Trapped With Them (5SOS Fanfiction)

Annalee Thorley is your stereotypical normal sixteen year old teenager; into bands, has goodness knows how many clothes and prefers to live life with her earphones in. But when she finds she is locked in school with no way to escape and four pretty irresistible boys, what will happen?


3. Chapter Three

My wrist felt like it had a thousand biting ants feasting on it. The cuts were like zebra stripes on my arm, large and very visible. The pain hurt so much more than that time I burned my arm on the oven by accident, although that was pretty stupid of me.


I slowly got up, breathing as deeply as possible. My wrist was still really painful but I learnt a long time ago that if you breathe deeply you feel calm, relaxed, and have a reduced amount of pain. Sometimes it can give you a headache, but a headache would be a small amount of pain compared to this.


We walked over to one of the desks without a computer on. The surface of the table was probably one of the only piece of furniture in the classroom that had been cleaned. I carefully laid my arm on the table, trying not to scream at the pain.


I looked up to see the cool hair guy staring at me. He looked towards the door, then back at me again. There was a really awkward silence in the room. Then he decided to start a conversation.

"Maybe that was not the best idea we could have had" he said with a slight smile on his face. He just looked so adorable! I smiled back at him. I loved that even though i was hurt he still tried to look at a funnier side to things. “Even if we did get out using that window we would have still had to get over that fence” i said. It really was a bad idea. “Next time we should probably think things through thoroughly before we attempt another of our ideas” i thought to myself. I looked around the room, waiting for the others to come back.


“You have really cool hair, mr cool hair guy” i said with a slight giggle. He smiled back and said thanks. “My name is Micheal by the way” he whispered and smiled. “Your adorable, Mikey” I whispered and smiled. His smile grew bigger than the trees in the field outside as he stood up and walked over to the sink. He grabbed one of the teacher’s mugs on the drainage basin, and washed it out. He filled it up with water and walked back over to me. “Really? Your going to drink that? If you wanted a drink you could have asked, i have one in my -” I said before i was cut off. “Who said i was drinking it?” Mikey got up and walked over to the dirty windows. He grabbed some tissues and came back over. He sat down and dipped one of the tissues in the water.


“OW!” I screamed loudly. I jumped out of my chair and ran to the wall. Note to self: water inside a cut STINGS like HELL! “What?” Mikey said and started walking over to me. “That hurts like mad!” I said trying not to let the pain get ahead of me too much. “What, you thought i would let you do it yourself?” he said, now standing less than a ruler’s space infront of me. “Well i was kind of hoping not to do it at all to be honest” i said, avoiding making eye contact. "But then it will go all infected and disgusting. Pleaseee" he said slowly and pulled a puppy face like i used to do when I wanted something from my parents. I sighed and looked at his eyes, and gave in.


I walked back over to my seat and got comfy. I breathed deeply but descretely, not wanting to show I was in immense pain. I tried to keep my arm as still as possible whilst he tried to get rid of some of the blood and dirt. It was so painful but we had a conversation just to keep my mind off of things. Just a casual conversation in which i found out we have a lot in common. He said his favourite food is pizza, which is one of my many favourite foods although i have way too many to count! Its definitely in my top five. We both can’t live without computers and games in our lives either. We both love our IPads but both hate tomatoes. We are like, just perfect for each other!


Luke, Calum and Ashton came back through the door, causing me to snap out of my day dream.  “Take your time!” i mumbled sarcastically spotting the first aid box in Luke’s hand. “You don’t want it then?” he joked and motioned towards the door. He brought it over smirking and i searched for bandages whilst Mikey cleared away the tissues and the mug he used. Eventually i found some and cheered. I started to wrap up my arm until Mikey insisted on doing it. I looked over to the other boys, who were standing in a triangle having a discussion.


Ashton turned around to face me, and at that moment the three of them came over. “So... “ he said exhaling. “What are we gonna do about dinner tonight?” he said, looking at Mikey who promptly looked up. “LETS ORDER PIZZA HUT!” he shouted with a massive grin on his face. “Do i need to remind you that we can’t get out of school, let alone get pizza hut delivered here” Luke said, shaking his head and walking over to the door.


“I’ll make food if you can get us into the canteen” i said smirking. All their faces lit up. “GO! GO! GO!” Calum yelled as they started running for the canteen.

“Taxi?” Mikey said as he bent down. “Sure!” i said smiling and jumped on his back as he ran for the canteen.

A/N: Hi guys :) Thanks for reading! I noticed that even though i had only written two chapters, this movella had 90 views, 3 likes and two favourites. That is AMAZING! Thank you all so much, the reason i am carrying on this movella is because of YOU! Yes you still reading this. Thank you i hope you enjoy the next chapter (... when i write it...) <3 <3 xxxx

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