1. trapped

Chapter 1

I was running down the empty streets of my home district 9 at about five in the morning with my friends jaylise and Neville and then i suddenly fall towards the ground. I think I feel hands grabbing me but I don't see any . I hit the hard ground and immediately lose conscious . I'm awoken to people screaming PIPER PIPER ! . I can't figure out who the voice belongs to or where it's coming from . I look around I swing my head in all directions to see where I am . I use my hands to push myself up and all I feel is dirt . I can't see anything because the surrounding area I am in is pitch black then I remember I have a flashlight hooked on my belt loop. I reach down to grab it I flick it on and a blinding light fills the dark dank place . I'm in a hole. I shine the light around to check my surroundings I see dirt and rock I stand up and try to climb out by grabbing rocks but they all come loose and fall . I hear more yells calling my name I don't dare yell back just in case the peacekeepers are around . I start walking and i start thinking in a couple hours the reaping will be starting and all the factions Will be lining up to get reaped . As a walk I notice little cracks in the dirt /walls or whatever they are . I start pawing my way up I start to see light I keep climbing the yells get louder I consider yelling at the people telling them I am done here but I don't . I pull myself up and I see shuffling feet and start to wonder "have they started the reaping?" Then I see my mother and sister Skye and my mother seems to be crying and Skye is trying to comfort her but is failing each time . all the sudden everybody starts running away screaming and I'm suddenly yanked up

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