Trapped With Them (5SOS Fanfiction)

Annalee Thorley is your stereotypical normal sixteen year old teenager; into bands, has goodness knows how many clothes and prefers to live life with her earphones in. But when she finds she is locked in school with no way to escape and four pretty irresistible boys, what will happen?


13. Chapter Thirteen


Thankfully I didn’t get any more dares. I’m not sure why but no one actually picked truth. The dares slowly got worse and worse, and unfortunately the worst one landed on a pretty drunk Ashton Irwin. It wasn’t just a dare for him, it was a dare for the whole band…


“You’re in a band right?” One of the drunk girls in the circle asked him after the bottle landed on him and he picked dare. He nodded happily, looking at his band mates. “Well then i have a dare for your whole band” she said with a evil smirk on her face. I put my hand on my forehead. This is gonna be bad.


“What is it?” he asked smiling. “I dare you, and your band mates, to kidnap a girl” she said with an evil smirk on her face. I choked on air. “YOU WHAT?” I shouted as the girl looked at me. “I dare Ashton and his band mates to kidnap a girl!” she repeated like i hadn’t heard her the first time. “Are you mad?” I asked being serious. “Calm down Anna” Mikey said as he pulled me onto his lap, still with chocolate around his face. “When do you want us to do it?” Ashton asked. “No time like the present” the girl said and with that Ashton stood up.

Luke’s eyes had gone wide and i was hoping he had fully come back to his senses now. He jumped up with Calum and both smiled. Oh gosh they are gonna do it aren’t they? Fuck.


“Come on Anna lets go” Ashton said. I stood up with Mikey and we all walked down the stairs. “You’re seriously gonna do this?” I called out to him over the loud music, currently playing shut up and dance by walk the moon. “Yeah why not?” he called out. I sighed. What are they gonna think of this when they wake up all hungover in the morning? A lot more than regret, that's for sure. Or at least, i hope they regret it.


We all climbed into the mini bus. The boys all went in the back and I thankfully was left to drive alone. They boys all looked out their windows in search of some poor innocent girl to kidnap. I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t see one, but unfortunately they did.


Calum spotted her first. “There's one!” he called out to the other boys, pointing to her through the tinted window. “We’ll get that one then, Anna follow her!” he called out to me happily. “Why are you doing this?” I asked behind as i carried on driving and following her. “Cause its a dare?” he replied back sarcastically. “Hey Anna now that you’re doing this and you're my girlfriend and that do you wanna move in with us?” Mikey asked, sounding a tiny bit less drunk than he was before. Hopefully he is starting to come to his senses a bit. “Sure” i said happily smiling. “Yayyyyyy” Mikey cheered and clapped. “I hope you’re still following her” Ashton called out. “Yes” i huffed.


The girl obviously noticed the fact that i was forced to stalk her and started to run. I don’t blame her to be honest. I was made to drive faster until Ashton decided it would be a better idea if someone just jumped out and snuck up on her instead. Stupid dares. I stopped pretty much next to her, and she went back to quick walking.


“So who is gonna go get her then?” I turned around to face the boys. Everyone looked at Luke. “Why me?” he asked. “Because Anna isn’t going to do it, and me and Ashton are way too drunk to move so its out of you and Calum” Michael answered. “Rock, paper, scissors?” Calum asked Luke. “Or we could just both go out there because i don’t know how we are actually gonna get her” Luke suggested and Calum nodded in agreement. “Anna drive slowly so we don’t lose her whilst they finish sorting themselfs out” Michael said and i did so.


Luke and Calum search the van for stuff to kidnap the poor girl with. “What about in the tool box?” I sighed. Luke search the tool box. “Um there's duct tape, rope, a screwdriver, scissors…” Luke listed. “Well thats enough isn’t it?” I called out now starting to get bored. “Yeah I guess so” Luke said as he handed the duct tape and scissors to Calum. He took the screwdriver as well as the rope with him as they both slid open the door.

  A/N:: I have calmed down a tiny teeny bit now ... kind of :P Last chapter will be so action filled! Then i will start planning and working on the sequel :P What do you think is gonna happen in the next chapter? 
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