Unconditionally ||L.H.||

Skylenn is... well herself. She doesn't let people tear her down. She had a pretty horrible past so she vowed to never let anyone take advantage or bring her down ever again. So far she's held that up. She just needs to fill the empty void in her life. She's working, she's living with her best friends, she's happy, but something's missing...


1. Chapter 1

Skylenn's POV


"Tory!" I yell from my bedroom, "I need you!"


Moments later I hear rapid footsteps on the stairs. A very hyper Tory falls onto my floor, making me laugh uncontrollably and fall back onto my bed.


"What do ya need?" she asks, out of breath.


"Tonight's the fundraiser for the animal shelter and it's kinda formal, but not completely, like, not suit and tie, but like a button up shirt for guys and a dress for the girls, but not to fancy. You get what I'm saying?" I say and Tory nods, "Well, the thing is, I need help picking out a dress. You should choose for me."


She groans, "You're so lazy!"


"Sorry not sorry," I shrug, laughing.


"Plus, you're the fashion one. Annalyn and I suck at fashion," she says a bit too loud.


"I heard that!" Annalyn shouts from downstairs. Tory and I start laughing again.


"Fine," I groan, "but I need help."


"Well, what time are you leaving?" she asks, standing up and sitting next to me on my bed.


"Calum's picking me up at 5:30 it starts at 6:00," I sigh, running my hand through my hair.


"Oooh, Calum's taking you," she moves her shoulders and presses against me.


"Shut up, you know there's nothing between us, and it's me, him, his girlfriend, and his friend, who's supposedly my date for the night so I can't look like a slut, or a rich bitch," I say, sighing.


"Sky, just be you! You're great at being you because you know who you are!" she pushes me slightly.


I think this over. She's right. I am me and I'll be me tonight.


"Get out, I have to get ready," I say, pushing Tory out of my room and rushing to my wardrobe.


I pull out my red, strapless dress that comes down to my mid thigh. I also grab my leather jacket and my black converse. I don't do heels. I grab my strapless bra and head into the washroom.


I change into my bra and begin doing my makeup. All I do is foundation, my eyeliner with wings, and my dark red lipstick. For my hair I straighten it, then curl it slightly. 19 years and I still don't know how to manage this curly mess.


I change into my outfit and hop on downstairs, everyone stops what their doing, I roll my eyes and sit on the couch.


"You guys are so cliche, it's not the first time I've worn a dress before, sheesh, close your mouths before I shove a dick down your throats,"I say, grabbing my phone from the pocket on my jacket.


It's 5:24 and Calum's usually early so-


There's a knock on the door.


"Calum, since when do you knock!" I shout and Calum opens the door.


"Shut up, Page," Calum says, letting his girlfriend, Autumn in.


Maria walks in, but immediately turns back around and walks into the kitchen. She's had this thing for Calum since we we're 13... She was too much of a chicken to tell him.


"Tory! Annalyn! I'm leaving you!" I shout, standing up and walking to the door. I get no response. "Love you too, sheesh. Okay let's go Calum."


I follow Calum and Autumn to the car and sit in the back. Autumn always gets shotgun and I don't question it because then people snap at me. She looks beautiful tonight though; she's wearing a white one sleeve dress, her hair curled to the side. She's also wearing white stilettos. I would fall haha.


Calum's wearing his black skinny jeans and a grey button up shirt with black VANS ... Calum and I don't really get dressed up heh.


"Cal, where's the other guy?" as I ask we pull up in front of an apartment building and a tall blonde guy gets in the car beside me, let me just say, he is one hot motherfucker, all dressed up in skinny jeans and a grey button up like Cal's, also wearing black VANS.


"Sky, this is my best friend Luke Hemmings, Luke, this is my other best friend Skylenn Page," Calum smirks as he pulls out of the complex and head to the fundraiser.


"So, how old are you?" Luke asks, taking a sip of his wine.


"'M 19, turned last month, you?" I return the question


"19 since July."


"Lucky bastard," I say and he chokes on his drink and begins laughing.


"Oh really now, Ms. Page? Is that how we're going to play it?"


"Indeed it is Mr. Hemmings," I wink.


The fuck was that?! I don't flirt! Nope, no, never.


I feel my face heat up and I quickly down the rest of my drink. Great, now he thinks I'm desperate.. Why am I thinking like this?!


"You okay?" he asks, breaking me from my thoughts.


"Huh? Oh yeah, fine, just thinking," I shrug.


"Cool, hey I think they're starting, let's go grab our seats," he says, standing up and offering me his hand. I accept hesitantly and he leads me to our seats.


This is gonna be a long night.

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