Unconditionally ||L.H.||

Skylenn is... well herself. She doesn't let people tear her down. She had a pretty horrible past so she vowed to never let anyone take advantage or bring her down ever again. So far she's held that up. She just needs to fill the empty void in her life. She's working, she's living with her best friends, she's happy, but something's missing...


4. Chapter 4

Skylenn's POV

2 Days Later


"So I was thinking, maybe you would like to go for dinner sometime? You know like an actual date, not a set up," Luke says, setting his guitar on a stand and looking at me.


"Well I don't know, Hemmo, you told my student we were dating," I say, crossing my arms. His face drops and I start laughing, "I'm kidding, Luke, I'd love to."


"Oh thank god, you sounded so serious," he sighs, laughing after.


"No, I'm a jokester, Luke, don't worry about it," I laugh, standing up from the seat I was sitting on and grabbing my guitar from the stand, "How about tonight?"


"I-I, uh yeah! I'd love to!" I laugh and start to walk out of the rooms


"Pick me up at 7, Hemmo."


--2 Hours Later--


I have one hour until my date with Luke; I'm very excited. I don't know where he's going to take me so I'm gonna dress casual, yet formal. I have already done my makeup and it literally doesn't take 6 fucking hours for me to do my hair like some girls. I start playing my music, the first song coming on is American Idiot by Green Day.


I change into a navy blue casual dress that comes down to mid thigh, with a thin brown belt in the middle. I pull on my brown leather jacket after I straighten my hair and slip into my brown combat boots. Just as I finish tying my left boot there's a knock on the door. I press the home button on my phone to see the time. 7:00. I laugh to myself before getting up to answer the door. As I get down there I hear Annalyn's voice. Mother fucker


"Hey," I say as I walk in, Luke's gaze immediately falling upon me.


"You look beautiful," he says, biting his lip.


"Thank you," I say, feeling a blush crawl up my cheeks. As I look down to hide it I scan over Luke's outfit, "You look amazing as well," he's wearing black skinny jeans with no holes and a white button up shirt with his leather jacket, don't let me forget his all black converse.


"Ew, you guys make me wanna barf," Annalyn groans, walking away from us. Both Luke and I burst out laughing.


"Alright, shall we go?" Luke asks, sticking his hand out for me and bowing slightly.


"We shall," I giggle, curtsying slightly. He leads me out to his car and opens my door for me, then gets in on his side. He plays Blink-182 quietly as we drive, talking about random things. He pulls into Nando's and I can't help but laugh at this, "We got dressed up for Nando's?"


"Well yeah," he chuckles, "I don't have a lot of money so why not?"


"You're an idiot, Luke Hemmings," I laugh getting ready to open my door, but Luke stops me.


"Hang on," he gets out and runs over, opening my door and helping me out.


"Nice, Hemmo," I laugh and he wraps my arm around his torso while his arm wraps around my shoulder. We walk in and get a table for six... Not really just two hehe. I need help. We sit down at the table and get our drinks; me a lemonade, him a coke.


"So, tell me about yourself, Ms. Page," he says, taking a sip of his fizzy drink.


"Well, Mr. Hemmings, I am 19 as you know, I play guitar and bass guitar. Um, I've lived here all my life? I've known Calum since I was 5 and yeah. Oh, and I have two older brothers and two younger siblings; twins; boy and girl. My older brothers are named Allen and Ben and the others are Carter and Danielle; my mum wanted to do the alphabet thingy and since I was a girl she skipped me 'cause she wanted all guys, but she still loves us all. Allen is 26 and Ben is 24. Carter and Danielle are both 16. Oh yeah, my parents are David and Quinn Page," I say, smiling at how I described.


"You really love your family," he says and I give him a confused look, "I can see by the way you talk about them."


"Oh... Okay, Mr. Hemmings, tell me a bit about yourself," I say, sipping from my lemonade.


"Well, considering I'm not original I'm gonna follow your layout. I am 19 as well, I play guitar and vocals-"


"You sing?"


"Yes, now let me continue?"


"Yeah, yeah, go on."


"I moved here in Year 7 and I don't know how I've never met you. I've known Calum since we moved. Calum, our two friends, and me are all in a band-"


"Calum never told me this!"


"Well, I did, so shush."




"I have two older brothers, Jack and Ben -DON'T interrupt- Jack is 21 and Ben is 23. My parents are Liz and Andrew Hemmings and that's it," he says, sitting back as our food is sat in front of us.


"Wow, Mr. Hemmings, I know there is more about you and I am determined to find out more about you," I say, crossing my arms and nodding confidently.


"Oh yeah?"


"Yes, Lucas, I am up for the challenge."


"Good luck with that, Ms. Page."





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