Kasey is the only one in a group of 4 that isn't a fan of 5seconds of summer.
What happens in Australia when she moves there?


4. hello there, stranger

kacey pov

ok I admit moving to Australia was fun there's only one problem.. you have only 2 friends. Don't get me wrong I love angel and dest but there are moments that you need to talk to someone else you know. I know them for 6 years now and I know their opinion on almost everything. 'hey dest, can I use your laptop' I shouted 'no sorry, need to work' God dammit I really need to fix myself a computer ASAP. well maybe I need to use my Phone then. I started to search for an app so I found a chatroom where you could talk to people from your area anonymously. I quickly downloaded this app and put my nickname up.

pikagirl94 is now online

you received a new message

you received 5 new messages

Omg this is going way to fast why did I enter this chat, oh wait I want to meet new people so I really need to start talking to them.

you recieved 9 new messages

People give me some time goshh

Î was scrolling to the messages but I deleted 6 of them, I really don't wanna talk about sex with some strangers

there were 3 people that were actually polite but 2 of 3 didn't send back so I had only FifaChamp.

FifaChamp: hello there how are you?

pikagirl94: I'm fine thanks, hbu?

FifaChamp: I'm great, just one question are you new?

pikagirl94: yeah, how do you know?

Fifachamp: never saw this name before so..

pikagirl94: you know every name in this area?

FifaChamp: no ofcourse not, only the cool oneso

pikagirl94: so you think I'm cool then?

FifChamp: nope, your name is cool, I don't know you lol

pikagirl94: so you like pokemon then?

FifaChamp: I don't just like it, I love it

pikagirl94: Is this real life or is this just fantasy ?

FifaChamp: isn't that lyrics from Queen

pikagrirl94: yeah, so what? I never met someone that loves pokemon as muxh as I do.

FifaChamp: you are so weird, I like that. And I know the struggle

pikagirl94: so about your nickname, are you really a champ in FIFA?

FifaChamp: ofcourse I'm the best

pikagirl94: yeah right, everyone knows that I'm the best ;)

FifaChamp: I don't believe you, I need proof

pikagirl94: tell me when

FifaChamp: I don't want to make you cry

pikagirl94: you're just scared that I'll kick your ass

FifaChamp: you wish, jigglypuff

Pikagirl94: I'm not a jigglypuff, snorlax

FifaChamp: that's actually true, I'm as lazy as a snorlax

Pikagirl94: so you have nothing to do in your life?

FifaChamp: I do but when I'm not busy with my music, I listen to music and play FIFA

pikagirl94: your music? are you in a band or something?

FifaChamp: yeah nothing special

Pikagirl: oh ok..

FifaChamp: hbu?

Pikagirl: I have my first day at the animal shelter tomorrow.. and I go to college

FifaChamp: sounds interesting, what are you studying??

Pikagirl: veterinarian

FifaChamp: so you like animals

Pikagirl94: no I want to be a vet because I hate them..

FifaChamp: then you should be a slaughter

Pikagirl94: yeah maybe I should

FifaChamp: that would be awesome, so you can make me burgers

Pikagirl94: sure why not,killing innocent animals for you

Fifachamp: are you a vegan?

Pikagirl94: no.. I'm not

FifaChamp: so you don't have to kill innocent animals

Pikagirl94: you're so annoying

FifaChamp: then why are you talking to me

Pikagirl94: because you never said a date or place to play a fifa game :)

FifaChamp: maybe one day

Pikagirl94: well ok

I kept talking to him for a while so I found out that his a year younger than me and that he really has some mental isseus. He never told me his name tho but he told me that I should call him M. I was thinking about how he would look like and what his real name was. Only time will tell

After half an hour I fell asleep thinking about my 'soulmate' that i met today. 

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