Kasey is the only one in a group of 4 that isn't a fan of 5seconds of summer.
What happens in Australia when she moves there?


3. finding a job

Kasey pov Finally our stuff came so we could start to decorate the kitchen and living room. 'AUWTCH' I heard dest screaming in the living room. When I entered I saw her on the ground 'you know that we have a couch right?' I said laughing ' HA-HA very funny, please help me' 'fcourse, here' I gave her a hand and she stood back on her feet 'so what happened?' 'I was trying to push the couch a little farther but I fell' 'clumsy much?' 'You know me' we started laughing and took the couch together so that there were no more accidents. 'Can you help me in the kitchen?' 'To short?' 'yeah sorry for being a shorty' 'it's ok, maybe you need to start wearing heels again' 'yeah because every girl wears high heels in there houses' 'it's fancy you know' 'yeah right' we walked in the kitchen and saw angel sitting on a chair 'hey no breaks, get back to work' dest said 'no, I'm ready with my part' 'come on we are not even close, put a CD in and we finish this in an hour' she smiled and fcourse she had to take 5 seconds of summer, why not? She and destiny started singing and dancing while I just started to clean the rest of the kitchen. ' she thinks that I'm a weirdo now ' they sang together 'not just now.' I mumbled with a little smile and gave them both a broom to clean the mess in the living room while I tried to reach the highest shelf. I'm 1,72m and I'm still to short. I took a chair and placed my stuff on the shelf, I'm so happy that I don't really need that' 3 hours later Finally ready with cleaning, we were so happy that we found a place for everything. We sat down in the living room and started to talk 'so how are we actually going to pay to live here so long' I asked 'well, I have a job so don't look at me' destiny said 'we can find a job for the weekend?' Angelina said carefully 'yes that's it' 'I saw an advertisement at the animal shelter, it's close to my work so we can all go together' 'sounds perfect and it's 4pm so we can still go' I said when i jumped of the couch. 'Are you serious?' Angelina started to mumble something after that but I didn't hear it. 'Duhh..' I said quiet childish. We were on our way to Angelina's job when Angelina saw a record store where they were searching for new employees. 'OMG that's amazing, I'm going jn guys maybe I come back outside with a job' we were waiting till she got back outside. She seemed sad 'oh sweety you will find another job' 'I don't want another one..' she said 'because THIS IS MY JOB' 'omg congrats' I and destiny said 'what are you supposed to do?' I need to see that everything stays in place, I have to talk to the customers and most importantly.. smile' she said proudly. 'You smile enough so that can't be the problem' destiny said. We were doing just silly when we were walking to the shelter, we finally reached it so I got back to normal. 'Wish me luck' 'good luck'. I saw a cute guy behind the desk when I came in but confident as I am I just walked towards him. 'Hey can I help you, miss?' His voice is so sexy 'Uhm yeah I saw the sign outside that you needed help so I thought why not' I couldn't help it but my smile kept creeping on my face. 'Yeah we need a new worker but why do you think that you are good enough for the job' 'because I'm great with animals and I don't get scared easily so..' 'what about dealing with aggressive animals?' 'There are no "aggressive" animals, we just can't always understand their problems' 'is that so?' 'Yes' 'ok I'll give you one chance but only ONE to prove that you belong here' 'thank you sir' I could hug him but that would be awkward. 'Don't thank me yet''so when can I come back?' 'How about tomorrow morning so you can work all day long' 'ok, see you tomorrow' 'bye' he said when I walked out. 'So do you have the job' angel asked 'not yet,I need to prove myself' 'that sucks' destiny said 'no not really, I can show that I'm the best in what I do' they both just stared at me and started laughing 'good one kasey' 'what? you know I'm the best with animals' 'yeah that's true'
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