins and turns to Issac

"No me jodas Tù Pinche puta, Vete aquí!" Makaila Yells to Issac

Issac chuckles

"MaKaila!" Renee says again

"What? You said that that language wasn't okay, so I used a different one" MaKaila say with a shrug

"Well she is right mom" Issac says while still laughing

I shoot him a glare he stops and cough's awkwardly

Damitri walks in

"Alright lets get this party started!"


Surprisingly it's going well, Ezrah's little friends came to play with him and there parents where very nice and talked with everyone. I figured with MaKaila here she would make it awkward but she hasn't even acknowledge me. Fine by me


MaKaila P.O.V.

before I would be ready to fight with Megan, but after spending some time away from her, I honestly don't care anymore, I'm hurt. But I will not stop them from letting me spending time with my family.

"MaKaila, so what ever happened to your boyfriend...Keenan was it?" My father asks

I stop and put down my drink

"Well as you know he is a Surgeon-" I start

"WHAT?! YOUR DATING A DOCTOR!?" My mom says with happiness

"uh...yeah, I thought you knew" I say sheepishly

"I am so proud, my daughter dating a doctor! so where is he?" My mom asks very interested

"Well as I was saying, him being a well known doctor he had to travel. He comes to see me whenever he can but he still has a job to do" I say proud of my boyfriend.

"That's great princess, I'm glad you have a successful man that loves you and to helps people" My father says

I nod my head

"So tell us about your travels" Issac says excited



Everyone stop, We look to Megan breathing heavily with a angry expression.

"Isn't this to celebrate Ezrah? Save this talk for later" Megan says while calming down again.

I scoff

typical, if the attention isn't all on her she throws a shit fit

"I see, well Ezrah would you like to blow out your candles?" my father says looking to him

Ezrah giggles

"Yes!" He cheers

They get the cake out and put in in front of him. Everyone gathering to sing happy birthday. Ezrah blows out the candles and everyone cheers. I clap my hands, but I feel my phone vibrate. I look at it and see it's Johnathan. I walk away and answer it.

"Hey bro, what's up? hows Link?" I ask

"MaKaila..." Johnathan says slowly.

I frown

"Johnathan what's wrong..." I say slowly

"Well Link-" She starts

"What about him!?!?" I say starting to panic.

"He's in the hospital, He's really sick" He says with sadness.

"What? with the cold?" I say worried

"They're not sure what's wrong, but just should come back" He says

"Be there as soon as I can, I'm taking the jet so expect me there 9 hours." I say hanging up.

I hurry back in the room and gulp

"Guys I'm sorry but I have to go" I say with a shaky breath

"Oh hun, already? what's wrong? you seem upset" My mom says while placing a hand on my shoulder

"It's Link he's in the hospital and I have to see him." I say with worry.

"My grandbaby! Here I'll come with" she says

" Thanks mom, but You should finish with Ezrah's birthday, we can meet up later" I say

He puts on a sad face but nods slowly. I hug her

"Thanks mom I'll see you in a bit"

I start to walk out but get stopped

"Hey Sis! where you going? are you bailing again?" He says while with a party hat on and painted cat whiskers, and Megan beside him.I shake my head no and hold in sobs.

"Look I really can't talk right now, Link is in the hospital I can't waste anymore time" 

I walkout without another word


Issac P.O.V.

Links in the hospital? what's wrong?

"Come on we're going" Megan says suddenly

I look at her bewildered

"what? No, you're are 6 months pregnant, flying to Australia is not an option" I say

 "Issac!" She yells

I silence

"look, I love Link like he's my own, I have to know what's wrong" She says sadly

I look at her and then sigh deeply.

"Fine lets go"


MaKaila P.O.V.

I open my phone as I drive to the hospital

"MaKaila, are you here yet?" He asks

"Yeah i'll be there soon, I'm driving fast and furious style" I say making a sharp turn

"Well good, He's not looking good they say he's got Reye's Syndrome" He says.

"What's that? is it fatal?" I say getting worried


"god damnit Johnathan! ANSWER ME!" I scream



Megan P.O.V.

I hope he's okay, my nephew. please be okay. We arrived an hour after MaKaila. We're already almost to the hospital

"It's going to be okay babe" Issac says in a soothing voice.

I nod my head but not totally convinced

We get there and hurry inside. we go up to the front desk.

"Hi, how my I help you?" She says

"Yes, we're here for a Link Adams" Issac says in a hurry

Before the recepionist speaks a voice calls up

"Megan?" I here

I look to the voice and see Johnathan

"Johnathan! how is link?" I say hurring as fast as my pregnant body will allow

The Johnathon puts on a sad face

"He's in a coma..." He says slowly with a tear going down his face.

"What!? He's...in a coma..." I say to myself

"where's my sister" Issac says worried

"She's with him" Johnathan says pointing to the room not too far away.

We hurry to the room and see Link all hooked up in tubes. I slowly look to MaKaila, her eyes that are usually full of life looks like a dolls eyes. dead and full of hopelessness.

She strokes Links head lovingly.

"MaKaila?" I call out.

She freezes and looks at us, no emotion still and looks back to Link.

"Not now Megan, I don't feel like fighting with you" She says with a scratchy voice, most likely from crying.

"No...I'm not here to fight with you...I'm here for Link." I say quietly.

"Fine, do what you please" She says plainly.

That one hurt a little bit, I slowly sit on the other side of the bed and Issac stands behind MaKaila in a comforting way.

"So what's wrong with him?" Issac asks quietly while eyeing his nephew with sadness

MaKaila scoffs

"Johnathan had work and left Link with a babysitter and that fucken bitch have him an aspirin. A motherfucken aspirin, she gave a year old baby an adult aspirin..." She says with anger in here voice.

"It was too much for him, If Johnathan hadn't gotten home right as it happened then Link would be dead right now" She says while sobbing.

I had no words, My nephew could have died today. 

I hear a knock at the door.

I look up to see an old friend, one I haven't seen in forever.

"Hey MaKaila" He says with worry, while walking over to her, I eye him as her goes to hug her. she returns it, He sees me look at him. His eyes widen.

"Megan?" He says slowly.



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