Kasey is the only one in a group of 4 that isn't a fan of 5seconds of summer.
What happens in Australia when she moves there?


2. the house

Kasey pov OH MY GOD 'Destiny, is that you?' 'No I'm santa, ofcourse it's me silly' 'what are you doing here?' 'Well I was cleaning our house' wait a minute is this massive thing our house? 'How? My dad told us that we got an apartment' 'yeah, he lied because I wanted it to be a suprise for you guys, just like the fact that I have a full time job' 'congrats' I hugged her and screamed again. I ran to Angelina because she was already at the front door. 'Are you ready kasey? This is the place where we will spent 5years of our lives' I got a bit nervous I mean 5years is a long time but I can spend it with two of my best friends so I will survive 'hell yeah' we walked inside and the place was jusg beautiful. You walked immidiatly in the living room wich was a bit empty just like the resg of the house. 'Hey dest? Why is it so empty in here?' I arrived 2 days ago and I want to go furniture shopping tomorrow so we can agree about stuff like this' 'oh I get it' we were walking to the bedrooms when I saw a room that was perfect for me. Dark colors and quite big, the other rooms had the same size but I just wanted this one. 'Dest, Angel is it ok for me to take this one?' 'Yeah' they said at the same time. 'I take the white room' said Angelina. 'why would you take a white room?' I asked her even destiny was confused 'because you're not gonna see my walls anymore when I put my posters and pictures on the wall' 'wow Angel you're still the same' destiny said. Destiny showed us her room, it was light blue and white. 'OMG are you a 5 seconds of summer fan?' Angelina yelled in my ear because she was right beside me. 'yes, yes I am, how did you know' 'because there's a picture of ash on your desk' 'oh yeah right' 'great I live with two fans' I said laughing. 'Are we going to eat something? I'm starving and I didn't like the food we got on board' I said when my stomach was making funny noises 'yeah, we have a great salad bar 5minutes from here' 'great let's go then'. We were walking to the salad bar and Angelina kept talking about her plan, she was planning to meet luke in sydney. 'So Dest, who's your favorite?' 'Wasn't that obvious? Ashton fcourse' 'riiiiight, mine's luke' 'I had no idea' destiny answered laughing. I was just trying to think about all the things we needed. 'OMG' 'what?' Destiny and Angelina asked 'I forgot to call my dad' 'ooh.. Kasey is in trouble' Angelina said laughing. 'I'm sorry I'll catch up with you' 'use my phone, you didn't change your number yet so you pay much more than I do' 'Thanks dest' 'no problem'   Angelina pov We reached the salad bar and I didn't even knew that I could be so excited for just a salad. It's weird to think that this is my life for now. I live in australia with two of my best friends, there's a chance that I meet luke, I'm in college and have a beautiful house. It's nice to catch up with Destiny because she moved to london when she finished school,she was into music so that was her best choice. 'So, what kinda work do you have now?' 'I'm a talent agent' 'so you work with new talent?' 'Yeah, but I also try to find bands who play in our club' 'you work in a club to?' 'Tomorrow is my first day in the club because I can find new talent when there's an open stage' 'sounds pretty awesome' 'I hope it is' we were just having fun it's really nice to talk. Kasey joined us 20minutes later 'it's not that late can we maybe go look for furniture and other stuff so we can rest tomorrow?' She suddenly asked 'sounds great I'm to excited to sleep anyways' I said 'let's go then' destiny jumped of her seat and walked outside.   At the store   We fell all in love with the same stuff so that was easy but we still needed to find new things for our bedroom because Kasey and I didn't have a lot of stuff in there like the bed was not what we wanted, there was only one closet but no desks or nighttable so we still had to find that kinda things. When we were finished we had to speak to someone from the store because we didn't have a car to move all the things we needed and they told us that all the things of the living room and kitchen could be there in 3 days. And all the stuff for our bedroom in a week. I hate to wait but it's worth it. 'WHO'S READY TO GO HOME' I yelled 'WE ARE' destiny and kasey started laughing and we walked back home.
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