Unconditionally ||L.H.||

Skylenn is... well herself. She doesn't let people tear her down. She had a pretty horrible past so she vowed to never let anyone take advantage or bring her down ever again. So far she's held that up. She just needs to fill the empty void in her life. She's working, she's living with her best friends, she's happy, but something's missing...


2. Chapter 2

Skylenn's POV

1 Day Later


Okay so yesterday wasn't that bad. Luke's actually not a bad guy at all, we actually have a lot of things in common. Cal, Aut, Luke, and I are all going out again tonight. Autumn's brother's wedding. Sigh, my life is so busy. Good thing I have weekends off and this is all happening on the weekend. I've had my dress and stuff picked out all month, so we should be good, I don't need to start getting ready until- fuck never mind it's already 2:00! Dammit, why do I always sleep late?


I hurry up the stairs and into my room, quickly getting dressed and doing my hair; my phone constantly buzzing as I do this. I sigh as I finish everything an hour later. WOO!


Finally I walk over to my phone and pick it up, looking at all the messages; a lot from Cal, a lot from Luke, a couple from Autumn, and some from Tory who's at work. I look over Luke's first.


Luke: Hey, can't wait for tonight

Luke: Actually I can, but I can't wait to see you ;)

Luke: Well that sounded horrible

Luke: I'll be around to pick you up at 3:30

Skylenn: Bleh bleh bleh  okay

Luke: Why? Just why?
Skylenn: Why not?

Luke: Okay well I'm here so hurry up


I walk down the stairs and out the door, yelling "bye" to Annalyn on the way. I sit in Luke's car and he smiles at me, looking at my outfit.


"You look beautiful," he says, his blue eyes shining.


"Thanks, you look good too," I smile, looking down at my feet.


"No, I mean, you look beautiful. You're natural beauty mixed with the outfit just makes me wanna- uh, never mind," he says, blushing and looking at the road. I shake my head smiling and go back through my messages.


Calum: Hey bitch, remember it starts at 4:00 don't be late

Calum: Luke's picking you up

Calum: Ugh this girl

Calum: Help me

Calum: Hello?? I need you!!

Calum: Skyyyyyy pleaaaase

Sky: What?

Calum: It's Auuuuutumn

Sky: What about her?

Sky: So?

Calum: I'm done with her Sky. I've had enough.

Sky: What do you mean?

Calum: I mean after the wedding I'm dumping her


Calum: Yeah shut up and get here I'm bored


Autumn: Skylenn, keep your distance from Cal.

Autumn: He's mine so back off

Skylenn: Bitch he's my best friend shut the fuck up bye Felisha


I put my phone in my clutch and smile at Luke, who returns the gesture. We pull into the car park and get out. He walks over to me and holding his arm out. I walk over to him and he wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me close. Trust me, we aren't dating, it's all apart of the act.


"Skylenn! Thank god you're here," Calum sighs, running over to us.


"Where's Autumn?" I ask, looking behind him.


"She's with her mum, helping the bride. I know it's a surprise I actually escaped," he says.


"You guys were so happy, I don't see why it didn't work out," I shake my head, pressing my lips into a line.


"Bitch, please, my family hates her, you hate her, Luke hates her and Michael hates her, trust me there are PLENTY of reasons," he chuckles.


"Calum!" speak of the devil.


"Autumn!" Calum fakes excitement.


"C'mon, babe, they're starting," she says, turning around with Cal, not before giving me a glare.


"Bitch," I mutter, following them into the building with Luke.


"God she's annoying," Luke sighs, a smile plastered on his face.


"You're telling me," I say, laughing slightly. We sit down and it's sad to say we spent almost the whole wedding talking. Like bitch I don't know you're brother why am I here again?



a/n: okay so first two chapters are up, hope you like






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